Sucking Mommy Hucow Cowgirl's Big Boobs - Gwen Adora

Sucking Mommy Hucow Cowgirl’s Big Boobs – Gwen Adora

You come into your family’s stable to try to get some milk from your cow. She knows you’re not supposed to be alone out on the farm, and finds out that you’re there because you’re curious about suckling some milk straight from the source. She lets you suck from her nipples (implied/simulated lactation) before sending you back to your house.

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Sister and Mommy Taboo Impregnation POV - Jessica Starling and Gwen Adora

Sister and Mommy Taboo Impregnation POV – Jessica Starling and Gwen Adora

Mommy (Gwen Adora) wants to sit down and have a family meeting with you and your sister. Mommy knows you and your sister are getting interested in sex (especially due to the stains on your bed sheets and your stiff socks), but there are some family values that Mommy wants you all to adhere by. First: all sex must be done for the purpose of procreation. Second: that all procreation must be kept within the family. That mean, if you want to have sex… you’ll have to impregnate your sister. Mommy assures both of you that this is perfectly normal, and many other families do the same thing. She’ll also be there the entire time to guide the both of you. Your sister is excited to fuck you and be impregnated! Mommy leads you both to the bedroom, where she helps your sister out of her clothes. Mommy asks you to pull out your hard cock is well — both mommy and sister are so impressed by it! Mommy instructs your sister through her first blowjob, and even tastes your cock herself. Then, mommy brings everyone to the bed and you slide your cock into your sister’s pussy. Mommy is telling you to fuck your sister harder, faster, but to save your cum for just a bit longer. Mommy gets so turned on that she wants to fuck her baby boy as well! You pull your cock out of your sister’s pussy and slide it into mommy’s and fuck her. Your sister loves watching you fuck mommy. Then, you start to pound your sister’s pussy again. She starts to cum hard on your dick, triggering your orgasm and pumping your cum into her AND mommy! You watch your huge load dribble out of both your sister’s and mommy’s pussy. You’ve impregnated both of them!

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BBW Mommy Needs a Barefoot Foot Massage - Gwen Adora

BBW Mommy Needs a Barefoot Foot Massage – Gwen Adora

Your Mommy notices you haven’t done your chores, despite you promising her you would do them. She’s letting you not get a job for the summer so you can focus on your passions and friends, but only if you were helping around the house. Since you’re failing on your part of the bargain, you need to promise her to pick up your slack. She’s also going to add another task to your chore list for the week: massaging her BBW feet. She sits down on the couch and puts her feet up for you to massage. She knows you’ve always had a bit of a thing for her feet, so it’s not the worst punishment she could come up with, is it? You massage her webbed toes and soles, making her feel so good after she worked in heels all day. She even starts moaning in a sexy little way too. You both are getting a bit turned on, even admitting it to each other, but then dad comes home.

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Self Sucking Mommy's Big Boobs JOI - Gwen Adora

Self Sucking Mommy’s Big Boobs JOI – Gwen Adora

You wake Mommy up in the morning. You’re ready to go to school, but you had a dream last night that gave you some morning wood that you can’t get rid of. I ask you what you’re dream was about and you confess it was about a girl, and that you were sucking on her boobs. Asking you a few more questions, I find out that your dream was about me. It’s ok baby boy, it’s perfectly natural for you to have sexy dreams about your mommy. Sucking on my titties is so normal and I’m glad I can help you feel good. You climb into bed with me, and I cuddle you, before asking you if you want to suck on my titties to make your boner feel better. I suck on my own tits, showing you how it’s properly done, before letting you take them in your mouth to suckle on. I tell you that Mommy sometimes wakes up with a wet pussy, just like you do with your hard boner. I ask if you want to see how wet I am when you suckle on me like this, and you eagerly want a peak. I lift up my blanket and show you my juicy pussy, touching it a bit with my fingers. You continue to suck on me and jerk off until I ask if you want to touch my wettness, you agree. Before we take things too far, we come together – I let you jizz on my belly. Mmmm good boy. Now go get ready for school.

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Suckle Mommy's Big Boobs Before Bed JOI - Gwen Adora

Suckle Mommy’s Big Boobs Before Bed JOI – Gwen Adora

You can’t get to bed so you come into Mommy’s room to wake me up. I invite you to come to cuddle in bed with me, but you still aren’t tired. What really helps you fall to bed is sucking on Mommy’s big tits, and although you’re a little too old for that now, I still let you (as long as you don’t tell your father). I want my baby boy to be well rested before school tomorrow, so you nuzzle up to my huge boobs, take my nipples in your mouth, and suck on them to relax. You’re such a good boy for Mommy. You start getting a little too relaxed, and I can see that your little cock has gotten hard for me. Mmmm it’s ok baby, it’s perfectly natural. You can touch yourself and make yourself feel good while you suckle on Mommy’s titties. Mommy might even touch herself too…

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BBW 80s Mommy Gives You a Sex-Ed Blowjob - Gwen Adora

BBW 80s Mommy Gives You a Sex-Ed Blowjob – Gwen Adora

I just came back from playing paddle tennis with your father. You catch me relaxing in my bedroom, where I thank you for looking after your sister while you hung out with your friends. You inquire as to why I didn’t put my racket back in the garage with the rest of our sports equipment; so I tell you that I sometimes like to hit your father when he’s being bad haha. I ask if you want to try being spanked, which leads to me sternly telling you to drop your pants, and then some hard spanks. You clearly really liked it, because when you turn around you’ve gotten a boner! I quickly realize that your father hasn’t talked you about sex-ed, so I need to take it into my own hands – quite literally. In the first part of our sex-ed lesson, we talk about what turns you on – and turns out, you love my big boobs, giant ass, and thick thighs. I could tell because I’ve totally seen which pages are stuck together in the xxx magazines you’ve stolen from your father. I guess there’s some truth to men being attracted to woman who resemble their mothers. But my intentions aren’t totally pure. After I realize the affect I have on you, and that the more dominant I am, the more submissive you become. I now have leverage to blackmail you into doing your chores, and anything else I may need. After we talk about attraction, I tell you how to play with your big cock while I put on some hand sanitizer on. I give you instructions on what will feel good for you, and list all the places you’ll be able to stick your cock when you start having sex. But right now, Mommy is in control, so your cock is mine to handle. I take your cock in my hand, feeling how hard you are for Mommy, and start kissing it and giving you a nice and sloppy blowjob. I let you fuck my mouth, my titties, and my throat, showing you that I will always give you the best bjs because I know your body so well. I tell you to get on the floor to worship my body from below, and I take out my big tits for you to see and play with. I let you sit below me, looking at my belly and smellling my pussy through my leggings. I’m getting so wet. Then we get back on the bed for me to finish your blowjob. I’m not going to let you cum in my mouth though.. I’m going to let you try out what you learned with me and let you cum all over Mommy’s big tits. I encourage you as you stroke yourself and let you dump your cum on me, giving me the biggest and messiest pearl necklace. I rub your cum into my tits, and tell you how proud of you are for learning sex-ed with me. Now that I know your weaknesses though… I’m going to be adding some chores to your list, and if you don’t do them, you’ll never get to cum on Mommy’s tits again. [This video is a POV, virtual blowjob video! It was my first time using a simulated cumshot by myself, so you do end up seeing the syringe I used in a couple shots!

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