Pushing Mommy Into It - Ivy Starshyne

Pushing Mommy Into It – Ivy Starshyne

You walk in as Mommy is just starting to relax and you want to cuddle up close with her, to which she gladly accepts. To be honest, you’ve been having “urges” and need to get near to her. You ask if going topless is alright, and she agrees to it, just like you both used to do so long ago. So now she’s just in her bra… and you have to tell her about the urges and… the rock hard crotch he has right now.
She’s confused, and you put her hand right on your throbbing cock in your pants. This causes her to flinch and gasp and says that none of this is right, this is very bad and not okay! You recoil and she apologizes, saying you can suckle on her breasts… just like you used to, since it seems you need some extra love.
And she even lets you get on top… but that doesn’t help with the urge as you find yourself suckling and then pulling her panties off. You thrust inside her while she’s gasping and… and… now she has accepted it, because you’re inside her good and deep, and her pussy is really clenched down on you, loving it all… She can’t fight it now, she really likes it.
So you keep going and going, but don’t last long. And she tells you to cum inside Mommy, yes! Yes! Yes! And you do… and then you comfort her, because… what has she done?

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Mom Will Be Your Doctor - Ivy Starshyne

Mom Will Be Your Doctor – Ivy Starshyne

You’ve been so scared of doctors, what am I to do? I can’t just let you go around with potential problems, just getting worse and worse. Sure, you seem healthy, but… How would we really know? Listen, I bought something for this very thing. An outfit that could get you more comfortable with the whole idea of doctors. What do you say? Well, I’m doing it since you have no choice at this point…
You do seem pretty healthy, but I haven’t seen every single part of you. So take off your pants and give Mom a good look at what’s going on. Let’s stroke you to a a nice… throbbing… thick… Oh! And can’t forget to check the prostate. Close your eyes…
Looking up close, I can see it looks just fine. And with my finger inside your ass hole, I’d say things feel fine inside there, too. But let’s go for the finale, really make sure everything comes out looking perfect. Hmmm?

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Adopted Mom Finds Your Purpose - Ivy Starshyne

Adopted Mom Finds Your Purpose – Ivy Starshyne

All that time in the system, nobody wanted you, huh? Left there, waiting. For so… so… long. People looking at you, but not wanting you. Well, guess what? I want you. DEFINITELY. I chose you, and all the others, for that very reason. I want you for a while. You’ll make me very happy. Oh, the others? Why is my house so quiet? I’ve already enjoyed them. They’re in my tummy. Yes, it’s true. I’m going to eat you. Gobble you up, piece by piece. Get comfy on the couch and let me want you, need you, enjoy you. Chomp and chew and swallow you up! And then, you’ll be filling my tummy up, with me even longer, just a bit longer – that is, before you make your way down, down, down… into the whirling of the toilet water as it flushes away.

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Your Hot Twin Sister - Ivy Starshyne

Your Hot Twin Sister – Ivy Starshyne

Jeez, everyone says we’re the cutest twins ever! It’s true, right? I just got a text about it, so many people agree that we are. I love that we look so similar. It’s funny though, right? Like, I think we’re the cutest twins, too. The hottest twins, really. And isn’t that like, saying I think you’re hot? And that I’m hot? If we’re both hot? Hmmm… Someone wondered if we looked the same. EVERYWHERE. And I can’t believe we don’t even know if we do. Of course, you’re a guy and I’m a girl, so we have different parts, but we must look somewhat similar, or… Maybe we fit together like a hot puzzle? Come on and strip with me! Let’s see! Wow, we are hot! We should… hmmm… So you don’t think we should fit together? Like, you put your hot twin piece inside mine? Fine… but… what if we follow along with each other? Like, you stroke and I finger myself. It’s like a mirror! HOT!

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But I AM Your Mother - Ivy Starshyne

But I AM Your Mother – Ivy Starshyne

Your Mom walks into your room and you quickly close the open windows in front of you. “Hey, I need to use your computer,” she says. “There’s this online auction I’m trying to follow. My stupid phone just died. Can you let me on? Thanks…” Well, you can’t just watch her, so you wander away and hope she stays on the web browser you opened. However, she’s not tech savvy, and she wanders into the downloads folder to find an… interesting folder. “Oh, gosh… what is this, mom stuff? Wow… MILFS in pantyhose? What’s a… oh gosh… These women are actually pretending to be his Mom?! Wow…” Her mind wanders. “Taboo thoughts about me? That’s wrong! I wonder what he’s doing when he’s alone… I bet he’s thinking about those inc35tuous fantasies! That porn! Maybe thinking about my mouth on his… while he’s…” And she gasps loudly. And now she’s plotting. “Ahhh, I’m going to make a fake profile. I’ll let him know that I’m aware of this.” You’re so busy doing other things that you’re missing all of this. Later that evening, she begins typing up an ad online. “I am a REAL taboo mother… I will only make custom videos for my son. You know you want to contact me, sweetheart. I totally know! Just look at my sexy mouth and lipstick. I bet you would LOVE to feel this tongue on your cock. Right, pumpkin? Oh, I love pantyhose! Look at my sexy nylon-covered legs… ass… pussy… Oh, and I know you love my feet! Wouldn’t a little footjob and then a blowjob warm you up before you go balls deep and plunder your real mother’s pussy? OMG no condom… Sweetheart, your gigantic load from your massive cock could get me pregnant! My own son loves his Mommy, right honey? Maybe we can even really meet since Mommy is horny for her son’s big, throbbing cock! So… order an inc35t-filled custom from your Mommy.” She is licking her lips. This is really getting exciting! She feels like she’s in a movie, catching the criminal in the act! Winking at the ad, she says, “Wow! I really got into this! Way more than I thought I would… Those mother fucking videos inspired me, I suppose.” Even later, amid much refreshing, she gets an email and hops out in excitement. The subject is “custom and busted”, and she smiles because he’s been caught! She reads the email aloud: “Please you are my ideal woman and I want a custom and I busted a massive load to you!” She is shocked but continues. “I borrowed my mom’s panties and pantyhose and milked a huge load into them… I came so hard when I was massaging my mom’s feet on my lap and she said I was a good son. She was excited for when I get married and give her grandkids… but she wasn’t even paying attention and her feet massaged my cock to orgasm about 5 times as she kept them in my lap!” A gasp and she nearly screams but keeps it together to keep reading. “She acts like a prude sometimes, but after that I have the hots for her! Since then, would it make you hot if I told you I cum in her food? Or creep in and cum in my Mommy’s mouth while she is knocked out? Or if I do it every night… I mean, not saying that I do… but I definitely mate with her used panties and pantyhose EVERY NIGHT! I really want to be balls deep in her pussy grinding her uterus while her cervix sucks my shaft…” Is she turned on, or horrified? It’s hard to tell. She reads the ending: “I know it’s wrong, but I want to make her my lover… she is my soulmate! I know it’s wrong, but luckily I get the same feeling from you.” And it’s apparent that he wants to meet her, so she decides to give him just that. Before though, she decides to tease him as his Mom. Coming into the living room in a robe and pantyhose, he’s antsy and she jokes that he wants to rush her out because… what, he has a date, perhaps? He doesn’t answer. She sits on the couch and teases him, showing off her feed in the pantyhose and smiling. Finally, she gets up and tells him to have a good night. Well, he’s going to have a good night… quite a surprising one! While he prepares for his fantasy online, she prepares to confront him. And she does! But after all the cruel words to him, she finds herself caving. “You WANT this? Well, I suppose I’ll have to do something about it then.” Believing initially that this will scar you, she finds that… no… this is all… just… so… good. Nothing wrong with this at ALL, hmmm?

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Summer Time Step Mom - Ivy Starshyne

Summer Time Step Mom – Ivy Starshyne

Your family went away for vacation over the Summer. Well, all of them except for you and your Step Mom. You guys get along well, and she points out that you always liked her most – you called her “Mom” well before anyone else did. You guys connect well. And she wants this Summer together to be very chill, very relaxed… very… comfortable.
And you soon see exactly what she means by that! She’s playing cards at the table in a bra and panties, saying you should join her. But your boner behind your own boxers says otherwise. Then later, she’s NAKED on the couch! And you can’t hide your excitement… as you are also totally naked for this Summer Step Mom Nude Fest.
And she can’t ignore it… as she touches her pussy and encourages you to do the same with your cock.

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Our New Life Together - Ivy Starshyne

Our New Life Together – Ivy Starshyne

We have moved into a new place to start a new life… as a new couple. Nobody knows us in this place, so we can live together without any worries. My son, I want us to live a normal life as a couple. Don’t you remember, darling? I promised to take care of you. And always be naked at home, ready for you. Won’t that be lovely? Mom is ready to make love now. Mmmm.

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Make Love To Mommy - Ivy Starshyne

Make Love To Mommy – Ivy Starshyne

Mom loves to kiss and hug you loads, she really just loves to touch you and you love to touch her. You both like making love, and she tells you how special it is to do these things with you. She loves all these moments. She kisses and says, “Do you want to make love? Come on then… put it in, son. Like you’ve already done dozens of times before.” And she strips down to nothing, spreads her legs, and takes you. “We’ll be lovers forever.”

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Good Boy, I'll Be Your Mommy - Ivy Starshyne

Good Boy, I’ll Be Your Mommy – Ivy Starshyne

Hey, baby… what are you watching? Oh! Wow… okay… So are you into Mommy porn?

Wow, well, hey, that’s cool. I mean, whatever floats your boat! That’s all good, baby. I want you to be happy. I mean… I don’t mind if… Would you like me to be Mommy for you? Hmmm?

Yeah, Mommy wants you to be happy for sure. You’re Mommy’s good boy. Such a good boy. Do you think Mommy is looking good today? You will listen to what Mommy says you must do – what Mommy says goes!

Mommy had such a long day, and needs some relaxation. You like Mommy’s naked body? Come here and taste me. You’re so excited from all this. Mommy will help you now. Yes, you’re such a good boy. Now, cum for Mommy.

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Cheating Slut Stepmom - Ivy Starshyne

Cheating Slut Stepmom – Ivy Starshyne

You’ve planned this all out, right after you saw her listed on the escorting site – your stepmom. She waited to set it all up, waited until she thought both you and your Dad were going out of town. You stayed back though… and scheduled the meetup with this “escort” – your stepmom. The cheating slut.
She arrives and doesn’t see you at first, just notices how nice the hotel room is and feels comfortable. Then she sees you and almost bails. But you let her know that you’ll definitely tell on her if she leaves the room. After a little bit of time, her trying to argue all this, she accepts and says she’ll do whatever you tell her to do.
So you tell her to strip. And she reluctantly does. Then tell her to walk to the door and back, and she does so unenthusiastically. So you make her do it again. And she struts, making your cock so hard for her. You tell her to bend over and she does it. Fuck, you need to get your dick in your stepmom now.
And you do. And she LOVES it. She’s so reluctant initially, but then you can tell that she’s loving it. Her eyes are rolling back as she tells you how much better you are at all this, compared to your Dad. And she even lets you blow a massive load in her hot, slutty cunt.

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