Mom's CEI Punishment - Jackie Synn

Mom’s CEI Punishment – Jackie Synn

Mom is so tired of you not being able to control yourself, all you do is masturbate! You’ve gotten in trouble for it at school, the gym, and you’re always blowing your load all over the house & never cleaning it up. Mom calls the doctor for his recommendation, she’s willing to try ANYTHING to help you with your condition.; After mom’s off the phone, she realizes you’ve been wanking under the covers while sitting across from her the whole time. Mom decides to put the doctors recommendation in play – you’re going to cum in front of your mother, but you’re damn sure going to clean it up! Mom makes you eat your load several times, even teasing you with her big tits to aid you along. I hope you’re hungry son!

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Make Cummies for Mommy - Jackie Synn

Make Cummies for Mommy – Jackie Synn

Mommy knows how horny her wittle man gets mommy baby talks, mommy loves making you rub yourself in front of her. Do you want to see mommy’s big boobies and make cummies? Yes you do, you naughty little man, show mommy what happens when your pp gets hard. Mommy is so loving and encouraging, you’re going to make big cummies like a good boy, aren’t you, son?

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Greedy Mom Findom - Jackie Synn

Greedy Mom Findom – Jackie Synn

You just nailed the big job interview of your dreams, you’re going to be making half a million a year! You come home excited to tell your mother, but she is busy on the phone talking to your little sister. After she gets off the phone she acts so excited for you she is so proud of her young son having such a prestigious job! Mum make sure to remind you all of the sacrifices she’s had to make over the years to get you to where you are, she had to work three jobs to pay for your education. Mum tells you that tonight you’re going out for dinner with her and your little sister to celebrate, and you notice mum has on a very sexy new blue dress. Mum sees that you like her cleavage, so she teases you as she tells you that you need to start contributing. Mummy is so efficient, she’s already set it up with the bank to have part of your paycheque funnelled into her account every month. You start to protest, especially when you hear the exorbitant amount that she wants, but mum starts pulling out her big boobs and encouraging you to pump for them. You are so weak for your mum’s boobs, you’ve been jacking after her tits for years. Mum reminds you that she knows that you’ve been sneaking into your little sisters room at night to jerk off to her little panties as well. You don’t want all of your friends and your new boss to know that you’re a dirty pervert do you? Well then you better comply with mums demands, mum has you stroke until your broke. You’ll do anything for the chance to come on your mothers big boobs, but will mummy let you have what you want? Not until she gets what she wants, mummy is such a greedy bitch!

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Mom Makes You Cum Before Bed - Jackie Synn

Mom Makes You Cum Before Bed – Jackie Synn

You’re my mom you come to check on me in my bed but I’m restless. My girlfriend and I just broke up and I’m upset and can’t settle so you comfort me. The first 3-4 minutes I want you talking about how everything will be ok, I can do better, her tits were small anyway etc. Then I want you to kiss me goodnight and notice I’m hard. I want you to simulate jacking my dick (no toys please, just simulated) and telling me to cum for mom, taking off your top and teasing me with your huge mommy boobs.

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Slut Mom in Leather Makes You Cum - Jackie Synn

Slut Mom in Leather Makes You Cum – Jackie Synn

Mom’s getting ready for another wild night out with her friends. She’s dressed like a slut in a leather jacket, tight leather look leggings and high heels. Ever since the divorce she’s been acting like a filthy whore! Late nights partying with strange men, coming home at all hours… you have to admit, she looks amazing though. When you confront her about it she ends up mocking you, telling you to loosen up as she teases you. You get hard and can’t hide your erection, mom decides she’s going to make you pull out your cock and pump for her big tits & her leather clad ass. you try to resist, but you know you can’t. You cum stroking to mom’s hot body as she describes all the cock she’s going to get tonight – your mom loves being a dirty cock slut!

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Mother and Son Therapy - Jackie Synn

Mother and Son Therapy – Jackie Synn

“My mom moved in with me about a year ago and started wearing pantyhose daily about three months in. After a few of my girlfriends were talking about how I had a nine inch cock. My mom casually said I can confirm. I was simultaneously aroused and ashamed. We were going to watch a movie and I wanted to rub my mom’s feet because I thought it would give me “masturbation material” later. Just asking lol. She actually said yes because the movie was Cleopatra (over 5 hours!), After an hour she let me off and simply rested her ethereal pantyhose clad feet on my inner left thigh. The side I hang my cock. In slow motion I saw her feet come closer and my cock expanded to feel her feet come to rest on it. After about another 15 minutes my mom was so into the movie she started rubbing her feet together on my thigh more precisely my throbbing cock. I got a world class view of her pantyhose covered legs and ass. Even some up-skirt of her gusset. I was staring at her feet the mostly her feet seemed to be caressing my cock. She caught me looking and said “NO!!! my feet stay there for the entire movie!” Her toes twitched and pinched the head of my cock and I came one of the hardest times I ever had. I came at least five times by the end of the movie. I felt a lot of shame when her feet moved away and I saw a string of cum from the cock head in my jeans going to the bottom of her pantyhose encased foot.
I kinda want to watch Cleopatra again lol. I wanted to get a custom where I can basically get a little — during the movie and after “cast” said custom to the screen and have you tell my mom about that and say I masturbate with her worn panties and pantyhose. Confessional and that I want footjobs from my mommy and for her to suck me off as she does the footjob. Also that I want to go balls deep and hit the back of her uterus and paint it white with steamy jizz ropes.*
I want you in pantyhose and wear them throughout even if it ends with you just in pantyhose lol. Maybe therapist like clothes to start.
I just imagine you starting seriously slowly revealing the fucked up nature of my feelings and what happened (5 minutes or so.) revealing how bad I want to get a footjob from my mommies pantyhose clad feet while she simultaneously leans over and sucks my cock. How I jerk off in her pantyhose and panties. Sometimes sucking her cum/discharge out of the pantyhose and panties first after I massaged her pantyhose covered feet for multiple hours. Presumably making her wet or actually coming. What happened watching Cleopatra… and why I wanted to watch it again. How fucking her through her pantyhose would be a great bonding experience! Nothing better than going balls deep in your own mother hitting the back of her uterus and eventually erupting a massive load of millions of sperm frantic to impregnate mommy… if she can even get pregnant. According to our deal I have to get her pregnant and if she can’t well… I have to keep trying a few times a day anyway.”

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Mean Mommy Makes You Expose Yourself - Jackie Synn

Mean Mommy Makes You Expose Yourself – Jackie Synn

Mom’s just gotten a message from some random girl that goes to your school. The message includes screen shots of your conversation with her along with pictures of your hard dick, even though the girls asked you not to. mother is appalled her son would do something like this and decides to teach you a lesson. You want to send unsolicited dick pics? FINE – mommy will record you and post you jerking off in front of her to your whole school! Everyone on your contact list is going to see you jerking off while mommy mocks you for being such a pervert. She knows you like big tits so she pulls hers out to further humiliate you. You’re going to cum for your mom’s big tits in front of everyone you know! That’s what you get, pervert!

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Come Home to Mommy College Boy - Jackie Synn

Come Home to Mommy College Boy – Jackie Synn

Mom really misses you, you’ve barely called since moving off to college. She’s left you loads of messages, but hasn’t heard a word so she thought sending a video would help. Don’t you miss your loving mommy? Don’t you know how much she craves your sweet young cock? Mom becomes overwhelmed making this video for you and loses control, cumming hard on her favourite toy. Stroke along and reminisce about your naughty days back home with mommy. You’ll come home soon to visit, right son?

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Beach Day with step-Mom - Jackie Synn

Beach Day with step-Mom – Jackie Synn

Mom is all set to take you to the beach, she’s got on her new swimsuit and she’s lathering on sun cream. She needs your help to get her back and her bottom, but the site of your mom’s ass surprisingly gets you hard. Mom turns around and laughs, you know you shouldn’t be hard for your mother! Mom is flattered though really, it’s been a while since she’s seen a man hard for her. She insists on putting sum cream on you, you wouldn’t want to burn now would you? Feeling mom’s hands all over your body makes you so hard that your cock head pokes out the top of your swim trunks! Mom seems impressed and starts to rub it, next thing you know mom is jerking you firmly while talking dirty and exposing her beautiful tits. This beach day will be like none you’ve experienced before!

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Step-Mom Insists You Skip Church & Cum - Jackie Synn

Step-Mom Insists You Skip Church & Cum – Jackie Synn

You’ve been trying to be a good boy and stay out of trouble, you’ve even started going to church every Sunday. Your slutty party girl step-mother thinks this new phase in your life is super boring and that your time could be better spent. She says you are young and should be out getting laid, not going to bed early and being lame. She’s even noticed you aren’t jerking off anymore, a boy your age needs release, it’s not natural to go without! Step-Mom finally puts her foot down, you are not going to church this Sunday hun, you are going to stay home and make yourself cum goddamn it! Step-Mom teases you with her hot curvy body to get you hard, you try to resist but suddenly feel your cock stirring. She convinces you to cum for her, you have no choice but to give in – after all, Step-mother knows best!

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