Nubilefae - Edging For Daddy

Edging For Daddy – Nubilefae

Daddy told me to not cum when he was away, and made me promise to record if I touched myself! I get all squirmy and pouty at not being able to cum from my hitachi, finishing the video telling you how much I wish I could just cum and that you were here <3

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Stepson has a say about bathingsuit - Roxanne Miller

Stepson has a say about bathingsuit – Roxanne Miller

My stepson, Nick is shy but I have seen him looking at me and I have to say I’ve been looking for a reason to get him to see me in a sexy outfit and also I took a leap of perviness so to call it and I changed in front of him. I saw him getting hard so I got naked again, oiled my sexy curves and then I masturbated until orgasm in front of him!

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Masturbation With Mommy - Jenni Knight

Masturbation With Mommy – Jenni Knight

The Story Mommy and her son have had a special playtime for a long time, and this is one session. Mommy needs to have her son close to her. feel him against her to masturbate and get off. Her son loves to be with Mommy while she masturbates and be tethered to her and held tightly, makes him feel safe and secure. If you could lay on like a couch which a close up shot of you so it feels like we’re laying right next to you. And take the collar that is in the contest picture and pretend to hook it to the viewer just of the side of the camera. Either hold the chain the whole video or if it’s long enough, tie it around your tits. And then for the rest of of the video masturbate however you would like pretending that your son has snuggled up to and is sucking your tits and you’re holding him secure with that chain. Throw in a mix of loving Mommy talk about he’s safe and secure with you, how much you love him and protect him mixed in with a bunch of dirty talk about how it feels good to have him next to you and sucking on your tits while you’re masturbating. The son doesn’t masturbate or anything, their sessions are all about Mommy’s pleasure.

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Promise To Be A Good Girl, Daddy Custom - Carmita Bonita

Promise To Be A Good Girl, Daddy Custom – Carmita Bonita

You’re sitting in your room sucking on your pacifier and gently whimpering, you look very nervous and you explain that you were letting the boys see and touch your butt and even humped one because he offered you candy, but you were caught and the school called your daddy who told you that you were going to get it when he got home. You know that he is going to spank you but you’re more sad that you made daddy angry. Then you react like he walks in and you shrink back nervously giving your best pouty eyes and try to beg out of your spanking. Obviously daddy does not succumb and he makes you turn around and start to paddle your own butt first over your outfit then you’re made to expose your bottom and continue all as you whimper and promise to be a good girl. Soon as your spanking is heating you up you notice daddy is excited so you decide to take a different approach, you say you can prove that you’ll be daddy’s good little princess and will even show him what you were showing the boys, he’s hesitant but you push and he gives in so you straddle your pillow/stuffy and start to hump while he watches, you say how your spanking taught you a good lesson and reminded you that you being only to your daddy, and how learning your lesson also made you wet in your little princess parts, you hump and grind and sway your hips to entice daddy until you’re ready to cum.&quot


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I Found My Mom's Vibrator - Sadbaffoon

I Found My Mom’s Vibrator – Sadbaffoon

I’m staying at my mom’s house for a few days to watch her dog while she’s away. I got bored and a little nosy so I went through some of her things and found her vibrator!! Bored (and a little horny) I decided to play with it a little hehe :3 sorry mom.


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