Mommy Caught Masturbating Virtual Sex - Nikki Sequoia

Mommy Caught Masturbating Virtual Sex – Nikki Sequoia

You woke up late for some water and caught mommy masturbating in the family room. Since you are up anyway, she decides you can have some water if you help her. She has you eat her hairy pussy, and fuck her doggystyle. She realizes how close you are to cumming and has you fuck her missionary until you cum deep into her pussy, let’s hope she doesn’t get pregnant!

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Mommy Taboo Impregnation POV - Jessica Starling

Mommy Taboo Impregnation POV – Jessica Starling

You walk into mommy’s room without knocking, catching her off-guard and dressed in dark lingerie. She tells you she’s waiting for your father to come home, even though she’s fairly sure he won’t be home until she’s already gone to bed. Mommy seems stressed and annoyed, and when you question her about it, she tells you that she and your father are trying to have another baby — but your father seems less than enthusiastic about baby-making. You compliment mommy on how she looks in her lingerie, trying to cheer her up. Mommy says the compliment is a little inappropriate, but appreciates it since she hasn’t been feeling very attractive lately. She tells you she just needs to feel wanted again. You tell your mommy that she is wanted — by you. You can’t resist your mommy in that sexy lingerie. You get more and more horny the longer you look at her. Mommy is surprised by you saying that, and although she tells you that’s inappropriate, she seems excited by it. She asks to kiss you, and does so gently. Mommy bites her lip. She then asks if you want to touch her, and you run your hands up and down her body, caressing her curves and squeezing her big tits. Mommy asks if she can touch you now, and rubs your cock from outside your pants, quickly getting you rock hard. She says she wants to see her baby boy’s cock, and so you take off your pants and present your impressive erection. Mommy is mesmerized by your cock, and asks if she can put her mouth on it. She starts to suck your hard cock, telling you that what you two are doing is okay, and that she’s been thinking about doing this for a long time. Mommy takes your cock balls deep in her throat, soaking it with her spit. Sucking your cock gets mommy so horny that she begs to fuck you. Mommy starts by riding you, her big tits bouncing up and down. She’s amazed at how good her baby boy’s cock feels inside of her. Mommy rides you hard, and amidst throes of ecstacy, tells you that she wants you to cum inside of her and get her pregnant. You’re shocked by this, but mommy insists that she only wants to be made pregnant by her sweet baby boy. No one will ever have to know, she tells you, and it will just be a secret between the two of you. She rides you reverse cowgirl so you can see her juicy ass bounce on your cock before letting you get on top of her in missionary. You thrust into her, and as you do so, she thrusts back into you. Mommy begs for her baby boy to cum inside of her, to get her pregnant. You blow your load deep in her and watch as some of it leaks out of her pussy. Mommy says she can’t wait to feel your baby growing inside of her.

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Mommy is your cumslut - Nicole Belle

Mommy is your cumslut – Nicole Belle

I walk in on my son jerking off and i can tell he is embarrased.. “Its okey honey, its normal for your age and i am actually interested to watch you a little bit..” ” go naked again.. Omg your cock has grown so much since the last time i saw it.. Start strocking again son.. I cant believe how much this is turning me on..” I go naked.. i take my tits out.. ” You used to suck on them as a baby.. Ow i used to like it soooo much son..Keep stroking baby while i let you suck on my tits again..” Then i show you my pussy.. “You came out of my pussy.. You might get to go back in son.. Let me help you a little bit..” I start stroking you sooo good, and then i tittyfuck and i suck you.. you cum several times.. all over my tits, face and mouth.. Then i ride you and you cum inside me.. ” Yes son, make Mommy pregnant!!!”

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Mom On The Run - Sydney Harwin

Mom On The Run – Sydney Harwin

Your Mom has come to you in desperate need of help. She has her suitcase packed, ready for going on the run from the law. She won’t tell you exactly what she has done, but she does need a favor from you… She mentions that when the police inevitably catch up with her, they will go more lenient on her case if she is pregnant at the time of arrest. She has no husband or boyfriend, so the job falls down to you; her only son. You struggle to come to terms with what your Mom is asking of you at first, but, she keeps piling on the pressure until you eventually just give in and agree to her plans. “Your gonna be a daddy… To Mommy’s baby!”

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Mommy Needs Cum - Sarah Vandella

Mommy Needs Cum – Sarah Vandella

Daddy is out of town, and mommy is so horny. I see the way you look at me, and I know you sneak into my panty drawer. Daddy is gone for a few more weeks baby boy and mommy needs to be filled up. I know you want mommy’s holes. Come fuck mommy, and give me that seed hunny.
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Mommy's Love Part Two - E3Kylee

Mommy’s Love Part Two – E3Kylee

In Part Two Mommy has some big news. Last time you were together you consummated your relationship. You came all the way inside Mommy and hit her cervix! You got her pregnant with your baby! She is so excited to tell you about it in this video message she sends to your phone while you are at school. Mommy describes pregnant sex to you and explains just how fun it will be. She wants to reward you by trying new things. What about anal? Mommy shows you how she can take first one, and then two fingers in her tiny asshole. She shows how you will fuck her ass now that she is pregnant. Mommy is also going to let you cum in her mouth now so (using lots of spit) she lubes up a dildo and (using cum lube) she demonstrates how you will cum in her mouth. Mommy also has to pee so she lets go of a long forceful stream of pee before taking and fucking the dildo to orgasm. She instructs you how to cum at the same time as Mommy.

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Mommy's Love Part One - E3Kylee

Mommy’s Love Part One – E3Kylee

In Part One, Mommy sends you a video message and asks you to please close and lock your bedroom door. Mommy has something very important to talk to you about. There’s something on her mind, and you can see that it is troubling her. She mentions that you could get in a lot of trouble for talking like this, but Mommy can’t help herself. She wants you. She needs you. You have just turned thirteen and it’s your birthday so Mommy sings you a Happy Birthday message. Then she starts to break it to you, she is in love with you. She wants to fuck you. You cannot believe what you heard but it makes your cock so hard. Mommy begins to strip for you, showing the breasts that you drank from, the belly you lived inside, and the pussy you came out of. Mommy wants to put part of you back into the hole you came out of. Mommy masturbates with a dildo for you, showing spit and riding the dildo in reverse cowgirl. Mommy cums for you, begging you to shoot your sperm into her cervix to make her pregnant. Will you impregnate Mommy? Only time will tell!

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Daddy Please Get Me Pregnant - Cara Day

Daddy Please Get Me Pregnant – Cara Day

Daddy, Im so horny, I need you to play with me and stretch out my tight little pussy again! But this time… I want you to cum inside me, I want you to fill me up with your hot thick load, I want you to put a baby in me! I know you may think Im too young, but Im ready! I want you to fuck me as my body changes, as my belly and tits swell up, fucking me till milk squirts from my big preggo tits! Wont you please fuck me Daddy? Fuck me till I get pregnant??

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Perverted Daughter - Sydney Harwin

Perverted Daughter – Sydney Harwin

You have been taking photos of your daughters friends and masturbating over them. The other day you took things a step further and decided to fuck two of your daughters friends. You didn’t know but your daughter was watching in the door, masturbating as she saw you taking her friends virginity. She’s feeling pretty left out, so sits on your cock so you can fuck her too. You are such a lucky daddy, you’ve wanted to fuck your little girl for so long and now shes practically begging you to cum inside of her.

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