Impregnate Mommy 1080p - Haylee Love

Impregnate Mommy 1080p – Haylee Love

Mommy has been searching for a young stud to breed her fertile pussy. She’s noticed lately that you have become quite a fine specimen and she is sure that your sperm will be potent enough for the job. You can’t say no to Mommy, you’re too much of a Mama’s boy for that! Let Mommy ride your hard cock till it bursts all your seed into her cervix. It’s so difficult to last long even though you know how taboo this is. The idea of impregnating your mom is ridiculously hot though and before you know it you’ve had your balls drained deep inside her.

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Get Mommy Pregnant in these Pantyhose! - Miss Lollipop

Get Mommy Pregnant in these Pantyhose! – Miss Lollipop

This was a Custom video and I use the name Brian *heavily* throughout. Due to the name use, the price is reduced Mommy’s grown-up son Brian has come home and tells her about how his recent date did not go as planned. The girl wore the kind of dark tights that Mommy always like to wear and kinda looked like Mom but after he brought up having a family one day she said she didn’t want to! And when they had sex she made him wear a condom and wouldn’t leave the tights on – which happen to be his little fetish. She also said he didn’t touch her right… Well, Mommy thinks that girl is just SILLY! Her son is so big and handsome, and of course, he wouldn’t know how to touch her pussy if she didn’t tell him! Mommy says she’ll show him just how to pleasure a woman and she’ll even leave the tights on because she knows how much it turns him on to see sexy legs in pantyhose like that. She spreads her legs and rubs herself through the pantyhose, and it turns her on even though she’s never masturbated in tights like these before. She slides a hand into her pussy underneath and encourages her son to jerk off in front of her. She starts dirty talking about how much she’d love a big load of his cum.. and how she wouldn’t care if he got her pregnant. It gets her so riled up she squirts through the pantyhose all over the chair! But Mommy isn’t done just yet. She strips out of her soaked pantyhose and slips into something sexier – thigh-high black hose that grip her thick thighs perfectly! She makes her son beg her to spread her legs for him and then strips off everything else. She knows her son needs to cum and needs to have a real woman take him in hand. She sees now how big and hard he is. It would be their little secret. She tells him to come over to her and fuck her without a condom on. She begs him to get her pregnant, the more she talks about it the hornier they both get. She asks him to breed her, to knock her up, to fuck a baby into her, to fuck her unprotected pussy!! When she cums, her son obediently pumps a hot load of his cum deep inside her and then when he’s done she shows him the huge creampie dripping out of her pussy. She’s so certain he’s got her pregnant she’s ready to leave his Dad and start a family with her son. She says she loves him and he’s the only one that can satisfy her and make her feel like a woman now. She’ll get pregnant and let him breed her over and over and knows just how to push his fetish buttons.

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End of the World repopulating the earth with mom - Kelly Payne

End of the World repopulating the earth with mom – Kelly Payne

You’ve finally settled down into a seemingly safe location since the zombie outbreak, remembering back on an older conversation about you and mom being the only remaining survivors; Mom starts talking to you about how it’s up to you two now to repopulate the earth. Like adam & eve, your old enough to help mommy get pregnant & you both can start a family and create a new world. Mom undresses & offers to get your cock hard, getting your mind off the scary surroundings and more focused on mom just like you should be. Mom sucks your cock (pov dildo) reminding you not to cum until your deep inside mommy, so she can get pregnant. Getting incredibly aroused by sucking your cock mommy lets you know she wants you to fuck her now. You fuck her, and both of you get so excited mom is loving your cock deep inside her, you cum in her and mommy pushes your cum in even deeper, which gets you both excited again, and you fuck mommy a second time, this time mommy bends over for you to fuck her from behind & then finishing in a missionary position. After you cum a second time, you both decide to hurry up and get dressed… maybe this location isn’t as safe as you both had hoped for.

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Tricked into Impregnating Stepmom 4K - Laz Fyre

Tricked into Impregnating Stepmom 4K – Laz Fyre

You rested late this morning, and your stepmom comes into your room with a proposition. She wants you to get her pregnant. You tell her that you definitely don’t want to do that. She’s disappointed, but she says the least you can do is have sex with her. She’ll just put the tip in. It will be fun. She starts sucking your dick, and that feels great, but then she starts riding you… and not just the tip. You’re shocked at first, but it’s hard to resist, especially when she turns around and rides with her ass to you. You’re giddy with lust when she tells you to do her missionary style. Her breasts bouncing while you pound her has you all distracted. You’re about to pull out when she wraps her legs around you & pulls you to her. You can’t help but explode deep inside her. She’s pleased. She always gets her way, and you should have seen this coming.

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The Night Mommy Made You - Siena Rose

The Night Mommy Made You – Siena Rose

Another Loving Mommy style custom: I am your mother and I decided to record the night I was impregnated by your father. I talk sweetly to you about my intentions and tell you that I want you to see how I made you. I stroke your father’s cock and tell him I want to make you. Then I give him a nice blowjob to get his cock ready but I tell you both that I don’t want him to blow his load yet – all of his cum goes in mommy’s pussy tonight. Before I climb on top of him I tell you that it’s okay if your cock is getting hard watching mommy do this and I tell you I want you to stroke your cock for me. Daddy and I fuck in various positions before he cums deep inside me. I tell him I want every drop to stay in me so he can give me a hot son. I tell you that no matter how deep another man has put his cock inside me that no one will ever be able to reach get deep into my pussy as you will be.

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One Last Fuck For Mommy - Annabelle Rogers

One Last Fuck For Mommy – Annabelle Rogers

You drop by my house unannounced to tell me that you just proposed to your girlfriend and she said yes. I am disappointed to hear this because I don’t like her. Ever since you have started dating her I have seen you less and our relationship has been different. I feel like I am loosing you. To make matters worse she is a tattoo artist and you guys are moving away so she can start her own. I feel she is a whore and will cheat on you because she touches other men all day while tattooing them. I want better for you. We used to have a special sexual relationship before she came along. I seduce you and beg you to give me your cock for one last time. I tell you I am on birth control and have no condoms. We fuck missionary and you cream pie me. I start laughing because you just fucked a baby into your mother and confess to you that I am not on birth control. You Fiance isn’t going to want you anymore. No one is, after they find out that you impregnated your own mother.

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Mom & Aunt are Impregnated Together By Son, POV - Breeding - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Sydney Paige & Ivy Secret

Mom & Aunt are Impregnated Together By Son, POV – Breeding – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige & Ivy Secret

Aunt Ivy was always busy with work, so it was a surprise whenever she’d come down to visit. She needed to talk to her sister, your mom, about something important – she wanted a baby.
“Have you tried sperm banks – anything like that?” Mom asked, knowing Aunt Ivy was single and more interested in her career than a relationship. “I mean, I don’t know about some random stranger’s seed…” Ivy replied, “what if they came back for the baby? It just feels so wrong.”
Plus, it was expensive, and there were so many extra steps with those alternative methods. “Remember when we were growing up and we always talked about how fun it would be to get pregnant at the same time?” Ivy went on to say. As much as Mom loved and bragged about how handsome, smart, and grown-up you were becoming, she wanted another baby. The only problem was that, if she waited any longer, it might be awkward to give you a brother and sister. And with no man in her life anymore, since Dad left you guys, she wasn’t sure she’d ever get the chance.
“I know this is kind of weird,” Ivy began to say, “but do you think that we could convince your son to impregnate us? Just give us his cum? I mean, we wouldn’t have to tell anyone.” To have the best probability of getting pregnant, it would be best to have you cum directly inside of them.
“Well, I mean, he would be excited about that, given his age,” Mom smiled at her sister. “It is a little weird, I will say that, but I guess we could talk to him. He would be really excited, but we really would have to keep this quiet.” They were enthusiastic about the idea – about being pregnant together, of having the same genes, of having a baby that would grow up to be as wonderful as you.
So, they called you in and explained everything. They poured their hearts out to you, asking for your help and your seed. You loved your mom and Aunt Ivy, they were family, and there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them.

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Dad Forces Son & Daughter to Fuck in Front of Him - Brother Creampies Sister, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Amanda Bryant

Dad Forces Son & Daughter to Fuck in Front of Him – Brother Creampies Sister, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Amanda Bryant

Warning: this is an extreme clip. This video has been created for those interested in a more intense & disturbing family experience.
Something was off about Dad. He had told you and your sister to go into his bedroom, then locked the door behind him. “Why’d you want us in here, Dad?” your sister asked. “Why are you being weird? Are you…Daddy, are you okay? There’s no way I’m doing that.”
“I mean…are you okay with this?” she turned towards you in utter shock, then back at Dad. “We’re-we’re not doing that, you can’t make us do that. You know that’s inc*st, right?” It was disgusting, disturbing…perverted. Your own father wanted to watch you and your sister fuck right in front of him.
“I’m not fucking my brother,” Amanda resisted. “Daddy, I…I can’t do that, please don’t make me do that. I’m not comfortable with that.” Dad’s tone was harsh, strict, and forceful, which caused you and your sister to be frightened. He had never acted this way before, and Mom wasn’t there to help you.
“I don’t want to touch you, I don’t want you touching me,” Amanda’s eyes shifted towards you uncomfortably. “I really don’t want to fuck you, I’m sorry. Like, I love you, but Daddy, that’s fucked up.” The more your sister stalled, the angrier Dad got. In an attempt to calm him down, she agreed to take her shirt off, but that wasn’t enough.
“Look away, don’t look at me,” Amanda snapped at you, but you didn’t know what to do either. She covered herself up, but Dad demanded that she expose herself, and when she did, he pulled out his cock. “Dad, stop, put it away,” she said disgusted, but Dad was ready for a show.
Next he’d make her take off her panties, spread her legs, then get ready to touch you. “I’m so sorry, I don’t want to touch your dick,” she whined, her eyes looking at you helplessly. “Daddy, please don’t make me touch his dick. Maybe if we just get it over with, he’ll leave us alone and we can talk to Mom about it.”
She wrapped her soft hand around your cock and began stroking it, her eyes shifting every which way in an attempt to avoid yours. “It’s so awkward…” she cried. “Daddy, please stop stroking your cock where I can see you.” Without any control, your cock started getting hard, and your sister became even more upset because she thought you were starting to enjoy it.
“Oh god, you know he’s going to make us fuck, right?” her eyes were wide and traumatized. “I don’t want to do it.” Things only got worse when Dad wanted to spice up the show by making your sister go down on you. Amanda begged for this to be over with, but you both knew that you’d be forced to have sex with one another.
And that’s exactly what happened. Dad demanded that you penetrate your sister’s pussy while he jerked off in the corner shouting commands at both of you. “What do you mean? No, Dad, he can’t cum inside of he,” Amanda’s voice was panicked. “No, I’m not on birth control – what happens if I get pregnant? What am I going to tell people? What am I going to tell Mommy? I’m having my brother’s baby because he came inside of me, and Dad is an inc*stuous pervert and wanted us to fuck in front of him?”
She begged and cried for you not to cum inside of her, but you didn’t have a choice – you were forced to follow Dad’s orders. While she sat there filled with your cum, Dad wanted to hear her say dirty, fucked up stuff. “Do I have to say that? Really?” she cried, then repeated what she was told to say. “I love my brother’s cum inside of me. I really want to be impregnated by my brother, and oh god, your cum is so good, it feels so hot and wet inside my pussy. It’s so…deep in there.”
Amanda cried. She tried to talk sense into your Dad. She wanted to get up, to take a shower, to go to the store to get a Plan B pill so she wouldn’t get pregnant. She promised that the both of you forget about what had happened, that you wouldn’t tell Mom, that you’d make it all disappear. So, Dad agreed to take her to the store, and the two of you would never speak of it again.

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