Mom Teaches Porn Addict Son What Real Women Look Like & How to Enjoy Sex, POV - HD 1080p - Dawn Isabella Dominguez

Mom Teaches Porn Addict Son What Real Women Look Like & How to Enjoy Sex, POV – HD 1080p – Dawn Isabella Dominguez

A taboo experience with a brand new Mommy…
“Come on in,” Mom said, “I need to have a chat with you.” Of course any time someone said that, it made you think you were in trouble. “I’m not trying to invade your privacy,” she explained, “but why do you need so much porn on your computer? A lot of the stuff I saw you watching is so unrealistic.”
Her concern wasn’t the porn so much in itself, it was the kind you were watching. “You’re on a face-fucking site – not all women want to be handled that way. I would be very upset if a guy tried to shove my head in like that,” she went on to say. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, some women like that kind of stuff, but realistically, not all women do. Some enjoy the passionate side of things.”
Mom didn’t want you to get the wrong impression of what sex was, of what women enjoyed, and how women should be treated. “I would hate for you to get a girlfriend and she’s thinking like ‘this guy’s crazy because he’s trying to manhandle me,'” she said. So, she was very blunt when she told you that the smacking, choking, and rough penetration sites might be too much of an inappropriate fantasy.
“Also, not every woman looks like a pornstar…” she told you, “women are all different shapes and sizes. And not everybody does the stuff they do – it’s entertainment, son.” She wanted to make sure you knew what a real woman’s body looked like, what it felt like, and then understood how you could still enjoy normal sex.
So, Mom undressed, exposing her body to you for the first time. “See? Nothing crazy going on here,” she showed off her mature figure. Since your cock was hard, she took the opportunity to touch you and show you that you didn’t need to face-fuck her to feel good. As things progressed, she explained how you could enjoy her body without degrading it and manhandling it.
“I know it was weird,” she said after you had orgasmed, “but I’m your mom and I want to make sure you’re led the right way in life. Good job, son, I’m proud of you. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.”

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Mind Controlled Fuck Toy Mommy - Royalexi

Mind Controlled Fuck Toy Mommy – Royalexi

We can do the regular 4k camera. Reason I say that is I’ve secretly regretted not asking for that from the beginning for one reason. Doggy style facing the camera. I think you know the angle I’m talking about. Close up angle on you looking directly into the camera, not POV. I’m okay if you edit it into the existing video the change wouldn’t bother me. Concept doesn’t change. Mom son video with LOTS of dirty talk. Extra user of the phrase “fuck your mother”. Let me know if that’s possible. Whatever character, style, whatever you come up with is fine with me. Just heavy dirty talk and if possible adding the facing directly into the camera doggy style angle.


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Mommy Takes Ur Virginity - Royalexi

Mommy Takes Ur Virginity – Royalexi

“Shower spy”- -Mom comes home after workout and tells son she is going to shower. Son spies on mom strip, stretch, and shower. Notice him, but play coy and sexy, pretending to ignore him as you lather up w/soap. Keep throwing glances at son. Son gets nervous when you begin to masturbate and leaves. -Next 5-10 min- “the massage”- -Mom comes to son’s room/bed in towel claiming to be sore after working out and asks son to massage her. Begin innocently, keeping towel on (low cleavage/ underbutt). “Mommy’s neck… shoulders…back etc. are sore.” Things progress more promiscuously as you begin to expose yourself more(“rub mommy’s feet and thighs” Grow aroused by son’s touch and remove your towel. “Son, the massage will feel better for mommy if you’re naked too. Don’t be shy it’s just mommy. Son begins to get hard with his cock and balls resting against his mother’s naked body . Mom turns over to confront son. -Last 10-15 min- taking mommy- –Mom gives son ‘the talk,’ confronting him about spying on her in shower, but she becomes aroused by his “huge saggy balls and massive boner.” He is embarrassed , but you Comfort him and offer to take his virginity. (Lot of dirty mom talk, profanity, and lots of fake cum/slime please) Start doggy, asking him to eat your ass. “Don’t just stare sweetie, shove you fucking face between mommy’s ass and munch on her holes. –Fuck Doggy, w/tits smashed against mattress and swinging so they are visible the from behind pov. Son only lasts 1 or 2 min for his first time because he is nervous and pulls out, accidentally spraying his load all over mom’s ass and back.(feel free to clean off off cam) “It’s okay sweetie, that’s normal. Try again baby.” — Fuck MISSIONARY (camera like being on top). Son lasts a while longer, but still too soon for mom, pulling out again and cumming on tits.( lots of fake cum) “ You don’t have to be afraid to blow inside your mother baby. I want your sweet nectar, just wait until you feel mommy’s warm juices wash over your cock.” —–Finish COWGIRL w/lots of cum on boobs. have orgasm together w/long, slow thrusts in reaction to cum blasts. ” that’s it sweetie, let mommy take every inch of you as you erupt inside her warm vagina”. “Oh, my sweet baby boy, empty your huge nut sack deep into your mother’s womb. “Oh my fucking god, i can feel every warm burst of your semen squirting deep inside my pussy as I cum all over your penis.Let son stay inside you, slowly grinding/ rocking him to bed.


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