Lovely Lilith - Invasion Of The Babysitter 1080p

Invasion Of The Babysitter 1080p – Lovely Lilith

When you first met your babysitter, she was a cute innocent looking blonde cheerleader. Apparently, your neighbors had been using her for a while, which is why your wife hired her. She seems interested in you… a little too interested. She gazes at a picture of your family and asks if you prefer brunettes because your wife is one. She appears irritated when you say “yes.” Before you leave for work, she asks if you have a SnapChat. She assures you that it’s the best way to communicate with her, so you agree to downloading the app. While at work, she starts sending you messages… Each one more promiscuous than the other. She’s clearly trying to seduce you. Your wife comes home early and ends it before it can go further… Until… you have to hire her as a babysitter again… And this time, her hair is dyed brown. Now you know you’re in for it.

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Step Mommy Ruins Your Date - Maddie Money

Step Mommy Ruins Your Date – Maddie Money

Step-Mommy catches you getting ready for a hot date, all dolled up with a tie on. But I know you didnt ask me! How dare you think you can go get laid, fall under another womens grasp… you are a M-mmys boy afterall! You need to end what you are doing, pull out your cock… stroke, obsess, and repeat after me. Who is a good boy? Who needs to ruin their date? You.<

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fucking m0mmy - Maddie Money

fucking m0mmy – Maddie Money

*nudity* Your wife is out of town, so you come stay with m-mmy…. and m-mmy knows just how to touch you, and how to fuck your brain. No one knows you quite like m-mmy, and you could have this all the time if you just walked away from your girl…. Is it worth it when you can have me? Who would have thunk, m0mmy is a homewrecker.

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Your m0m is a homewrecker - Baal Eldritch

Your m0m is a homewrecker – Baal Eldritch

Many people say ch1ldr3ns growing up quickly , and just… look at yourself! You are already an adult male. You are strong, and hairy! What a handsome man you are! I called you to my room because I wanted to talk to you about a very important thing. About your future ! Soon the ceremony is here… and I’m afraid you made a wrong decision. I just want the best for you! I want a strong woman to live by your side! A strong and beautiful woman, like me! Sorry for say such a thing but… the bride is… fat. What’s next? Just think this over, she looks bad already ! Take a look at my tits dear s0n, they are perky as fuck! Not like hers ! I fed you with these breasts and they are hard and stiff ! Come close to me sweetheart , and lets recall the past! Suck my tits and play with your horny dick! I want you to stay with me forever! I can give you everything what you need! Why would you go ? Im hot, i can cook well, theres a roof over your head ! Just take a look at my tight pussy! You came out from there but its still pink and tight! You dont want that shaggy fat cow, you want to stay with your m0mmy forever! From now everything will be different! We’ll have a great time while your d4ddy works…

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Mommy Homewreck - Wynter Azure

Mommy Homewreck – Wynter Azure

Me, your loving (step) mother has come for a visit. Since you’ve been married, you haven’t had much time for Me. I feel slighted- We’ve always had such a special relationship, We’ve always been so close. Your father would always be away for business & it was just Us two… It was just what you needed- a strong Woman to guide you. Honestly, this Woman you are married to? She’s weak, no personality or real presence. I thought boys were supposed to grow up and marry their Mother- clearly She is no replacement for Me. you aren’t living your best life, you aren’t becoming the best man you can be with Her. I trained you to serve Women by working hard, making all the money, do the chores, spoil Us with gifts & trips… you don’t respect your Wife enough to serve Her correctly. I want you to move back in with Me. The one person who can put your life back together is Me. Mommy knows best, it’s best that you come back home. you need to serve your true Queen, Me. your life will never be successful with your Wife. Under My rule you will become the best man you can be- a subservient, obedient boy just like Mommy trained you to be. your lust for your Mommy drives you to serve Me. I’ll tease you & taunt you with My body to make you work harder, to be a success, to listen to Mommy. Mommy knows what you like, I know you love when I use My big cock on you… you’ll never fuck Mommy, but I will fuck you. I know you need a strong Woman, with a BIG cock to keep you motivated. You miss Mommy’s cock don’t you? Pack up, you’re leaving your Wife today- you cannot resist your strong, Dominant Mother & Her big cock.

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I fucked your Ddy, now you're my Stepson - Brandon Areana

I fucked your Ddy, now you’re my Stepson – Brandon Areana

I’ve know you and your family for a long time now, your stepmother and I have always run in the same “Homeroom-mom Groups” and you and my boy used to be so close, you’ve both enjoyed many, many night over at my house. A single mother, I’ve always tried to make sure you guys had the best time. We swam and would stay up late watching movies and eating junk food. When you two started to go through the changes, I noticed the most changes in you. You were a lot less focused on the biggest cannonball and way more focused on my tiny bikini and certainly you didn’t think I was actually dreaming with my eyes closed on the couch when you stayed over, under-boob of my ample, MILF tits barely visible and you peaking around the corner, hard boner poking through your boxer shorts, touching yourself as you watched me peacefully catching some zzzzz’s – or so you thought. Now you’re big, strong and very popular, way too cool to hang with my stepson anymore, so when you both went out for the football team and you earned the BEST position and spot on the team and he didn’t even make the team at all. I was fuming, I knew that would happen but still I couldn’t contain my rage when I saw his broken heart! Then I went to the salon just a few weeks ago and guess who was bragging up a storm about her PERFECT, ALL STAR, VARSITY stepson, well none other than your stepmother, that’s who! That was when I decided enough was enough. I must get back at you, BOTH of you. So that day I set into motion my cruel plan…I decided that I was going to FUCK YOUR step daddy and make you my stepson! And that is exactly what I did. It’s no wonder you have lusted after me for years because seemingly your pathetic stepfather has too so once I showed him even an ounce of attention he was eating out of my hand, pussy whipped in no time. I begin to unravel and destroy your family. Home wrecked by your first favorite MILF , now what? Are you going to keep jerking off for me??? Oh, wow, look at that! Look at how hard you are just sitting here with me, your whole life destroyed and you are hard as a rock for NEW-mommy! Do you have a request for something special? Email me now to make your fantasy a reality!

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Homewrecker mother-in-law Lace JOI - Baal Eldritch

Homewrecker mother-in-law Lace JOI – Baal Eldritch

Come in my son-in-law, I want to talk to you about a very important thing ! You are about to marry my d4ught3r and we will be a family. You will move into our house so you will have to learn new rules. We share everything here. The daily tasks, the bills, the money and … the cocks. Yes, you heard it well! Open your pants and show that you are worthy to fertilize my d4aught3r! I’ll test your stamina with my JOI, I want to see the amount of your sperm like can you get her pregnant? Im wearing a very sexy lace dress. I have no bra or panties on … While I instruct you, ill tease you with my perky tits, soft tight pussy and beautiful ass. I look MUCH better than my d4ught3r, I know! A lot of fun is waiting for us, I can’t wait you to move in…

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Sister Home Wrecker Riding and Creampie - Jessica Starling

Sister Home Wrecker Riding and Creampie – Jessica Starling

Your wife is out, and you enter your bedroom to find your sister waiting for you on your bed. She’s dressed in pink slutty lingerie and has a leash and collar around her neck. She giggles at your shock. It’s not like you’ve never seen her in something slutty before. Your sister complains about your wife, saying that she knows you can do better. Your wife is boring, old and ugly. And your sister… well, look at her. You’re confused and hesitant at what she’s suggesting, but she knows the way that you look at her. And, you have fantasized about it. She starts to undress, and your hesitation slowly begins to fade away. Your sister strikes a deal with you: you two will fuck, and if you don’t like it, both of you will go on with your lives and pretend like it never happened. BUT, if you DO like it… you have to leave your wife. She mounts your hard cock and begins to ride. Your wife never fucks you like this. Your sister rides your cock like a professional. Watching her tits bounce up and down alone almost makes you bust. She pulls on her leash while she rides. Her pussy is all yours for you to use. Forget about your stupid wife. Your sister fucks your cock frontwards and backwards until you shoot a huge load inside of her. You watch your cum drip from her pussy. You know your fate now — you must leave your wife immediately so you can have your sister’s sweet pussy whenever you want.

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The Other Sister - Sydney Harwin

The Other Sister – Sydney Harwin

Your sister in law wakes you up. What is she after? Your wife (her sister) is downstairs. She has no idea that her crazy horny sister is after you, and wont stop until she fills her pussy with your cum. Do you tell her to fuck off? Or do you lie there as she slowly teases your cock into submission, riding you quietly as your unsuspecting wife cooks your dinner? She says you can be in and out of her before your wife walks up the stairs. Your dick is excited at the thought of fucking your wife’s sister… but is it worth it? Is it worth losing your family to get your cock squeezed by her tight, wet pussy?

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