Go Bi For Mommy's Tits - Chy Latte

Go Bi For Mommy’s Tits – Chy Latte

I just got done masturbating with this huge Black dick. You see Mommy’s cum all over it? Mommy thinks it would be SO hot if you would lick it off. You want to suck Mommy’s tits don’t you? Open wide. That dick looks so pretty in your sweet mouth. Watching you suck dick is making Mommy’s pussy wet. Oooh! You’re hard! Looks like you like sucking dick more than you thought you did. Here, state at Mommy’s plump breasts and hard pierced nipples while you take this big dick in your wet mouth. You like that? Watch Mommy’s boobs bounce while you lick her cum off this dick. You like sucking dick for Mommy don’t you? I knew you would.

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Pimped by Mommy Imposed Bi - Brie White

Pimped by Mommy Imposed Bi – Brie White

You’ve had a terrible attitude lately, and I know why. That’s right, I went through your phone. I saw your messages with those men. Now it’s time to discuss where to go from here. You don’t pay rent. You mouth off. May as well put those holes to use, hmm? That’s right. If you want to keep this our little secret, Mommy’s going to rent you out by the hour. I’m going to teach you some proper life skills and how to turn a profit for me. Does that turn you on? Of course it does, you little pervert. It’s time to teach you the value of a dollar. ****

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Suck Mommy's Cock - Penelope Peach

Suck Mommy’s Cock – Penelope Peach

Mommy got a call from school today… I hear you’ve been telling girls to suck your dick? Revolting! But don’t worry, Mommy knows the perfect punishment. You won’t be going around demanding an act you wouldn’t be willing to preform yourself. You realize there’s a dildo next to you and Mommy has your lesson all planned out. She teaches you how to suck and gag on cock , lightly degrading you along the way. Just when you think its over and, surprisingly, you’re about to cum in your underwear… Mommy has a second surprise for you. She lifts her dress and you are shocked to see a huge, hard, perfect dick swing in your face. She tells you to open wide and completely face fucks you. All your delusions about not liking cock go right out the window because you’re harder than ever. Finally, after endlessly ramming her dick down your throat her blows a huge hot load in your mouth. You keep her taste in your mouth and, lucky for you, she decides to let you cum. She makes you repeat a mantra three times: “I am a cock sucking, dick loving whore.” and before she leaves she assures you that if you ever disrespect a woman again, Mommy will makes sure everyone knows how much you enjoy sucking dick.


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