Mom & Aunt are Impregnated Together By Son, POV - Breeding - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige & Ivy Secret

Mom & Aunt are Impregnated Together By Son, POV – Breeding – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige & Ivy Secret

Aunt Ivy was always busy with work, so it was a surprise whenever she’d come down to visit. She needed to talk to her sister, your mom, about something important – she wanted a baby.
“Have you tried sperm banks – anything like that?” Mom asked, knowing Aunt Ivy was single and more interested in her career than a relationship. “I mean, I don’t know about some random stranger’s seed…” Ivy replied, “what if they came back for the baby? It just feels so wrong.”
Plus, it was expensive, and there were so many extra steps with those alternative methods. “Remember when we were growing up and we always talked about how fun it would be to get pregnant at the same time?” Ivy went on to say. As much as Mom loved and bragged about how handsome, smart, and grown-up you were becoming, she wanted another baby. The only problem was that, if she waited any longer, it might be awkward to give you a brother and sister. And with no man in her life anymore, since Dad left you guys, she wasn’t sure she’d ever get the chance.
“I know this is kind of weird,” Ivy began to say, “but do you think that we could convince your son to impregnate us? Just give us his cum? I mean, we wouldn’t have to tell anyone.” To have the best probability of getting pregnant, it would be best to have you cum directly inside of them.
“Well, I mean, he would be excited about that, given his age,” Mom smiled at her sister. “It is a little weird, I will say that, but I guess we could talk to him. He would be really excited, but we really would have to keep this quiet.” They were enthusiastic about the idea – about being pregnant together, of having the same genes, of having a baby that would grow up to be as wonderful as you.
So, they called you in and explained everything. They poured their hearts out to you, asking for your help and your seed. You loved your mom and Aunt Ivy, they were family, and there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them.

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Mommy Knows How To Help Part 2 - Ivy Secret

Mommy Knows How To Help Part 2 – Ivy Secret

As you are getting ready for school you still have your aching erection so you seek your mom for help again. Your out of lube and rubbing your cock raw and ask her what she thinks you should do. Although a bit frustrated as she is getting ready for work she can’t let you leave the house with you sporting a pop up tent in your pants so she takes action into her own hands…. or mouth and sucks every drop of cum you have out.

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Mom Knows How To Help Part 1 - Ivy Secret

Mom Knows How To Help Part 1 – Ivy Secret

Ivy Secret son has gotten into his Dad’s Viagra and can’t get rid of his erection. She tells him he needs to stroke his cock and after cumming his erection should go down. Unfortunately this doesn’t help so she knows he needs mommy’s help as she strokes his aching cock off.

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Forbidden Family Love: Mom & Aunt Share Their Love with Son, POV - Romantic, Intimate, & Passionate Love Making - HD 1080p - Ivy Secret & Sydney Paige

Forbidden Family Love: Mom & Aunt Share Their Love with Son, POV – Romantic, Intimate, & Passionate Love Making – HD 1080p – Ivy Secret & Sydney Paige

“I love you so much,” Aunt Sydney whispered passionately, her lips pressing against her sister’s. The two siblings had been involved in a secret affair for a while now, and Mom was eager to spice things up.
“My son’s old enough now…maybe we should bring him in,” she told her blonde sister. “Maybe he’ll be okay with it, we’ll just have to make him feel comfortable.” It was best to keep their love a secret, and to keep things in the family.
Mom called out for you. When you entered the room, you were surprised to not only see your mom and aunt in lingerie, but to see them being intimate with one another. “I know this is a little bit of a shock to you,” she began to say, “but your aunt and I have been in a relationship for quite some time. We’re very much in love, but it’s still a secret, we’re not telling anyone – not your uncle, not your father…”
“We were thinking that, since you’re old enough now, maybe it’s time that you join us,” she said sweetly. “I know it sounds a little strange, but we just want to show you that it’s okay, that you can be comfortable and you can enjoy it.”
“And it would make for good practice,” Auntie turned towards her sister. “He could use some tutoring from some older, more experienced women who are very sensual and loving with each other.”
Although their love was forbidden, they wanted you to accept it and to give into it – they wanted to share it with you. They kissed one another in front of you for the first time, then Mom suggested you give Auntie a kiss. “It’s important for you to experience all this love,” Mom smiled, her arms wrapped around her sister’s naked body.
You shared their passion, intimacy, and love. You kissed Mom and Auntie, then touched their beautiful, mature, soft bodies. Their hands and mouths shared your throbbing, hard cock, and they moaned softly as your tongue flicked against their pink pussies.
Everything was so intense, emotional, genuine, and heartfelt. Their sweet smiles expressed how truly happy they were. You then made sweet love to the both of them as they held one another. “That is so hot…” Mom said looking down at her sister’s cum-filled pussy.
You had never felt such raw, pure love before. Forbidden family love was the best love of all…

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Helping Mommy Get Pregnant Part 1 - Ivy Secret

Helping Mommy Get Pregnant Part 1 – Ivy Secret

When Ivy catches her stepson pleasuring himself to aunt Cory she decides to blackmail him into helping her with a little issue. She has been trying to get pregnant for quite some time but her husband doesn’t seem to be cutting it. What she needs is some young strong sperm. So if he want’s to keep his fantasy a secret he is going to have to help his mommy…..

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Mom's Reward System: Mom & Aunt Motivate Son, POV - HD 1080p - Ivy Secret & Sydney Paige

Mom’s Reward System: Mom & Aunt Motivate Son, POV – HD 1080p – Ivy Secret & Sydney Paige

“Honey, I am so proud of you for getting straight A’s this time,” Mom said cheerfully. “I knew you could do it! I know I’ve been giving you rewards every time you do good, and since you got straight A’s, I thought we just needed to go really big.”
“It’s me!” Auntie threw her arms into the air excitedly. “And me! The both of us!” Mom chimed in. It had been a while ago since Mom started the new “reward” system. As a motivation to do better in school, she had shown you her body, then let you touch it, lick it, and fuck it. Every time you improved your grades, she upped the prizes to something better, and this time she had given you the ultimate reward – her and your aunt.
“We are so proud of you,” Auntie said with a big, happy smile, “you’ve been doing so well.” And when Mom had told her about the reward system and how well it was working, your aunt jumped right in to help. “You’re going to be a doctor one day,” Auntie said confidently.
“I will do whatever works…” Mom told her sister, “whatever works.” To begin your reward, Auntie helped Mom undress, then Mom helped her. You had never seen your aunt’s body exposed before, but it was just as beautiful and perfect as you had envisioned it would be. “Do you like that, honey?” Mom asked after she shared a kiss with your aunt.
“Is he going to be able to concentrate in class, or is he going to be thinking about this?” Auntie joked as her fingers brushed against Mom’s soft body. “It’ll drive him to work harder…it’s been working so far,” Mom giggled. After undressing, Mom wanted to take things slow, so she started you off with a little show. Her and Auntie would masturbate and moan in front of you to excite you and get you throbbing hard.
“Isn’t her pussy so beautiful?” Auntie said seductively. “No wonder he’s doing so well in female anatomy…” After warming you up, Auntie pulled down your pants and started stroking your cock. “Auntie’s got a big, fat cock in her hand…” she purred as she jerked you off, now sharing your cock with Mom.
“He’s so excited…” Mom said sweetly as she watched pre-cum ooze from your cock. “Look at my tits, baby, while your mom sucks your cock,” Auntie told you. They shared your cock, flicking their tongues against your shaft, then wrapping their wet, warm mouths over the head of your cock. “So, which one of us should he take first?” Auntie asked your mom.
Auntie then proceeded to get on all fours so you could fuck her from behind first. After that, you moved over to Mom, and fucked her until you finished inside. “Oh my god, I can feel how big of a load it is…” Mom said in-between breaths. “It’s dripping out of you,” Auntie looked down at Mom’s cum-filled pussy. “Yeah, so just keep those grades up, nephew…”
“Next time we’ll have to think of something even better…” Mom went on to say. “I’m telling you…if he gets into a good college, we’ll have to bring our other sister over…” Auntie smiled. “We’re all proud of our boy.

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Aunt Guides Mom & Son Through a Sexual Experience, POV - Mom Confesses Her Loving & Sexual Feelings for Son - HD 1080p - Ivy Secret & Sydney Paige

Aunt Guides Mom & Son Through a Sexual Experience, POV – Mom Confesses Her Loving & Sexual Feelings for Son – HD 1080p – Ivy Secret & Sydney Paige

It wasn’t okay…it wasn’t right, but she needed someone to confide in. “I’ve been having these feelings and they’re so wrong, so immoral…and it’s been giving me so much anxiety,” Mom said nervously to her sister. Although she reluctant at first, she finally confessed that she felt like she was in love with her son. “I’ve been having these sexual thoughts and feelings…and so much love and attraction and it’s all I can think about,” Mom explained to her. “I can’t even be around him because I just want to touch him and kiss him and do all these things…and it’s so wrong and it’s so gross. I don’t know how to get over it, I don’t know what to do…”
Yes, of course, it’s wasn’t normal, but Sydney did the best she could to make her sister feel better. “What we should do is find a solution,” she told her. “Maybe you should just do it…just do it once and maybe all these feelings will stop. If it’s stressing you out this much, it’s bad for your health.”
Mom was nervous, but Sydney promised to stay and guide her through everything. “Hey nephew,” Auntie called out to you. You entered the bedroom to see them sitting closely to one another. “I’m gonna let her do the talking…” Mom said shyly, “I’m feeling a little embarrassed and awkward.”
Auntie was blunt about everything. She told that Mom was attracted to you and the man that you had become. “And who could blame her…” Auntie tried to make things sound reasonable, “you are the spitting image of your father when he was younger – you look just like him.” And in order to help ease the stress of this awkward situation, Auntie suggested that maybe the two of you should have some intimate time together and get past this.
And, of course, no one would talk about this outside the family. It was only to help Mom get better. So, under Auntie’s watch and instruction, you and your mother began to experiment. You started off slow. First you and Mom would kiss, then you’d try longer, more passionate kisses. “That did feel kind of nice,” Mom blushed.
“Maybe we should take it a step further,” Auntie told her. “Um…maybe show off a little? I mean, you have a beautiful body.” Mom pulled down her lingerie and invited you to touch her big, perky tits. After that, Auntie told Mom to touch something of yours. The two of you went back and forth touching one another – groping, stroking, fingering, licking, sucking – until it was time to have sex. Mom didn’t want to feel too awkward, so she faced the other way and let you fuck her from behind.
After everything was finished, Auntie made sure the both of you were okay. Mom was still embarrassed, but she shyly mumbled, “Maybe can try it again sometime…just whenever I’m feeling stressed out…”

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