Stroke Your BBC To Me 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Stroke Your BBC To Me 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

You know how I crave big fat black cocks! They are the only cocks that really get me off. I love how tight my pussy feels when a huge girthy BBC fucks me! Do you like my big phat booty? Does it make that BBC rock hard? Let me strip and tease you with my fat ass and huge tits then I want to sit and bounce on your fat black cock til I cream all over it!!!! I’ll show you just how much I love and adore BBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Making Mommy Happy Makes You Happy - Smilesof Sally

Making Mommy Happy Makes You Happy – Smilesof Sally

You have had a hard day at work and your girlfriend has a way of cheering you up. There was one time you tried mommy role play and you loved it so your girlfriends suggests it again. She knows that by focusing on making mommy happy you will forget about your own worries. So you look deep into her dark brown eyes and open her wet, hairy cunt wide to please her so you both can cum. Continue to download

The Mature Girlfriend Experience - MoRina

The Mature Girlfriend Experience – MoRina

You’ve dated MoRina for a few weeks. She is older than you, and you find her to be so confident and sexy. The chemistry is there, but she’s been standoffish and you can’t figure out if this is going anywhere. Tonight she finally invites you in after dinner, but you are disappointed when she sits across from you instead of next to you! As you chat, she crosses and uncrosses her legs, and you are really enjoying the show… her red stilettos and the slit in the front of the dress are driving you mad. You don’t think she even notices, but then she uncrosses and opens her legs to reveal the fact that she is not wearing panties and omg, she has a natural bush! She just smiles and stares at you while you take it all in, then she invites you into her bedroom where she slowly strips down, leaving her high heels on and invites you into her bed. You do not hesitate, and climb on top! You can’t believe that you are going to stick your cock in her warm hairy pussy!

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Good Boy, I'll Be Your Mommy - Ivy Starshyne

Good Boy, I’ll Be Your Mommy – Ivy Starshyne

Hey, baby… what are you watching? Oh! Wow… okay… So are you into Mommy porn?

Wow, well, hey, that’s cool. I mean, whatever floats your boat! That’s all good, baby. I want you to be happy. I mean… I don’t mind if… Would you like me to be Mommy for you? Hmmm?

Yeah, Mommy wants you to be happy for sure. You’re Mommy’s good boy. Such a good boy. Do you think Mommy is looking good today? You will listen to what Mommy says you must do – what Mommy says goes!

Mommy had such a long day, and needs some relaxation. You like Mommy’s naked body? Come here and taste me. You’re so excited from all this. Mommy will help you now. Yes, you’re such a good boy. Now, cum for Mommy.

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Girlfriend Wants to be Your Mommy - Smilesof Sally

Girlfriend Wants to be Your Mommy – Smilesof Sally

So I saw your recent history in your porn collection and it is allll mommy porn! I was surprised, but I’m not turned off. I’m intrigued and I want to try being your mommy. So I have you bury your face in my hairy cunt and make mommy and you cum like the good little boy you are. Want your own custom?

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Pancakes & Pegging For The Birthday Boy - Kitty LeRoux

Pancakes & Pegging For The Birthday Boy – Kitty LeRoux

It’s your birthday! When you wakeup your girlfriend is already in the kitchen and when you get there, she’s taking out ingredients to make you pancakes….in nothing but retro high heels and a retro apron. She knows you love taboo roleplay, so she’s playing “Mommy” this morning and she’s going to make her sweet boy his favorite! She teases by bending over to grab bowls so you can see her pussy from behind. She shakes her ass and pulls down the top of her apron as she mixes up the batter. You are…very hungry for Mommy. She serves you and tells you she’s been doing research to get you the perfect present, but you’ve been a bad boy- using incognito mode to try to hide your favorite kinks- but Mommy found them and your present is right here. Where? Under her apron. Mommy got a strapless strapon and she wants to give her birthday boy a pleasureful present right on the breakfast table after you finish your pancakes. You inhale them and about to have some wild dreams come true. Your “mommy” has never pegged you before, but she is LOVING it- and you can’t help but feel SO good with the toy inside of you and seeing how much it turns on Mommy to peg you! Time for the birthday boy to cum!

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Night Time Lovers - Mom & Son's Secret Relationship - Mom & Son in Love, POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina

Night Time Lovers – Mom & Son’s Secret Relationship – Mom & Son in Love, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina

A beautiful, passionate, intimate, secret relationship with your mom…your night time lover.
The two of you had fallen in love. Mom would sneak into your room while Dad was asleep, and you’d have another night filled with passionate, intimate, wild love making. “Oh, I just needed to sleep with you tonight,” Mom whispered sweetly, “you know how much I love you.”
Mom slid her beautiful, mature body besides yours on the bed, then looked at you adoringly. “Come over here,” she smiled putting a finger up to her lips, “but don’t talk loud…shhh.” She asked if you had missed her, then confessed that she had been thinking about you all day long. “I just wanted to kiss you and hug you,” she said. “Too bad we can’t tell anybody what we’re doing.”
That was the hard part. You wanted the world to know how much the both you were in love, but you knew they wouldn’t accept it. Dad could never know. “But every night, you can show me how much you love me,” Mom went on to say, “and I’ll show you how much I love you.” She asked if you missed kissing her, if you had thought about her while you were at school.
“I just wanna be with you all the time,” she said. “If it wasn’t for me being with your father, we could move somewhere far away and be together and no one would care. I love you so much, babe. Wanna come over and kiss Mommy?” She leaned in to give you sweet, passionate kisses, then pulled back to show off her red lingerie set that she wore just for you.
Mom loved the way you made her feel beautiful – the way your cock would throb for her body. She wanted you to touch her again, to make love to her. Her warm, wet mouth wrapped around your hard cock, and before you knew it, the two of you were sharing another incredible night together.
“You know Mommy knows how to make you happy,” she flirted. After the both of you had orgasmed, Mom laid beside you with an enormous smile. “I love you so much. Let’s cuddle, and then I gotta go back to Daddy’s room, okay? I’ll cuddle with you until you fall asleep.” She nuzzled her head into the pillow, her naked body against yours, and the both of you closed your eyes.

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UR SUCH A STEPMOMMA's BOY | Pegging POV - Little Puck

UR SUCH A STEPMOMMA’s BOY | Pegging POV – Little Puck

You come home to find me sitting on the bed in a cute lil outfit with a stern look on my face and the dreaded words…”We Need To Talk.” I tell you I Know why you’ve been having trouble in the bedroom keeping it up for me…it’s Because You Miss Your Step-Mommy. You’re a Fucking StepMomma’s Boy! But Good News…I called her over here, Surprise! We’re gonna get at the root of your issues….by confronting them HEAD ON lol. So come on, start stroking for me and Your Step-Mommy…she’s so hot I see why you’re into her…and also, honestly, I kinda look like her…omg, I bet that’s why we’re together! Worship our natural tits as we tell you how to jerk off for us. And now that you’re nice and hard…we wanna take this little naughty threesome in a New Direction…since you’re such a Step-Momma’s Boy…it’s only natural that you’d be a StepMomma’s Boy Bitch!! I want you to be a good boy for me and your Stepmother by bending over and taking your Step-Mommy’s Dick! I’m gonna watch and learn everything I can so I can be your Second Mommy for You. It’s so natural for me to be sucking on your Stepmommy’s tits while she fucks you…I honestly feel like I’m her daughter now! I’m part of the family now…and you’re such a good sweet boy, you’re gonna do Everything We Say…Now stroke to the rhythm of your Stepmommy fucking your ass…we have a naughty surprise in store for all that cum you’re gonna give us… Featuring stepmommy strap-on, stepmommy roleplay, stroking dick, sucking dick, pegging pov, double domination, masturbation encouragement, joe/joi, cei, taboo roleplay, boob worship, boob sucking, cum play, girl/girl. Message me to design a custom clip with me and Bianca Stone.

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POV Mom is Your Girlfriend - A Passionate, Romantic Relationship Between Mom & Son - Nikki Brooks

POV Mom is Your Girlfriend – A Passionate, Romantic Relationship Between Mom & Son – Nikki Brooks

Things couldn’t be any more perfect. After an incredible night, you open your eyes to see your mom sleeping beside you. Her naked, gorgeous body is wrapped in your blue button-down shirt, and she smiles at you when she wakes up.
“Good morning, sweetie,” Mom says with a glowing face. “How did you sleep? You like sleeping with Mommy?” She giggles and flirts with you, and even though this has been happening for a while now, you can’t believe it’s real.
After Mom confessed her feelings of love to you, things had changed. Now Mom was your girlfriend, and your relationship with her was flawless.
“I’m all yours,” Mom smiles, her hands caressing her big tits. “You like that Mommy is all yours? And that she only wants to be with you?” She sweetly tells you how she loves waking up next to you, and how she loves having you in every way possible.
“I love that we can be ourselves,” she confesses. You can tell that Mom is genuinely happy, that she’s in love, and because of that, you’ve been able to express those same feelings for her without hesitation. “You would never leave Mommy, right?” she asks, her breasts spilling out of your blue shirt. And you wouldn’t. The way you felt for Mom now was something you had never felt before – you were truly in love with her.
“You’re my everything,” Mom says, then giggles sweetly. She leans in and gives you a passionate kiss. “You know I always thought about what it would be like to have you – to have you like this forever. You can be there when I’m sad, and when I’m happy, and just make my day better,” she tells you. “And when I need you to fulfill me, and I wanna cum…and when I want you inside of me, I can still have all those things with you – have you in every aspect.”
Mom begins to go into detail about all the things you can do now that you couldn’t before – all the sweet, affectionate, passionate, wild things that seemed wrong before. “Do you like kissing Mommy?” she smiles. “You know, I think I know what your favorite thing to do is.”
Mom is radiant, happy, flirty, and dirty. The she touches you when she talks about making love to you drives you crazy, and soon, you guys are at it again. Mom is the perfect lover – passionate, wild, sensual, and forbidden. But now that the two of you are finally together, there’s nothing stopping you from touching her in every way possible.

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Mom Explores Her Amorous Feelings for Son - Mom & Son Become Lovers, POV - HD 1080p - Ivy Secret - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Mom Explores Her Amorous Feelings for Son – Mom & Son Become Lovers, POV – HD 1080p – Ivy Secret – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

A very passionate & romantic experience between mom and son.
“Hey honey,” Mom’s gentle voice said, “I was thinking we could talk.” Her fingers ran through her long, red hair as she sat down on the bed beside you. “I…don’t know how to approach this subject…” she said nervously, her eyes awkwardly shifting away from yours, “I’ve been having these feelings that I’m unsure of.”
“And I don’t really know how to describe them, or what to do about them, but I think I just need to figure it out,” Mom struggled to say. She continued to tell you how much she loved you, and how wonderful, kind, and sweet she thought you were. “I think about you first thing in the morning when I wake up…and all day, and I think about you at night before I go to bed,” she confessed. “And I don’t think anyone’s going to hold a place in my heart the way that you do. I just get so happy when I’m around you – it’s almost like my heart skips a beat.”
Mom blushed as she admitted that her feelings for you were somehow different – something more than the typical mom/son relationship. “Maybe…I might actually be in love with you. I know it’s kind of strange, and I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but I do…and I don’t think those feelings are going anywhere,” she said sweetly.
“So, I kind of want to see if we can explore this and see if it’s real, or what it is…and how it goes,” she said shyly. “I was hoping that maybe I could give you a kiss…a real kiss on the lips and we could see if there was any spark or connection there.” Mom knew it was weird for you, but she reassured you that everything would be okay. She leaned to give you a soft, passionate kiss, then pulled back with an enormous smile.
“Did you feel that?” Mom asked happily. “You’re not sure? I mean, I definitely felt that…maybe we should try it one more time.” She leaned in again, and this time, even you felt the spark between the two of you.
The both of you would continue to take your time as you explored one another’s body. Mom would ask you to feel her big, soft, beautiful breasts, then would gently and slowly slide her hand up your leg to your hard cock. This, in turn, would lead into passionate love making, developing a brand new mom/son relationship – one where Mom was your lover.


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