Joslyn Jane in Mom is Always Horny - Jerky Wives

Joslyn Jane in Mom is Always Horny – Jerky Wives

Scene One: New Medication
Joslyn has been getting some pretty bad headaches lately, and her doctor has prescribed her some new medication! Luke and Joslyn are in the kitchen one morning when Luke decides to read the list of side effects from the medication. He tells his wife that rest-walking and increased libido may happen to her, but he’ll just make sure he keeps his eye on her! Joslyn takes a pill and walks off. Their son, Johnny, walks in to the kitchen and Luke offers him a glass of orange juice. While he is sitting at the kitchen counter drinking his juice, his mom walks up to him and starts to suck his dick behind his dad’s back! Luke starts warning Johnny about the side effects from his mom’s medication, without realizing that Joslyn is currently on her knees in front of him! Joslyn keeps sucking on her son’s cock and balls, all because of the side effects from her medication. “Your cock is so much bigger than your father’s!” she exclaims. Johnny asks her to pull her big tits out and titty fuck him, and she does what she is told to do. Johnny tells his mom that he is close to cumming and he wants to cum in her mouth! Joslyn puts her son’s cock back in her mouth and she sucks his cock until he cums down her throat. She swallows every last drop… “You promise not to tell dad?” he asks. “Of course I promise! I don’t want us both to get in trouble!” she exclaims.

Scene Two: Undercover Lover
Joslyn and Johnny are watching some T.V on the couch one afternoon. “So, are we going to talk about what happened the other day?” Joslyn asks her son. He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about that ever again! “I took another one of my migraine pills and I am super horny again!” she exclaims. She puts a blanket over both of their legs, and she starts to jerk her son’s cock under the blanket. Joslyn’s husband, Luke, walks in to the room and sits down on the couch with them! He asks them if they want any snacks or soda and he gets up to walk to the kitchen. Joslyn starts to suck her son’s cock, until her husband walks back in to the room. Then she goes back to jerking her son’s cock off under the blanket, when Luke sits back down next to them. Luke tells them that he has to work the midnight shift tonight so he will watch the movie another day. When he leaves the room, Joslyn turns to her son and says “I think you should fuck me now!” Johnny starts to suck his mom’s nipples while she keeps jerking his cock. “So, are you going to fuck me or are you going to make me beg?” she asks her son. She bends over in the doggystyle position and Johnny sticks his cock in her pussy. She then goes to lie down on her side while her son fucks her. Her big tits bounce up and down with every thrust. Then she gets on top of her son and she rides his cock while begging for his cum! She tells him that he can creampie her. “Give your mother that cum!” she moans. They lie down in the missionary position and kiss each other while Johnny cums inside of his mother…

Scene Three: Rest Walking
Johnny is napping in his bed when his mom walks in and pulls his cock out from under his pajama pants. She starts to suck his cock, which makes Johnny wake up! “Mom! What are you doing?!” he asks her. She tells him that she took her migraine medication again and she is super horny but her husband never fucks her! She gets in to the doggystyle position and begs “Come on Johnny! Stick it in before your father wakes up!” He sticks his cock in his mother’s pussy, because she told him she would let him rest afterwards if he would just fuck her quickly now. “Kiss me,” he tells his mother, while he fucks her. She flips over on to her back so her son can fuck her in the missionary position next. “Johnny, your cock feels so good! I love the way you fuck me!” she moans. “I love the way your titties bounce when I fuck you!” he tells her. When he gets close to cumming, he pulls his cock out and he jerks his cock off in to her mouth and on her face. “I’m gonna go get cleaned up before your father wakes up!” she tells him, as her son’s cum drips down her chin…

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Mommy Needs your Cum 1080p - Jerky Wives - Cory Chase

Mommy Needs your Cum 1080p – Jerky Wives – Cory Chase

Mom just came home from work and is not feeling well. She tells me the only cure for what she has is my cum in her belly. First she offers a blowjob as she strips down to her bra. She asks if I am about to cum, I say no and she rides my cock. A couple minutes later she asks if I am about to cum, when I say no she bends over the bed and tells me to fuck her ass.
Again she asks if I am about to cum, when I say no she goes to her knees and blows my cock. I am still not ready to cum so she goes onto the bed and tells me to fuck her ass again. Now that I am ready to cum she goes back down to her knees and opens her mouth wide. I fill her mouth with my load and she sucks my cock clean before swallowing all my cum.
Mom thanks me and says her belly feels better all ready. I start to wonder if that is what she ready wanted because she wants more tomorrow…

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Mom Makes Me a Man - Cory Chase

Mom Makes Me a Man – Cory Chase

Scene One: Mom Helps Me Finish
I am in my bedroom, jerking my cock to some porn on my phone! I take my hand off of my cock for just a moment, to find some new porn on my phone. All of a sudden, I feel someone grab my cock! I turn around and I am shocked to see my mom jerking my cock up and down! She pulls her bath robe open, so I can see her big tits. “Come on and touch them!” she tells me. Then my mom asks me if she can worship my cock. Of course I tell her “yes!” She puts her mouth on my cock and starts to give me a blowjob. She is wearing nothing besides a tiny purple g-string. She licks and sucks on my balls and then deep-throats my whole cock! Then she takes my cock and sticks it in between her big tits and she titty fuck’s my hard cock. She sucks my cock again until I cum in her mouth; She swallows all of my cum! “Next time you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask me!” she tells me.

Scene Two: Mom Lusts For My Cock
I just wanted to jerk off in peace, by myself! I still can’t believe that my mom interrupted me the other day and shoved my cock in her mouth. I really just want to do this alone, without anyone’s help! Unfortunately, my mom ends up walking in and interrupting me again. She suggests that I use some lotion to help jerk my cock. She takes her hand and strokes my cock up and down, which feels good but very strange at the same time. “Don’t be worry, sweetie! We’re just going to have some fun!” she assures me. She is mad that I didn’t ask her for her help today. I really just wanted some alone time! Why can’t my mom just understand that?! She takes my cock and shoves it in her mouth again. It feels so good but so wrong. She is wearing black see through lingerie and a bathrobe, but it doesn’t take her long to strip out of her lingerie. She does put her see through bathrobe back on though. I ask if I can taste her titties, and of course she lets me. I lick her nipples while she strokes my cock. She tells me that she wants to ride my cock, and that’s exactly what she does. She hops on top of me and bounces up and down on my hard cock. My mom ends up lying down on the bed so I can fuck her in the missionary position next. I fuck her pussy until I cum inside of her! She reminds me again that I should ask her for help next time…

Scene Three: Home Schooled
I just came home from school and I am shocked to find my mom waiting for me by the front door! I just finished talking to my friends about what my mom does to me, and they told me that that’s really weird! My mom is excited that I spoke to my friend’s about her though… but this is still too weird for me! She unbuttons my jeans and pulls them off, revealing my hard cock. She goes down in between my legs and starts to suck my cock. I have to admit that this feels really good, and it is very hard to resist! She strips out of her purple bra and panty set, that she said she picked out just for me. Then she goes back to sucking my cock. “I can tell why my dad married you!” I tell her. But she tells me that my dad doesn’t pay any attention to her anymore, and that’s why she is giving me all of her attention now! “I want you to fuck mommy good and hard!” she tells me. She gets in the doggy style position so I can fuck her pussy from behind. I grab her hair as I fuck her. Then she instructs me to sit down on the couch and she hops on top of my cock, in the reverse cowgirl position. “Make mommy cum!” she tells me, as I fuck her pussy while she’s on top of me. My mom lies back on the couch and I fuck her in missionary now. I fuck her pussy until I get close to cumming… Then I pull out and cum all over her bush and her pussy! “Thank you, sweetie! For all that wonderful cum!” she thanks me.

Scene Four: Dad is Working Late
My mom makes me go in to her bedroom one afternoon, while my dad is at work! I tell her that I’d rather just hang out with her and do something normal, not sexual. “Why do you have to be this way? Don’t you love your mother?” she asks me. I do love her and I tell her that! She starts to kiss me, while she takes her hand and rubs my cock over my pants. She pulls all of her clothes off and then she pulls my pants off, revealing my hard cock. She kisses my stomach down to my hard cock. “I love you so much, sweetie!” she tells me, before she shoves my cock down her throat! She gives me a blowjob for a while, until she decides to hop on my cock and ride me. “That feels so good, mommy!” I assure her. I fuck her tight, MILF pussy while I suck on her nipples. “I want to taste my pussy juice on that young cock!” she exclaims, before she goes to lick and suck my cock again. Then she jumps back on top of my cock and bounces up and down on top of me. We lie down side by side in the scissor position next, and I remind her that I love her so much. She tells me that she loves me again too. “Do you want to give mommy that cum? I want to taste you!” she tells me. I fuck her until I get close to cumming and then I pull out and cum all over her face and in her mouth! She tells me that I taste so good!

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Mommy Creampie Seduction - Cory Chase

Mommy Creampie Seduction – Cory Chase

Early this morning, Mom walks into my room. She is barely dressed and she has a funny look on her face. She crawls into my bed saying dad left early and could not give her what she needed. Then she started rubbing my cock over my PJ pants and then pulls out my pecker and starts sucking. Mom says Dad left in a hurry and did not give her what she needs to start her day.
I thought a cup of coffee would be enough but she wants more. I had no idea that is what a creampie was but Mom wanted one. She then sat on my and rode me up and down. She popped off and then sucked my pecker again just before sitting on it again. Mom then switched to her back and begged for me to give her a creampie. I still don’t know what it is but Mommy begged me to keep going. I kept going till I could not go anymore. Mommy said that was perfect, a perfect creampie from her little guy.
Creampie are fun, tomorrow she says I can play with her butt…I cannot wait to see what I might find!

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