Mommy Teaches You How to Jerk Off - Daddy Kittie

Mommy Teaches You How to Jerk Off – Daddy Kittie

I walk in and you’re… jerking off. I can’t believe I’ve just walked into this! I’ve taught you better. I regain composure and realize I have an opportunity to educate you. I care about you, I want you to feel good…. and I mean… it doesn’t even count as wrong when you think about it. I won’t even be touching you! I’m just teaching you. Plus, your subtle flirting is getting to me. I slowly start getting really into it… I show you how to spit on your cock, stroke it in different ways, and I even count you down for fun. I end it by reminding you that this is a secret between us. Wearing mom jeans & a silky, cleavage showing blouse.

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Brother is No Longer a Virgin - Alex Blake - Family Manipulation

Brother is No Longer a Virgin – Alex Blake – Family Manipulation

My sister couldn’t believe that I was still, in fact, a virgin.. I never thought it was a big deal but sis took it upon herself to take care of this “problem” for me. She shows me how to turn a woman on and even gives me the most incredible head with her ass perched high up in the air! Alex lays on her back tells me to stick it in.. I slid my rock hard cock into her tight pink pussy, and she felt so much better than I could have imagined! Watch as sis and I take turns pounding each other until I finally blow my load deep into her sweet cunt!!


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Mommy's new jeans make your cock so hard in your pants!!! Time to fuck her! ( FULL HD : 1920 - 1080 ) - MP4 - Kathia Nobili

Mommy’s new jeans make your cock so hard in your pants!!! Time to fuck her! ( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4 – Kathia Nobili

Your father left..finally…for his business trip…so…you are home alone with your mom! You come from the school and you see your mommy to trying on some new jeans!!! She looks amazing!!! Those tight jeans on her butt…mmm….and she know how you feel about it!!! How much you love the jeans and specially on the woman like her!!!
She start to posing for you….and …make you completely…..hard in your pants! That bitch! She knows how to turns you on! But your mommy love you and your cock so much…she can’t never let you like this…unsatisfied!
She come like a cat….close to you! Pull down your pants and start to blow your swollen cock! She is so good…..ohhh….you are completely hers! And your mommy knows what is best for you! Then….she pull down her jeans…just to her knees….lei down…..and….you know that look! Mommy wants you!!!…Mommy wants to feel her son huge cock inside…deep…inside her pussy! ,, Come my boy…..fuck your mommy good!” You start to rubbing your cock against her pussy and then…you get in! She screams by pleasure…..pleasure only her son can give her!!! She cums a big one…..that make you feel like….like hero! But she doesn’t have enough!!! She sits on top of you….you can still see her new jeans pull down to her knees….and she ride your hard cock! She move her big butt against your cock… see the pleasure on her face…and then….she wants you inside…all your semen…her son’s sperm to feel that explosion deep in her!!! She has to taste that delicious juice of her son! So she put the fingers in her pussy and then…lick them to dry!!!


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Sneaky Son Obsessed With Mom’s Jean Covered Ass (HD MP4) - Miss Penny Barber

Sneaky Son Obsessed With Mom’s Jean Covered Ass (HD MP4) – Miss Penny Barber

I am a little confused when I find a very old pair of skintight vintage jeans mixed in with the laundry. My ass always looked great in them but they have been stored in the attic for years. Now I find them in with the clean laundry and my son is very keen for me to try them on. So keen that he doesn’t even give me a chance to undress myself and pulls my skirt down before I even know what is happening. I am a little embarrassed to have him see my butt in just a thong but try to just go along since he seems to really want to find out if the jeans still fit.
The jeans are tight but I can definitely still get them on and I have to admit my butt still does look great in these jeans. My son thinks they look so good we should take some pictures but for some reason he insists the photos would look better without a top in the way so he pulls my blouse over my head before I can react. When I started laundry today I certainly expect it would end with me topless, wiggling my hips, and posing with my denim covered ass popped out while my son takes photos of me. At least, I hope that is all he is doing back there.


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Teacher Has Crack - Ashley Alban

Teacher Has Crack – Ashley Alban

You have a young stats teacher and, for whatever reason, today she decided to wear jeans that are clearly too small for her fat ass. She tells all of you to continue to work on the practice problems, but pretty much no one can focus with her ass crack on display. You and your friends crack some jokes, but she has no idea what y’all are talking about. It’s not until she crouches down to pick up her pen does she finally realize her jeans are halfway down her ass. [No nudity. Voyeur style video.]


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Step Mom Takes Advantage Of You - Sadbaffoon

Step Mom Takes Advantage Of You – Sadbaffoon

You just came home from surgery and your step mom wants to take care of you! You’re a big fan of her so you don’t mind at all. The meds your doctor gave you paralyzed you though!! Your step mom told you not to worry and it should ware off soon. You pass out and wake up to your step mom sucking your cock! While surprised, you’re enjoying it very much and just lay back and watch her please herself with your cock. Not that you really have a choice though 😉


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