Mommy Teaches me a Lesson - dinkybum

Mommy Teaches me a Lesson – dinkybum

Good girls need to be taught a lesson, in this video mommy (asstaxi) shows me she knows best. She fluffs me up and teases me before blindfolding me and gagging me. She takes off my bra and plays with my pretty tits for a min before it’s time for my punishment. She warms me up and slaps my nipples with her crop, before dripping hot red candle wax all over my tits. I whimper and moan as the hot wax touches my skin, it feels so good, not knowing what’s coming next. Once mommy thinks my tits have had enough, she tells me to bend over like a good little bitch. I am completely devoted to her and obey. My ass faced towards the camera as she spanks me more with her crop, and drips more wax on my butt as a flinch and whine, and she drips more, until I’ve had enough. She sits me up and takes off my blindfold and gag, reassuring me that I did a good job letting her take control of my pain and pleasure, sealed with a gentle kiss. Thank you mommy.

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Busty Wine Mommys Encourage You JOI - Blake Emerald

Busty Wine Mommys Encourage You JOI – Blake Emerald

Your sexy mommy and her bestie who’s basically your second mom have MASSIVE tits, and once they’ve had a few glasses, they get super turned on by their not so little boy.Watch them play with each other’s huge, bouncing tits before telling you how to cum for them and giving you a nice countdown. No one takes care of you like, mommy, after all, and lucky for you, you have 2 unbelievably hot ones!

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G/G TABOO Role Play Comforting Daughter - Bea York

G/G TABOO Role Play Comforting Daughter – Bea York

Sarah is dealing with a rough breakup and I just want to be there to comfort her. She’s gorgeous and deserves better, but also is so inexperienced. I know a thing or two so I show her how to kiss and start to undress her. We take turns playing with each other’s tits and suck and lick them too. I can’t get enough so I go down on Sarah to show her she doesn’t need some guy to keep her satisfied. We then trade places and she goes down on me. It’s so good you can see my eyes roll back. Finally, we finish each other off and cum together. It’s all so naughty, but it was so much fun!

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Learning to Eat Mommy's Pussy - Kiki Cali

Learning to Eat Mommy’s Pussy – Kiki Cali

I wana learn how to please my step-mommy in the best way possible and I know how much she loves it when Daddy eats her asian pussy, So I ask my step-mommy if she can teach me how to eat her pussy like a good girl till she cuts. And Mommy directs me on exactly how to do this hehe.

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Threesome with your mom and her friend - Sarah Calanthe

Threesome with your mom and her friend – Sarah Calanthe

For one of my first ever girl/girl videos, I met up with the gorgeous Bea York to fulfil every naughty boy’s taboo fantasy! I catch you, my son, spying on me making out with my gorgeous friend. While mad at first, we decide that you may be useful to us after all… Whilst we have a lot of fun together, we could use a stunt dick to join in! Lucky you! We lead you to the bedroom, where we tease you with our massive tits and big round butts. You’re so desperate to fuck us, aren’t you? We suck your cock together, before taking turns riding it nice and deep. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m actually fucking my son! It turns me on so much watching you fuck Bea, but ultimately, I want you to cum inside of me… Yes, that’s right, you’re going to fill your mommy’s pussy with cum… To see more of Bea and I together, check out the super sexy mommy/daughter role play we did!

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Mommy Days Gets Dolly Ready For Bed - Dearest Doll

Mommy Days Gets Dolly Ready For Bed – Dearest Doll

Sometimes all you need is a Mommy’s touch. It’s that time of night when things start to settle down. Even though she was a big girl in her pull up, bedtime means diapers. Dolly is changed into a thick white diaper and cozy pink jammies. She’s ready for a story curled up against Mommy’s chest.

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Seducing Brother With Mommy - Kailey Ketchum

Seducing Brother With Mommy – Kailey Ketchum

This was a custom vid done with Emma’s Secret Life. =) My brother is a huge perv and loves seeing me and Mommy in our pretty dresses. Don’t think we haven’t noticed. We say the way my big brother looks at us. Despite his perviness though, my big brother is the best, and Mommy and I just want to make him happy! We put on the pretty dresses we know he loves to see us in, but they won’t stay on for long. Mommy and I play with each other, kiss each other, play with each other’s boobies, and even fuck each other with our toys! Who knew I would have so much in common with my Mom! We stuff our panties inside each other and fuck ourselves with them inside to get them nice and wet. We want my brother to be able to taste us. After we make each other cum, we take out our dirty panties and give them to my brother as a present. He really is such a good brother, and even though I love my beautiful Mom, I want it to be him next time.


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Seduced by Step-mommy for Daddy to Watch - Kailey Ketchum

Seduced by Step-mommy for Daddy to Watch – Kailey Ketchum

STOP! Before you buy this vid, head over to the contest page! If you donate $20 to the Double Trouble contest, you will receive this video. =) Once you donate, I’ll message you with an MV Link so you can download or stream the vid. There is a direct link on my MV profile, or go to the contest page, find “Submissive Sluts,” and vote! Kailey’s step-mom calls her in her room. Kailey, who isn’t the biggest fan of her step-mom, tells her she thinks that daddy can do better than her. When Emma threatens to convince Daddy to discontinue Kailey’s allowance, Kailey becomes much more compliant so that Daddy will continue to take care of her. Emma’s terms: sex. Emma seduces Kailey and shows her exactly what Daddy sees in her. When Kailey realizes what it is Daddy loves about step-mommy, she gets really into the pleasure of what’s happening. The twist: Hidden cameras have been installed in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, and Daddy has been watching the whole time! Kailey doesn’t mind though. After all, she loves her Daddy.


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