Taboo Mommy in The Kitchen - Roxee Robinson

Taboo Mommy in The Kitchen – Roxee Robinson

What does a Hot Milf do After a date that leaves her unsatisfied? Well she comes home and plays with herself! She starts off by playing with her big Tits. She pulls them out to touch them more. She is a horny Milf. She hops up on the counter and pulls out a toy too. She is hoping She might get caught. Unfortunately she doesn’t but she does get off. She enjoys taboo talk. She is such a naughty Milf

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Sons friend wanks over me mommy fantasy - Ashley Rider

Sons friend wanks over me mommy fantasy – Ashley Rider

Ashley’s Sons friend has cum to visit him but hes not home ashley has been sunbathing with her sexy bikini on her sons friend gets a hardon looking at her sexy body ashley notices and suggests he wanks for her she shows her big nipples and tells him to wank then she pulls her pants to the side and shows him her wet pussy while he wanks his cock she plays with her pussy till hes ready to explode.

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Finding Mom The Right Guy - Melissa Lynn

Finding Mom The Right Guy – Melissa Lynn

Part One
When your mom comes home from a night out, she talks to you about her “frustrations”. You didn’t expect her to talk to you about her personal life, but what she says to you next, you definitely don’t expect to hear from your mom! But she makes it pretty clear that she wants you to take care of her.

Part Two
Mommy takes her time with you since you had to rush last time. This time, she wants to show you more..

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Mom Takes Care Of Your Hard Cock - Brooklyn Chase

Mom Takes Care Of Your Hard Cock – Brooklyn Chase

Part One
Your Mom comes in to see if you’re ready to go to school. When she comes in and sees that you aren’t getting ready, and instead are jerking off, she offers to help by showing her tits to get you off faster. She tells you that she doesn’t have time to sit around all day waiting for you to cum. When you take too long, she starts to help you in another way.

Part Two
Your mom comes back in your room again after she’s done getting ready for work and catches you jacking off AGAIN. She exclaims, “again!? I just took care of this!” Since you have to leave soon, she hopes onto your bed and to help you take care of your boner, but this time, she has a different plan.

Part Three
Your mom is sitting at the kitchen table waiting to take you to a pool party. While you’re sitting at the table, she notices your hard cock. She says she cannot drop you off at the party with your dick hard like that! So she gets down on her knees and begins to help.

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Daddy Is Out On Business And Mommy Is Horny - Butt3rflyforU

Daddy Is Out On Business And Mommy Is Horny – Butt3rflyforU

Daddy is out on business for 3 weeks and mommy is alone and horny. I woke up from a d ead sleep to find myself rubbing my pussy and getting very wet all alone!!! I try to satisfy my craving for a hard cock but to no avail! I keep trying to make myself cum but I finally give in and call you to come in my bedroom! You haven’t left for the day yet, and you come into my room. You see mommy spread legs playing with myself! You ask what I am doing and I tell you that I can’t make it another 3 weeks while your dad is out of town!!! I start teasing you, but it doesn’t take much to get your dick nice and hard! The sight of mommy with my legs spread wide with pussy juices beginning to run down my legs just sends your cock into overdrive!!! I unzip your pants and start touching your hard, young , throbbing cock!!! Mommy puts her soft lips on your manhood and mommy’s head starts bobbing up and down on your cock! You have no problem filling in for your dad to help mommy have a nice hard orgasm this morning!!!! Oh and sweetie, don’t worry, you don’t need a condom!!! I am your mommy!!!

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A Very Taboo Family Dinner - Little Puck

A Very Taboo Family Dinner – Little Puck

It’s Tradition. Every Holiday, the Family partakes in The Ritual. The young hostess, both wife, mother, sister, and daughter, presents herself as dessert….in this vid prepare for the filthiest debauchery I have ever released! I offer myself to Daddy first and have Mommy grope and finger me to get me sooo wet and ready for him and then he pummels my tight holes in a bunch of positions on the table and he nuts inside me. My pussy is nice and creamy and I tell my son to see how horny and dirty Mommy is and to get hard for me because he’s next. I then coax him through his first time at The Ritual with sweet dirty talk and breast fondling til he’s throbbing hard and I suck his dick until he busts a fat nut in my mouth. I then move on to my brother and I finger his wife’s pussy while she watches us fuck. I dirty talk about my sexual past with my brother to my sister in law because it gets her off and then I eat her out and she squirts on my face. I then ride my brother with his wife’s pussy dripping off me until he nuts inside me too. I turn to my hubby and tell him that it’s his responsibility to finger out all that nasty dirty family cum deep inside me and then I cum hard and finally release my daddy’s and brother’s cum. WHAT A FUCKING RIDE. Featuring ageplay, dirty talk, oral fixation, breast play, taboo roleplay, dildo sucking, dildo fucking, apron, mother son, daddy daughter, brother sister, daughter mommy, sister sister in law, blonde bob, thigh high stockings, gfe, horny housewife, ahegao, tons of positions and angles, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, simulated creampie, actual visible creampie, cum in mouth, blowjob shot in mouth, dildo stroking, pov blowjob, pov handjob, masturbation encouragement, fingering, orgasm. Each segment is about 10min with daddy, 10min with son, and 10min with brother.

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Mommy Will Save You! HD 1080p - Tara Tainton

Mommy Will Save You! HD 1080p – Tara Tainton

Oh, it was the most frightful day! I thought I was going to LOSE MY DARLING BOY! I was in the middle of making dinner when I heard your screams… you were bitten by a snake when you went to take a leak in the woods!! On your penis!!! My poor baby!!! There was only one thing I could do – what ANY mother would do under the circumstances. There was no time to take you to the hospital or call a doctor. I had to extract the poisonous venom myself. To the very last drop!


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Best Friend's Mom Wants Your Seed - Impregnation, Breeding, POV - HD 1080p - Ivy Secret - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Best Friend’s Mom Wants Your Seed – Impregnation, Breeding, POV – HD 1080p – Ivy Secret – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

“Oh I know, he takes forever,” Mrs. Secret smiled at you. “It’s fine, you can hang out in here with me.” She could tell you were growing impatient while waiting for her son to get ready.
“I just noticed you have such gorgeous dark brown hair…and beautiful blue eyes,” she said sweetly. You couldn’t help but blush as she complimented your features and told you how handsome you were. “You really, definitely are a good looking k!d…practically a man now,” she commented as her eyes went up and down your body.
The beautiful redhead walked towards you and placed her hand on your cock. “It’s okay…I know I’m married, but I’ve been kinda wanting to do that. I’m so lonely, and no one pays me any attention,” she said gently groping your cock. “Just let me do it…it’ll feel good.” As her hand brushed against your cock, she admitted that she wanted another baby, but her husband told her he was finished.
“I think you’ve got some great genes. I’ve been watching you lately and noticing some features…and I think we’d make such a beautiful baby together. You wouldn’t have to be the dad or anything, and my husband would think it was his,” Mrs. Secret confessed. “I really just want you to impregnate me and fill me up with your cum.”
“I’m sure you’ve had some fantasies about older women – I know all you young guys do,” Mrs. Secret said seductively. “He’s going to be in there for a long time, I promise.” She knew you were worried about her son and husband, but she reassured you everything would be fine – no one would know anything.
Her hand now stroked your cock, and she gestured for you to follow her into the kitchen where you’d fill her with your seed and beautiful genes.


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Stepmom Helps You Cum Before Your Date - Daras Daily Taboo

Stepmom Helps You Cum Before Your Date – Daras Daily Taboo

My darling stepson is going on a date tonight! He’s just such a sweetie, the poor thing he’s so nervous! I see it on him right away, and feel like it’s my duty as his loving stepmom to give him some advice. I ask him some questions about how he’s getting ready, and how he’s feeling. I ask him if he’s masturbated beforehand, because everyone knows that takes the edge off when you’re going out on a date! You don’t want to be too excited now do you! It turns out he doesn’t have much experience with girls, so I offer to give him a hand. I check out what kind of underwear he has decided to wear, and even notice he has trimmed his pubes. I must say it does look very nice on him!
I will always be out for his best interest, and I know if he cums he will feel so much more relaxed. He lets me touch his dick, and it’s not long at all before he is rock hard and dripping with precum. I teach him a little bit about women and how to treat a lady on their first date while I rub his dick. I give him such a loving motherly handjob, putting his beautiful dick in my mouth and rubbing it against my tits. He’s so cute and innocent! This can be our secret. He needs to cum so he can really be smooth with his date tonight. I make him cum, a LOT, all over my naked tits. He absolutely covers my tits with cum before I tell him to go wash up and get ready to leave.


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