Mommy Taboo Impregnation POV - Jessica Starling

Mommy Taboo Impregnation POV – Jessica Starling

You walk into mommy’s room without knocking, catching her off-guard and dressed in dark lingerie. She tells you she’s waiting for your father to come home, even though she’s fairly sure he won’t be home until she’s already gone to bed. Mommy seems stressed and annoyed, and when you question her about it, she tells you that she and your father are trying to have another baby — but your father seems less than enthusiastic about baby-making. You compliment mommy on how she looks in her lingerie, trying to cheer her up. Mommy says the compliment is a little inappropriate, but appreciates it since she hasn’t been feeling very attractive lately. She tells you she just needs to feel wanted again. You tell your mommy that she is wanted — by you. You can’t resist your mommy in that sexy lingerie. You get more and more horny the longer you look at her. Mommy is surprised by you saying that, and although she tells you that’s inappropriate, she seems excited by it. She asks to kiss you, and does so gently. Mommy bites her lip. She then asks if you want to touch her, and you run your hands up and down her body, caressing her curves and squeezing her big tits. Mommy asks if she can touch you now, and rubs your cock from outside your pants, quickly getting you rock hard. She says she wants to see her baby boy’s cock, and so you take off your pants and present your impressive erection. Mommy is mesmerized by your cock, and asks if she can put her mouth on it. She starts to suck your hard cock, telling you that what you two are doing is okay, and that she’s been thinking about doing this for a long time. Mommy takes your cock balls deep in her throat, soaking it with her spit. Sucking your cock gets mommy so horny that she begs to fuck you. Mommy starts by riding you, her big tits bouncing up and down. She’s amazed at how good her baby boy’s cock feels inside of her. Mommy rides you hard, and amidst throes of ecstacy, tells you that she wants you to cum inside of her and get her pregnant. You’re shocked by this, but mommy insists that she only wants to be made pregnant by her sweet baby boy. No one will ever have to know, she tells you, and it will just be a secret between the two of you. She rides you reverse cowgirl so you can see her juicy ass bounce on your cock before letting you get on top of her in missionary. You thrust into her, and as you do so, she thrusts back into you. Mommy begs for her baby boy to cum inside of her, to get her pregnant. You blow your load deep in her and watch as some of it leaks out of her pussy. Mommy says she can’t wait to feel your baby growing inside of her.

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Mommy Takes Your Virginity POV - Jessica Starling

Mommy Takes Your Virginity POV – Jessica Starling

You mommy always said she’d take care of you — and now is no exception. Mommy knows her baby boy has never had sex before. She knows he’s nervous, and he needs mommy to guide him. Mommy approaches you in sexy black lingerie. She’s going to take her sweet boy’s virginity tonight. Mommy pulls out her big, natural tits and invites you to suck on them. She moans while you tongue her pretty pink nipples. Mommy feels her baby boy’s cock getting hard, and she pulls it out and begins to tug. Mommy is getting you ready for her pussy. When you’re ready, she lays you down on the bed and slowly lowers herself on your erection. Mommy’s pussy feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before — wet and silky. She rides your cock slow at first, and builds up faster and faster. She then alternates between fast and slow riding, to make sure her baby boy’s virgin cock doesn’t cum yet. Mommy then invites you on top of her. You eagerly pump into her wet pussy, watching her tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy then begs you to cum inside her pussy, and you fill her up with the first creampie you’ve ever given. Mommy’s baby boy is a natural.

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Baby Boy Creampies Mommy POV Virtual Sex - Jessica Starling

Baby Boy Creampies Mommy POV Virtual Sex – Jessica Starling

It’s baby boy’s lucky day today, because mommy has some very special plans for you. Mommy is wearing sexy lingerie — but it’s okay that you’re seeing her like this. Mommy is going to make you feel so good today, and she’s going to guide you through all of it. She gets on top of you and starts to grind on your crotch, getting your cock hard. Mommy then asks if her precious baby boy wants her to take his cock out. You eagerly agree, and mommy begins to stroke your shaft, up and down. Then, mommy slides you inside her warm, wet pussy, and starts to bounce on your dick. Mommy is making her baby boy feel so good! You love watching her big titties bounce while she rides you. You burst your load inside of her, then watch it drip out of mommy’s pussy.

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Vampire Mommy Virtual Sex - Jessica Starling

Vampire Mommy Virtual Sex – Jessica Starling

A slow fucking scene on your side while showing all the way from your head to pussy. I was hoping the aspect would appear as cuddled up next to you while still showing your body. It’s a loving, gentle mommy vampire video POV. You and your young son are very close, but you’ve just been turned into a vampire unexpectedly. Your son would never make it on his own so you have to make him one too, which means he’ll also have to become your lover forever. You are lying naked on your side and you call your son in and pretend to have him lay down infront of you. You gently explain whats happened and what you have to do to him, and how he’s going to be mommy’s lover forever. Mommy’s going to handle handle everything because he doesn’t know anything, and this talk has made you both hot. You pretend to bite him somehow and then you put his penis inside and slow fuck him/have him suck on your tits while he changes for the rest of the video. There is a lot of loving Mommy talk for the rest of the video about how much you love him and will always keep him safe, how he will be your baby boy forever.

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Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex 2 - Jessica Starling

Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex 2 – Jessica Starling

It’s been a little while since you first fucked your mommy. You desperately want another encounter with her, and have been fantasizing about mommy ever since. You two haven’t talked about that night yet — until she calls you into her room today. She tells you that she thinks it’s a good idea to talk about that night, and apologizes for being nervous to bring it up. Mommy says she hasn’t seen anyone else since you fucked her. She says that no one has ever fucked her like her sweet baby boy did. Mommy wants you. Mommy needs you. She pulls at the drawstring of her robe, revealing an alluring lingerie set. She’s wearing it just for you. Mommy asks to touch her baby boy’s cock outside his pants. You’re already hard from seeing her sexy body in lingerie. As she gently rubs your hard cock, she tells you how she’s been touching herself to the memories of the night you fucked her. She asks to pull your cock out, then starts to jerk you off. Mommy takes off her bra and has you suck on her tits while she strokes your cock. She then lays on her back and puts your head in between her legs. Mommy calls you a good boy while you lick her sweet, wet pussy. She then begs you to get on top of her and thrust yourself inside her. You begin to fuck her in missionary, sending mommy into ecstasy. Her tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy then gets on top and ride your thick, hard cock. She tells you how good it feels to bounce on her baby boy’s cock. Mommy assures you there’s nothing wrong with what you two are doing. She doesn’t need anyone else but her baby boy, and you don’t need anyone else but mommy. You get behind mommy and begin to pound her pussy in doggy, making her ass bounce and jiggle. Mommy says she needs you to cum inside her this time, and begs for her good boy’s cum to fill up her pussy. You creampie mommy, deep inside of her, and watch your thick load drip out. Mommy is settled — she needs to have you every day from now on.

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Custom: Slave Mommy POV Virtual Sex - Jessica Starling

Custom: Slave Mommy POV Virtual Sex – Jessica Starling

“Mommy and son were taken sold into slavery, the video takes place right after they were auctioned together, they’ve told her what they expect from them, and she has accepted the situation. They first want an initiation/consummation where Mommy introduces him to their new life, he is young and doesn’t know any of the this stuff. You have to be dominant to him (in a gentle, loving way) and submissive to your owners at the same time. But your son is compliant and will do whatever you say. You’re naked but have on the harness from your Jill Valentine/Rough Bondage video video. At the beginning you are sitting up on the edge of your seat and you announce to the room in a soft voice something like “Thank you for purchasing my boy with me. In accordance with your wishes and for your entertainment and pleasure, I will tame and prepare him. Bring my baby boy to me”. They bring him to kneel right in front of you, he is all bound up. Put your collar on him and have it tethered to your harness by a leash. Talk to him now in a loving way, explain both of your situations and say that while he may be used by other women, stress that he is yours and you need him with you (and tethered) at all times when that’s not happening. Stress that your shows together need to be really erotic so they will keep you together. Make sure your legs are spread wide and tell him to kiss your pussy, that he belongs to it and that he will always be safe right here between your legs. Play with it a little as he keeps licking you. Transition to laying on your side, the collar is still tethered to your harness and reach your arm up to hold him. And then talk to the room in a soft voice and tell them how special this is being his first time. Since he is bound and doesn’t really know anything anyway tell him that you are going to put him inside you and rock him a bit. The sex talk is kind, loving, and nurturing. Add in something quietly about how you can’t stand to think of what the other women may do to him, but you’ll be there to take care of him and to remember that he is yours. And whatever they do to you, he will be there with you and that you need him to get through this.”

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Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex - Jessica Starling

Fucking Mommy POV Virtual Sex – Jessica Starling

Dating life hasn’t been easy for your newly-single mommy. There aren’t a lot of good men out there. She comes home from a failed date one night, crawling into bed next to you, wanting to tuck you in. She expresses her disappointment in her dating life and tells you her lack of success hasn’t been making her feel attractive. You assure your mommy she’s beautiful, making her blush. She wishes more men were like her baby boy. She tells you she wants to be close with you tonight. You make her feel better about herself, more than anyone else. She moves her hand to your crotch and starts rubbing. You’re confused, but mommy says it’s okay that she’s touching you. She just wants to make you feel good, the way you make her feel good. Mommy has been thinking about this for a while. After each failed date she’d come home and touch herself… and think about you. She doesn’t need or want anyone else. She takes her big tits out of her sexy red dress and tells you to suck on them before begging to let her fuck you. She gets on top of you and rides your face first. You have an excellent view of your mommy’s pretty pussy and her tits as you lick it. Then, she starts to mount you, telling you she’s going to be gentle with her baby boy. She bounces up and down on your cock. Her pussy is dripping, she loves fucking you. She tells you it’s okay to want to fuck mommy, and it’s okay she wants you inside of her. Mommy begs you to get on top of her and pound her pussy. You fuck her missionary as she moans in ecstasy. You pull out and cum all over her stomach. She tastes it. Mommy tells you she’ll never need another man again.


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Jealous Mommy Squirts and Gets Creampie - Jessica Starling

Jealous Mommy Squirts and Gets Creampie – Jessica Starling

You’ve got a hot date tonight with a pretty girl — but mommy doesn’t like that. She wants her baby boy all to herself. That girl is going to try to have sex with you, but mommy wants you to know fucking her will be better than fucking any other girl. She’ll do anything to show you she’s better. She strips for you, and by the time she’s only in her lingerie you’re rock hard. Seeing your mommy naked drives you insane. You fuck her while she guides you and says dirty things to you. Then, she gets on top and rides you cock until she squirts and you cum inside her. Mommy shows you the creampie you gave her, and you both agree that you won’t be seeing any other girls.


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Lonely Mommy Begs for Anal - Jessica Starling

Lonely Mommy Begs for Anal – Jessica Starling

Mommy has been lonely. Your father is always away on business and, well, mommy has needs. She bends over in front of you, her skirt rising up and revealing the butt plug she has in her ass. She’s embarrassed and admits she finds wearing it around the house exciting. It’s been a while since she’s had any intimacy. She leans in towards you and tells you how much you look like your father. She pauses, then asks you if you liked seeing her bent over. Mommy assures you it’s completely natural if you did — she’s still a woman, after all. She bends over in front of you again, spreading her ass. Mommy noticed the way you’ve been looking at her lately. She knows what you’ve been fantasizing about. Secretly, she has been as well. She takes out her butt plug, spreads her ass and begs you to put your cock inside her. You slip your thick cock inside mommy’s ass, stretching her out. She reassures everything you two are doing is completely okay. Mommy just needs you to fuck her ass. You cum inside her asshole and watch it leak out on to the bed. Mommy says you two will be doing this a lot more from now on.


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Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn - Jessica Starling

Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn – Jessica Starling

Mommy knows you’ve been a dirty little boy. Mommy knows what you’re doing with her laptop at night. You’ve been stroking your little cock to porn — MILF and taboo porn no less, you filthy pervert. Have you been thinking about mommy when you touch yourself? You need to be punished. If you like touching yourself so much, why don’t you do it in front of mommy? What, are you embarrassed? Stop snivelling and do what I say. My boy needs to listen to mommy and touch his cock exactly like how I say. Mommy owns you and that cock.


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