Stealing Mommas Little Boy - Jamie Valentine

Stealing Mommas Little Boy – Jamie Valentine

Im your moms friend, well ex-friend and the neighborhood milf. While Im at your house on your bed letting you worshipping my feet you realize I keep rubbing my face. You ask me what happened so I tell you how your fat mom slapped me at the gym, she was told by one of the neighborhood moms that she saw you worshiping my soles one night under the table during one of the weekly poker games that your mom hosts at your house with all the other moms. Little does that dumb bitch know that her son also used to worship my feet before he left for university. While your sitting there worshiping my soles, smelling my feet, sucking on my toes you eagerly listen to me complain about your bitch of a mother! I tell you to get on the phone and call your mommy. You hand over the phone to me and I tell her that because she humiliated me at the gym Im going to humiliate her.. I tell her that her son is mine now and that your under my control. I tell her exactly what your doing to my feet and then I hang up laughing…Now your my foot slave forever. Your job is to worship my feet and to protect the new hierarchy at all cost. So figure out how to control your mother or else your days of worshipping my feet are over!

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Moms Hot n Horny Gym Friend - Jamie Valentine

Moms Hot n Horny Gym Friend – Jamie Valentine

Im the horniest MILF in your neighborhood and everyone fawns over me. All the neighborhood boys, everyones husband, even your mom. She likes me so much she even wants to be my gym pal which is good because she needs it. Today though she was missing so I decided to stop by and check on her. You answer the door and tell me she is sick with the flu but before you can close it I push my way in and sit down. I tell you how tired my feet are, how much they hurt, how sweaty they are from working out and then I realize you can’t stop starring at my feet. You admit to having a on me for years but your secret is deeper then that. You finally admit you’ve wanted to worship my feet since the first time you laid eyes on them. I instruct you to remove my socks and worship them. Your not sure if its appropriate but I let you know that all the neighborhood boys do it. Dont be shy! While your worshiping my feet I let it slip that I think your mom can’t afford to miss gym days since she’s getting extra fat. She already losing her son to me she wouldn’t want to lose her husband next. Wait… I think I heard something, was that your mom in the next room? Will she catch us

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Caught Staring At Teacher Mom And Teacher Friend Grading Papers Footjob HD - Jamie Valentine and Cleo

Caught Staring At Teacher Mom And Teacher Friend Grading Papers Footjob HD – Jamie Valentine and Cleo

Jamie Valentine and Cleo are teacher friends that work at the same school together. Jamie has invited Cleo to her house to help her grade papers. Cleo is happy to help her good friend Jamie burn the midnight oil grading papers. Cleo and Jamie are both in there school attire with heels and nylons. Cleo and Jamie cant help but to dangle there heels off there nylon clad soles especially after a long day at school. Cleo notices something and its Jamie’s son peeping under the table staring at both there feet. Jamie is so embarrassed and apologizes to Cleo. Cleo being the good friend that she is lets Jamie know its perfectly OK. Jamie can tell Cleo is cooler then she thought and tells Cleo she has a way to get him to go to bed. Jamie tells Cleo that normally what she does is give her son a footjob so he goes away and if she would like to help her. Cleo is happy to help and moves with Jamie to the living room. Jamie wraps her nylon clad soles around her sons cock and Cleo joins in. Cleo and Jamie stroke his cock together and stroke his cock till he cums all over Cleo and Jamie’s sheer nylon clad soles. Cleo and Jamie cant help but to laugh as they show off there sticky cummy soles and order him to bed.

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Caught Staring At Teacher Mom Grading Papers Footjob - Jamie Valentine - Bratty Babes Own You

Caught Staring At Teacher Mom Grading Papers Footjob – Jamie Valentine – Bratty Babes Own You

Jamie Valentine is home from school. Jamie has a ton of papers to grade on her laptop and lets her son know that she will be have dinner soon as she is finished with her work. Jamie has had a long day and cant help but to dip and dangle her shoes off her sheer stocking clad feet. Jamie rubs her feet together wiggles her toes and slips them in and out of her shoes when she notices something. Jamie notices her son is staring at her feet and his cock is rock hard. Jamie is shocked but decides to help her son out. Jamie cant help but to help her loser son and knows his dad has the same obsession. Jamie orders her son to lay down and get his cock out. Jamie’s son does what his mom says and Jamie wraps her sheer soles around his cock. Jamie jerks his cock while explaining to him hes just a foot loser. Jamie makes him shoots a huge load all over her nylon feet then shows off her cum drenched soles.


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