SPH JOI Size Queen Sister Teaches You - Alexandra Storm

SPH JOI Size Queen Sister Teaches You – Alexandra Storm

I heard you got your first girlfriend. I was talking to her and she told me something about you that I didn’t know! She told me that you’ve got a tiny cock, and that it’s so small you’ve been having trouble learning how to jerk off! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone… But I might just make fun of you for the rest of time. But the reason I wanted to talk to you is because I wanted to help you. I’ve jerked off my fair share of cocks, big ones, small ones, medium ones, so I think I’m more than qualified to teach you how to jerk off your tiny cock! I even brought a dildo to demonstrate on because, well… I’m not going to touch you! Ew! I laugh at you show me your cock – your girlfriend wasn’t lying, it is small! Even smaller than I expected. This one might be out of my area of expertise but I’ll do my best! I talk you through how to jerk off whilst humiliating you, asking whether a cock that small even works, whether you can cum, whether you can fuck your girlfriend or if it just keeps flopping out! It builds up to a humiliating cum countdown.

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Mommy Roleplay JOI - Delphoxi

Mommy Roleplay JOI – Delphoxi

You’ve come home from work to find me waiting for you. I tell you that I went through your computer while you were away and find your collection of mommy porn. I tell you that I’ve noticed how distant you’ve been with me and that I want to start acting out your fantasies to help turn you on! I tell you that i want you to jerk your cock for me as I pretend to be your mommy! I tell you how I want you to jerk off as I call you a good boy and encourage you to jerk off for your mommy!

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Naughty Step Mom JOI - Sydney Screams

Naughty Step Mom JOI – Sydney Screams

Hi sweetie! You know, the other night when you and your friends had a sleepover, I overheard you talking about me! At first it was so awkward, but then I realized how much of a man you’re becoming. It’s so flattering you think I’m attractive, and I want to award you for how much you’ve grown. Today is your lucky day. Being the handsome young man you are, I’m ready to give you a treat, I have a set of instructions for you to help us both be satisfied. Be sure to listen to everything stepmother needs!

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TABOO ASMR JOI - Millie Knoxx

TABOO ASMR JOI – Millie Knoxx

You sister wants to admit something… Every time she cums she thinks about your hard cock. She has gives you a present a video of her telling you exactly how she wants you to cum for her. The soft tingle of her voice is so perfect it gets you so hard and she counts you down till you explode inside her.

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StepMommy Domme - Goddess Stella Sol

StepMommy Domme – Goddess Stella Sol

Once upon a time a horny, pathethic, lil subby stumble d across a stepMommy Domme clip that make his little dick twitch so much that he immediately bought it (and tributed), and fell head over heels in lust with stepMommy’s fierce hotness. StepMommy does all kinds of naughty things to little dick beaters and the other big boys. Don’t you think it’s so hot how stepMommy talks so naughty, and how I tease your little noodle until you pop?! You just can’t help it when I let you release. You’re so hooked and you want Me to fuck you up even more, don’t you bb. Buy this clip right now all because your stepMommy Domme said so!

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Mom wants to make a movie - Kelly Payne

Mom wants to make a movie – Kelly Payne

Mommy Kelly wants to take care of her little mans morning wood, and wants to take advantage and make a naughty movie. Mom hands you a video camera to hold while she gives you a hand job & blow job, and directs you to always watch this vid when your wanting to masturbate, following mommy’s every instruction so it feels just like mommys there taking care of your cock for you. After mommy gets your cock throbbing hard, she tells you shes going to countdown from 20, and wants you to cum in her mouth. You fill her mouth with so much cum! What a naughty fun morning with your favorite mommy! Not to mention the awesome porn you now can watch and remember just how much mommy makes you cum!

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Mommy Teaches You How To Jerk - Lindsey Leigh

Mommy Teaches You How To Jerk – Lindsey Leigh

You are heading to college and there are a few things we need to go over. One, I am too young to be a grandmother. Two, risk of pregnancy. Three, disease. Need I say more? These are all things you will encounter in college if you are not smart and just jerk off. All of those things are distractions and I do not approve. Mommy wants you using and cumming into your hand not some coed. If you follow my instructions properly you will not need a partner for the next 5 years which is just as long as we need. Stroke for mommy.. just as I say..

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Video Call from MILF Mommy - Katy Churchill

Video Call from MILF Mommy – Katy Churchill

You’re all grown up and off at college…but your mom misses you! You stay in touch over video calls, and today she asks you how you’re doing with the girls. Are you still shy? Don’t worry, just relax and let mommy tell you how to stroke your cock. She’ll show you hers if you show her yours!

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