Punished By Giantess Mommy - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Punished By Giantess Mommy – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Honey, what did I tell you about sneaking into Mommy’s bedroom when she’s having sex with her date? I told you not to do it, and where did I find you… stuck to my ass! Mommy is very disappointed in you. I explicitly told you that my bedroom was a very dangerous place for a tiny boy and I was right. You could’ve been squished! How did you get into my bedroom anyways? Oh right… you crawled under the door, even though it was closed AND locked. I guess being tiny has it’s perks, especially if you want to watch your Mommy have sex. Did you see what you wanted to see? I hope so because you’re going to get punished and it is not going to be fun. This is what you deserve for disobeying your Mommy.

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Giant Mommy V Shrunken Son Custom Video - English Milf

Giant Mommy V Shrunken Son Custom Video – English Milf

You are my son and have been mysteriously been shrunken to the size of 2 inches. I come into your bedroom and do not spot you at first, but find my vibrator hidden under your pillow. It is my favourite so while I think I am alone in your bedroom, I play with it and masturbate till I orgasm. Then the vibrator falls to floor as I pick it up I spot you, my little shrunken son. I am so embarrassed that you have seen me play with my pussy and tits on your bed, that I punish you and embarrass you by putting you inside my wet cum soaked pussy and my big soft boobs. Then I lick you all clean in my mouth and with my tongue. Now I do not believe that you are my son and get very cross that you keep saying you are that I decide to squish you under my feet wearing my high heels I squash you.

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