Busty Mommy Gets Creampied - Codi Vore

Busty Mommy Gets Creampied – Codi Vore

“You knocked her up?? What were you thinking?! How could you do something so reckless… Wait til your father gets home.” When mom finally takes a break from yelling at you to make a phone call, you add something to her tea… and when she slumps over in bed, you start to undress her, groping her huge tits and wet pussy… When you finally slide your thick cock into her tight cunt she wakes up… She’s surprised and upset, but soon becomes remorseful for yelling. Maybe if only you had a nice juicy pussy to fuck, you wouldn’t be knocking up your friends! She can only pretend she doesn’t enjoy your huge dick for so long… and reluctantly finds herself begging for your cum… “Your dad could be home at any minute!!! Don’t get me pregnant too!!!”

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Mommy Fucks Son For Baby - Jocelyn Baker

Mommy Fucks Son For Baby – Jocelyn Baker

The small window of opportunity has come again..I’m ovulating! My husband and I have a very special night planned ending with us trying for a baby..that is, until he calls to let me know he is going to be working late..AGAIN. He makes me feel guilty, of course. But like the good wife I am I tell him that we will schedule another date night & try again next month. As I sit on the bed, depressed and hopeless that I’ll ever have a baby..an idea comes into my head. No. Absolutely not. The hook up my son and I had a few months ago was a ONE TIME thing and a total mistake. I can’t actually fuck him and have him cum inside me, can I? I’m just baby crazy. But, my husband would never know..After much internal debate I decide I’m going to fuck my son and have him give me a baby. I strip from my boring everyday clothes and find my finest lingerie, before calling him from his room into my bedroom. There, I strip for him and explain what I need from him. He’s happy to help, which excites me. Before I know it, I’m riding my son and begging him to fill me up..Is this a mistake?


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