Cum for Mommy's tits - Goddess Gwen

Cum for Mommy’s tits – Goddess Gwen

Hey you, were you staring at mommy? spying on your mom while she’s getting dressed huh? You trying to get a glimpse of these tits? Look at your shame rising in your pants. Well what are you waiting for son? drop your pants! Don’t be shy, I know what you look like. You’d be jerking off into a sock right now otherwise wouldn’t you? Jerking off to your mom is what you often do isn’t it? Well now do it in front of her! Come on and stroke it to mommy’s big tits, you want a glimpse of them totally naked? is that what you were hoping for? To see the round pink firm nipples of your mother? I will tease you, but no son, you will not see them. Just stroke faster for mommy’s titties, and cum when she tells you to. Now I’m putting my bra back on and you sir, are cleaning up that mess! NO! not like that, with your tongue silly boy! Eat up that cum like a good boy and get out of here!

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Mommy in bikini Jerks you off *custom - Goddess Gwen

Mommy in bikini Jerks you off *custom – Goddess Gwen

You are a hot mom wearing the sexy pink triangle bikini that you wore in your “bikini boob bender” vid and a sexy robe over it. “Son, did you finish jerking off in the shower like I told you to? You got that bulge in your pants after watching me change bra and panty sets. I know it can be unhealthy not to get a release when you get excited. Let mommy see. Oh, I see you still have a boner and I must say it is rather large!” The camera view shows a dildo standing upright on the bed representing his boner. You smile at your son and say, “I think I have a solution.” You slowly strip off your robe, revealing your sexy hot body in the sexy pink bikini. “You think your mom is hot and sexy, don’t you?” you say with a sexy, knowing smile as you bounce your boobs up and down. You dance around a little, letting him see you from all sides in your bikini. You then sit on the bed and say, “Just let me take care of this” as you start slowly stroking the dildo and making sexy faces. “Do you want to see mommy’s boobs again?” and strip off your bikini top, barely covering your nipples with your hand.


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Help Mommy Pick a Bra & Panty set *custom - Goddess Gwen

Help Mommy Pick a Bra & Panty set *custom – Goddess Gwen

You ask your son for help picking out a cute & sexy bra and panties set for a date. You tell him you need a male perspective on it. Change in and out of several bra and panties sets in front of the camera, telling him not to look and then turning partway around so he can still see the side of your boobs and your cute behind. After a while you notice he is not turning around and you scold him with a wicked smile and tell him he is naughty for looking at his naked mother. You turn facing the camera just barely covering your nipples with your hands and ask him if he wants to see what is under your hands. You tell him only in his wildest dreams with another sexy smile and tell him to go take a shower and take care of the bulge in his pants.


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