Mother-in-law Hates Halloween & Little Dicks - Jackie Synn

Mother-in-law Hates Halloween & Little Dicks – Jackie Synn

Your wife is crazy about Halloween, she has you and your mother-in-law decorating the house getting ready for a party tonight. Your mother-in-law keeps bitching and complaining about how much she hates Halloween and how this whole party is a stupid idea. She decides to liven things up by tempting you to pull out your dick in front of her, you’ve always thought your mother-in-law was such a prude but very very hot. You jump at the opportunity to get your dick sucked by your mother-in-law, but when you drop trowel she is horrified at what she sees! Your cock is far too small for a woman like her and she is not afraid to tell you about it. Your mother-in-law mocks your tiny little cock as you keep stroking, she thinks you are so pathetic and she can’t believe that her daughter would marry someone like you. She insists that you hurry up and you better not make a mess on the floor, the party is about to start so you’re just going to have to eat your cum. Hurry up little dick loser finish up in front of your mother-in-law!

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Fuck Mommys P-- Hole - Jackie Synn

Fuck Mommys P– Hole – Jackie Synn

You’ve noticed I’ve been watching Mommy a lot and always have a big hard on in my pants when I do. Mommy wants to help but doesn’t want to get pregnant from her boy so you offer up her s***hole. I think it’s a very pretty little hole but don’t you p*** from there? Isn’t that dirty for me to put my cock in the hole you p*** from? Mommy starts to tempt me, showing off her tight little s**hole and teasing me, “I know you want to put it in my s*****r.. c’mon, put that big boy cock in the hole I p*** from.. fuck my hungry p***chute and blow your load in my b**ls”. I can’t resist and take out my big cock and start to rub it all over your tight little s***thole which makes you so horny and you start begging me to stretch out the hole you p*** from, how your p* hole need to be fucked and it’s all clean and ready to be pounded. I know you p**** from that hole but it still makes me crazy thinking about fucking it…

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Reluctantly Sucking Son Blackmail - Jackie Synn

Reluctantly Sucking Son Blackmail – Jackie Synn

Jackie is lost in pleasure while she masturbates her pussy, having phone sex with her lover. You, her son walk in and hear everything she says, admitting that she’s been cheating on your father for years. You watch and let your cock get hard as you watch your mother make herself cum. After her orgasm she notices you’re standing there. She is completely in embarrassed and begs you not to tell your father, if he knew she was unfaithful he would throw her out into the street and she would have nothing. You see this as an opportunity, you tell your mother if she’ll show you her ass that you won’t tell dad. She says no at first, but you remind her that she will have nothing if you tell dad. Mum finally gives in and lets you jerk off while looking at her ass, but she insists this can’t go further. You tell her to turn around, you insist that she sucks your dick! Mum says absolutely not, that would be taking things too far. You don’t care though, you grab your slutty mother by the back of her head and shove her down on your dick. Watching your mother choke on your cock gets you harder than ever, she begged you to stop, but you remind her if she doesn’t do as she’s told daddy will find out. Soon your mother is slobbering all over your Dick, sucking your cock like a champ but begging you not to come down her throat. Suddenly daddy comes home unexpectedly, thankfully you’ve locked the door. With dad right outside the door, you fuck mum’s throat against her will, dumping your load right down her. Mum is shocked that you made her swallow your cum, but she does admit it does taste good!

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Aunt Makes You Lick Her Holes - Jackie Synn

Aunt Makes You Lick Her Holes – Jackie Synn

Aunt Jackie is getting ready for a night out. She confesses that she’s going to get as much cock as she can! She sees how hard hearing that makes you and starts to tease you with her big PAWG booty. She pulls down her panties, spreads her ass and makes you lick her holes – tonight you are going to get your aunt ready to take some nice hard cock! You lick her holes as she instructs you to pump your cock. If you’re a good boy and you do a good job when she gets home she might let you stick your cock in her dirty cream pie filled cunt! You’d like that, wouldn’t you nephew?

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Big Booty Step Mom - Jackie Synn

Big Booty Step Mom – Jackie Synn

Jackie Synn is my big booty stepmom: I’m a 20 year old black male You’re my curvy stepmom Scenario: I left my phone open on the kitchen counter. I have been sending my friends text in a group chat about you. I mention how you always wear short shorts when I’m in the house, and how that is a sign that you want me. My dad is always out of town and you are very horny these days. So you decide to confront me about the messages. While you are lecturing me about how wrong my messages are, you notice me watching your ass as you pace back and forth. Then you stop and say “Okay you know what I need some damn release around here your father never touches me so you’re gonna take care of my needs today”. You slowly pull down the short shorts and get on the couch. You begin to talk dirty to me and clap your ass up and say things like ” You like the way that big round ass bounces?” ” You want to bust a big ass nut on it don’t you?” ” Fuck that wet pussy with that young big black cock daddy” and whatever else you want to say. At the end you turn toward the camera and pull out your perfect tits and say ” Cum on my pretty fucking face daddy!” ( Please smile and show off your gorgeous eyes when you say this) You’re wearing short shorts and a deep v shirt that show’s your cleavage off just right. Under the short you have on a g string, and no bra under the shirt.”

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Chubby Mommy JOI - Jackie Synn

Chubby Mommy JOI – Jackie Synn

You have always had a thing for hot chubby mummies, and know your heart mummy is ready to show off all of her curves. Mummy is naked and teasing you with her wobbly belly, her big fat tits, and her hairy cunt. Mummy shows off her big booty then lays back and spreads her hole. She encourages you to bust right inside of mummy. It’s so hot to hear her tell you how to pump your big boy dick!

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Mom's CEI Punishment - Jackie Synn

Mom’s CEI Punishment – Jackie Synn

Mom is so tired of you not being able to control yourself, all you do is masturbate! You’ve gotten in trouble for it at school, the gym, and you’re always blowing your load all over the house & never cleaning it up. Mom calls the doctor for his recommendation, she’s willing to try ANYTHING to help you with your condition.; After mom’s off the phone, she realizes you’ve been wanking under the covers while sitting across from her the whole time. Mom decides to put the doctors recommendation in play – you’re going to cum in front of your mother, but you’re damn sure going to clean it up! Mom makes you eat your load several times, even teasing you with her big tits to aid you along. I hope you’re hungry son!

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Make Cummies for Mommy - Jackie Synn

Make Cummies for Mommy – Jackie Synn

Mommy knows how horny her wittle man gets mommy baby talks, mommy loves making you rub yourself in front of her. Do you want to see mommy’s big boobies and make cummies? Yes you do, you naughty little man, show mommy what happens when your pp gets hard. Mommy is so loving and encouraging, you’re going to make big cummies like a good boy, aren’t you, son?

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Greedy Mom Findom - Jackie Synn

Greedy Mom Findom – Jackie Synn

You just nailed the big job interview of your dreams, you’re going to be making half a million a year! You come home excited to tell your mother, but she is busy on the phone talking to your little sister. After she gets off the phone she acts so excited for you she is so proud of her young son having such a prestigious job! Mum make sure to remind you all of the sacrifices she’s had to make over the years to get you to where you are, she had to work three jobs to pay for your education. Mum tells you that tonight you’re going out for dinner with her and your little sister to celebrate, and you notice mum has on a very sexy new blue dress. Mum sees that you like her cleavage, so she teases you as she tells you that you need to start contributing. Mummy is so efficient, she’s already set it up with the bank to have part of your paycheque funnelled into her account every month. You start to protest, especially when you hear the exorbitant amount that she wants, but mum starts pulling out her big boobs and encouraging you to pump for them. You are so weak for your mum’s boobs, you’ve been jacking after her tits for years. Mum reminds you that she knows that you’ve been sneaking into your little sisters room at night to jerk off to her little panties as well. You don’t want all of your friends and your new boss to know that you’re a dirty pervert do you? Well then you better comply with mums demands, mum has you stroke until your broke. You’ll do anything for the chance to come on your mothers big boobs, but will mummy let you have what you want? Not until she gets what she wants, mummy is such a greedy bitch!

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