How To Be Daddy's Favorite - Goddess Tatum Kelly

How To Be Daddy’s Favorite – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Daddy likes me way more than he likes you and you’ve always wondered why. It’s because I suck his cock. Yes, you heard me right. I suck his cock every single night and because of that, I get to have whatever I want whenever I want. Are you jealous, little bro? Lucky for you, I am feeling generous and I am willing to show you what Daddy likes. This way, you can be the favorite for once! But before we start, you’re going to need to put on a pair of pink panties. Daddy loves pink! And as for the dick sucking, well I am going to let you practice on my personal dildo. Am I the best big sis or what! You will be Daddy’s favorite in no time!

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StepMommy Ignores you - Goddess Stella Sol

StepMommy Ignores you – Goddess Stella Sol

Step-Mommy ignores you as you sit there so eager to rub your little pecker and maybe get to cum for Her again. Don’t you dare spurt without permission tho. All you get to do is stare at My beautiful face and body and beg with your eyes for mercy. I hardly even notice and certainly don’t care about your aching blue balls. HAHAHA!

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Step-Son Duty - Goddess Valerie Sins

Step-Son Duty – Goddess Valerie Sins

After putting my hands on your father’s wealth, he risks to end on the streets. Will you sacrifice to save him? You will have to show me what a good boy you are to convince me to keep both of you around. As you are not very well hung, i will just amuse myself with you. You will show me how you want that swrimpy and entertain me. Sounds like fun? It does to me.

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Anatomy lesson with your naked step mom - Sailor Luna

Anatomy lesson with your naked step mom – Sailor Luna

So now I can’t tan by the pool or take a shower alone? I thought I had showed you enough. I think you need a full anatomy lesson of the female form on your sick day. Or was that a lie too? I think you just wanted to stay home alone with your new step mom so you can try and see if there’s any chemistry. There’s no way anything would happen between us! So take your lesson and go back to your room!!

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Mommy Catches You Sniffing Her Panties - MoRina

Mommy Catches You Sniffing Her Panties – MoRina

You were supposed to be doing laundry. Mommy is getting ready to leave to go on a date and she finds you in your room. She’s shocked to see her dirty panties on your face… and your hands down your pants! She’s pissed and yanks them off your face she gives you a really stern talking to… alternating with a few comments on how big it seems your peepee is getting as she’s waving her soiled panties around and scolding you. Just to make sure you won’t be doing naughty things with her panties while she is out, she slips them on in front of you. Hopefully her date won’t mind her wearing dirty panties…

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Worship Amanda

Your Bully Spanked Me – Worship Amanda

I couldn’t believe what you told me about your bully. So I went over there to have a talk with him. He ended up being different then I thought.. He was so strong, so well hung, so alpha. You are weak and pathetic stepmom’s boi. I went over to spank him and he spanked me… I liked it. He’s coming over soon and his well hung alpha cock will be sucked. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out.

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Mean Mommy Makes You Expose Yourself - Jackie Synn

Mean Mommy Makes You Expose Yourself – Jackie Synn

Mom’s just gotten a message from some random girl that goes to your school. The message includes screen shots of your conversation with her along with pictures of your hard dick, even though the girls asked you not to. mother is appalled her son would do something like this and decides to teach you a lesson. You want to send unsolicited dick pics? FINE – mommy will record you and post you jerking off in front of her to your whole school! Everyone on your contact list is going to see you jerking off while mommy mocks you for being such a pervert. She knows you like big tits so she pulls hers out to further humiliate you. You’re going to cum for your mom’s big tits in front of everyone you know! That’s what you get, pervert!

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Pillow Humper - Goddess Stella Sol

Pillow Humper – Goddess Stella Sol

Mommy’s feeling very snarky tonight so if you think I’m going to be all lovey dovey you can think again. Mommy knows you’ve been perving in My lingerie drawer and have even been trying things on. How fucked are you really? Well. it should be known that I hide a camera in My bedroom and now have video proof of you wearing your step Mommy’s bras and panties. HAHA! Busted! I want you to punch your cock and balls for being a bad boy. After that you’re going to hump your pillow like a horny little freak just to get that filth out. It’s funny to Me that you can’t get hard anymore unless Mommy is there humiliating you. you’re such a pathethic boy and you are only growing more stupid by the day. Hump whatever Mommy says and when I count you down, you cum and then nap on it all night long.

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