All Boys Need a Mommy - Harlyn P. Rose

All Boys Need a Mommy – Harlyn P. Rose

It’s a familiar pattern: I meet a guy who thinks he wants to fuck me, who drools over my tits and ass, and who crawls after me with his dick already out, just begging for me to give him what he wants. But then, once I actually give him my attention, suddenly fucking me isn’t what’s on his mind. Suddenly he’s in a diaper and a cute little onesie, sucking on a pacifier, and crawling after me for a very different reason. So let’s skip all the pretense, shall we? Put your dick away and be careful where your eyes are roaming. You’re just a boy, and like all boys, you need your Mommy.

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Bad Boys Grow Up - Harlyn P. Rose

Bad Boys Grow Up – Harlyn P. Rose

You’ve been so naughty lately. Not following my orders, directly disobeying me, pretending not to hear or understand me when I’m talking to you. And no punishment I come up with seems to work. Corner time, spanking, taking your toys away, it doesn’t matter—you’re always right back to being a naughty boy as soon as the punishment is done. So I’ve come up with the ultimate punishment for a little boy like you.

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Big Boob Regression - Harlyn P Rose

Big Boob Regression – Harlyn P Rose

My boobs are mesmerizing, especially in a low-cut shirt like this one. All this soft, creamy flesh on display…it’s hard to look away from them, isn’t it? Fortunately, today I don’t want you to look away. I want you to keep staring. Keep watching. Keep listening. Tits have power, you know. The power to make men do things they wouldn’t normally do. And I’m going to use mine to turn you into a little diapered boy.

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Cum and Diaper - Harlyn P. Rose

Cum and Diaper – Harlyn P. Rose

Mommy’s finally home from work, which means it’s time for you to get diapered. You’re ready for her, already waiting on your changing pad with your pants off. But you’re a little too eager, and lying there, completely bare while you wait for Mommy, gets you a little…excited. We can’t have that. Mommy has a very strict rule about her little boy’s cock: she will only diaper him when it is soft. You’re going to have to fix this quickly, but fortunately Mommy’s here to help.

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