Your Vape Crazy Step Mom - Julie Snow

Your Vape Crazy Step Mom – Julie Snow

You are called to your Step Mom’s room to discuss what she found in your room today….a vape pen. You are getting a lecture, yet you keep insisting that she try the vape pen, that it is so relaxing, and before she can really stop herself, she is trying the vape pen. At first she feels sensitive to touch, then it escalates wildly into her feeling the overwhelming need to pleasure herself until she cums…..but it isn’t enough, the orgasm just isn’t satisfying. You have to fuck her. This video has POV sex with no dildos, just finger masturbation, and lots of sexy talk and giving into urges, desires, hormones, and the unrelenting need to have a big orgasm. Please excuse the Florida thunderstorm in the background. I think it makes the video even hotter, just adds some atmosphere….lol

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That Time Your Mom Saw Your Bulge - Julie Snow

That Time Your Mom Saw Your Bulge – Julie Snow

You didn’t come downstairs for the party, so of course I am concerned about my Son. I come up to your room with a small covered dish of leftovers from the party and ask if you are feeling well, are you okay? You seem sad…. You reveal that you have been having some troubles with your girlfriend and was not feeling in the party mood. I reassure you that this time in your life is not terribly significant, that you will find the perfect relationship when the time comes. I am nurturing and caring, and I genuinely feel for you, but know you will be okay. I also feel that your incredible good looks are an asset, and that you will find a really beautiful girl. You come right back with how attractive I am…and we go back and forth a bit about how the apple did not fall far from the tree and we agree we are both quite easy on the eyes….much giggling and loving talk. But then I reach forward for my glass of wine and my robe parts ever so slightly….but just enough for you to catch a glimpse of my cleavage and the suggestion of a tight body. You physically respond and your boxers show a bulge, and a nice sized one at that. I comment and we heat up to the point of mutual masturbation, and we both cum, but as I am cooling down I notice you are getting hard again. I feel the motherly need to take care of you, as I step in with a glorious hand job, and then my pussy gets so excited that I must straddle you, and with my tight abs and tits in your face, you cum so hard inside of me that you leave me breathless.

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Your Stepmom's Lady Bush - Julie Snow

Your Stepmom’s Lady Bush – Julie Snow

Your Dad has been away on a business trip again but you are always home with me, my wonderful Step Son. I have been chaste since the end of May, and haven’t touched myself at all, no orgasms of any kind. I am so very horny and feeling like playing with myself in front of you, and I ask about your girlfriend’s pubic hair, and tease you with my body before laying back and cumming for you with my fingers. Plenty of taboo dirty talk and role play, both older woman/younger man and also Step Mom/Step Son. There was a Florida thunderstorm that started while I was filming, hope you enjoy the ambient sounds of rain. I think it made the video even more exciting. I have a moderately trimmed bush in this video, and this is my first video with pubic hair, and also one of only four made.

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