Naughty homewrecker MILF next door - Melanie Sweets

Naughty homewrecker MILF next door – Melanie Sweets

You are chilling, watching tv when suddenly the bell rings and it’s the hot MILF next door asking for some “sugar” 🙂 You let her in, one thing leads to another and she ends up naked in your couch, playing with her sweet pink pussy until she cums hard for you. You play with your cock and u try hard to not cum but at certain point u cannot take it anymore and you explode and shoot a big load mmm While she plays with her pussy she reminds u how her pussy is MUCH better than your wife’s.. ha She calls your wife names and tells u how much hotter she is and how u won’t wanna fuck your wife anymore now… Enjoy!

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The Best Week of Our Lives - Tara Tainton

The Best Week of Our Lives – Tara Tainton

You won’t believe what I’ve managed to do… I’ve sent your father away on a boys’ vacation in Vegas! For a FULL WEEK! He’s not going to be here! Darling… we have the whole week entirely to ourselves – ALONE TOGETHER. Without worrying about getting caught! Does that fill your sexy head with ideas? Is there anything in particular you’d like to do with all this quality time with your mother?? Hmmm?? Let me just show you…. do you like what I have on under my dress? I picked it out just for you, just for this very special occasion. Mmm-hmm. Mmm… I love kissing you, touching you… and you know what Mommy loves even more?? Your COCK. I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL HARD COCK! I want it right now… can I have it? Hmmm? Can Mommy have a taste?? Mmm… mmm… mmm! What’s that, honey? You want to return the pleasure? Would you… like to go down on your mother? is that what you want? You know I love it when you’re between my legs. You’re so good with your tongue… And you know I’m gonna invite you to take me from behind too. Mmm… I want you to fuck me senseless!!! Oh, shoot, your father’s calling! Oh, oh, OH!!!!!


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While Your Wife Watches - Tara Tainton

While Your Wife Watches – Tara Tainton

I know you want ME over HER. Well, it’s obvious. I’m just over to discuss an important work matter with your wife. She’s my friend and coworker after all. I can’t believe she’s never introduced me to YOU before. At first, you’re just standing there politely, listening in on the discussion, but then I realize I’ve got your FULL attention. I bat my eyelashes in your direction, and you instantly smile like a schoolboy. When you take MY side over the issue rather than your own wife’s, I really notice how my every movement is holding your longing gaze. I can’t help it if my confidence grows as you receive my teasing glances, and I start sending your wife off on needless errands around the house. She’s so annoyed that you sided with me, but doesn’t realize the motive for my petty requests for this or that. Before she knows it, she’s rummaging through the attic for old wedding photos of you two and you and I have LOTS of private time together. By the time she returns, we’re sitting side by side, laughing together. Your wife’s furious; she accuses me of FLIRTING with you! But you get her to apologize to me… She still watches us like a hawk from the distance, angered, upset, and I suggest you burn those wedding photos one by one. By now, you’ll do anything for me, ESPECIALLY in front of HER. When I suggest we make love right then and there on the dining room table, you’d almost instantly slide your hard cock inside my tight, wet pussy if it wasn’t for me slowing you down to enjoy the best fuck of your life. Do you notice that I’m winking and waving at your wife the entire time? No… I think you’re only focused on how my pussy seems to wrap around you like a glove… like we were meant to be… like you’ve completely forgotten you have a wife…


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Remember Me? - Diane Andrews

Remember Me? – Diane Andrews

We are former high school classmates who dated in school. We meet after many years at a reunion. I’m married and a success in my business – have even started discrete dating, since wife no longer wants sex.
You start flirtatious – “Remember me? We dated a bit in school. So impressed that your business has turned out well. I always knew you were smart, and determined to make it.”
I react to your flirtatious behavior. “[Smile] I see you do remember. Can we get away from the group to somewhere a little more private?”
[Leaning in closer] “Actually I remember you quite a bit. You were the first guy to get his hands under my sweater. And what I really remember about that is that you came in your pants the moment you saw my bra.”
[More suggestive action – tracing your fingers over your breasts, opening buttons, showing cleavage]
“You remember, don’t you? I was ready to let you take my cherry that night – and instead you made a cum mess in your pants. At first, I guess I was flattered you liked me, but then it started to happen every time – and I began to notice you didn’t want to take my bra off – you wanted to look at at it – and touch it.”
[Blouse/shirt open now – just bra]
“You are starting to look embarrased. You remember all that too. It took me some time but I began to realize you were a bra pervert. You were a total pervert. And you still are”
“Don’t try to deny it to me. I know who you are. I also know you have been dating – despite still being married. Yes, I know some the women you have been with. Actually, they say you are a decent fuck. I do seem to remember you had a nice cock. Glad you figured out how to use it.”
[A little sterner tone]
“If you think you can keep from cumming on the spot, bra pervert, let’s see that dick that the women are talking about. Go ahead, show me. Mmmm I can see you still are turned on by my bra. I know you want to cum on my bra. That dribble of pre-cum is giving you away. Well – I think that might be arranged – for old times sake – but on my conditions.”
“Does that surprise you? After all, I do know your past – and your filthy perversion. You would not want that getting out. And I am ready to help you with your disgusting needs. Provided – no more dating – you worship me as I know you always have.”
“Stand right here – pants down – and show me that hard cock. You may worship my gorgeous bra – touch it – gently – softly. This is your mistress. Now – if you want what you have always wanted – you may cum on my bra – and only on my bra – from now on. That’s a good boy.”
Forgot to mention that I would like the bra to be sheer – so I can see the nipple through the sheer fabric. And intersperse into the suggested script with comments/ actions like “You are such a perv – trying to stare at my nipple.” “You adore the way the sheer fabric clings to the curves of my full breasts.” “You are already thinking about your cum on this bra, aren’t you?” “You would rather jerk off staring at my breasts in this bra than fuck me, you sick perv.”


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