The Deal: Mom & Son Swap Bodies, POV - Mom Must Teach Curious Son about Girls, Foreplay, & Sex - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

The Deal: Mom & Son Swap Bodies, POV – Mom Must Teach Curious Son about Girls, Foreplay, & Sex – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

“Okay sweetie, I really need to get back to cleaning those dishes,” Mom said frantically, “what do you need to talk to me about?” Because you were getting older, you started to express an interest in girls and wanted to know more about them. For months, you had been asking Mom to teach you about foreplay, sex, and how to pleasure a woman, but she didn’t want to talk about it…at all.
“Oh god, no, not this subject again…” she panicked. “Why do I have to be the one to talk about sex with you? No, please…I told you how uncomfortable this subject makes me…” Of course she understood that you were going through puberty, but she didn’t want the responsibility of talking about the awkward things with you. “Can’t you go on the internet like normal boys do…or talk to your father?” she went on to say. “Why don’t you ask him about it? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”
You knew Mom was going to respond like this – she always did. So, you had come up with a plan. You told her that you had a magical amulet that, when touched by two people, would swap their bodies. If it worked, she’d have to teach you about sex, and if it didn’t, you’d leave her alone forever. “Sure, then I’ll be happy to show you a woman’s body and show you just what to do and every inch…” she promised. She didn’t believe for a second it would work.
“So, that’s it?” she asked looking down at the amulet. “I put my hand on it? Now what? It’s really warm…what am I waiting for exactly?” Just then, a surge of energy pushed her back, and the both of you had swapped bodies. “Oooooh see, I told you it would work!” you said excitedly. “I bet you feel like a big dummy now, don’t you? Mom, stop…don’t freak out, we’ll be able to switch them back later.”
Mom was scared of all the crazy things you might do with her body, but you reassured you wouldn’t be rude. “You promised that you would show me,” you pointed at her with a big smile on your face. “It’ll be fun! So, show me what I’m doing here. How do you get out of one of these things in the first place? I’m going to touch these boobs one way or another!”
“If you want me to be nice to your body, then you better show me how!” you told her. You struggled to unbutton her blouse with her long fingernails, but were excited to see her big tits popping out. You started groping them, but Mom made sure you weren’t too hard on them – girls didn’t like their tits groped so rough. You experimented on them, pinching, groping, grabbing…until you figured out what felt best, and how to pleasure a girl by touching them.
“I want you to show me about…down there,” your fingers pointed towards your mom’s pussy. “Come on, you said you would! Plus, there’s so much going on down there, you really need to teach me what to do…I need to learn how to do this right.” So, Mom went on to explain a woman’s body, and what to touch to make a girl feel best.
You tried it out on yourself, even pressing a few fingers inside, but that wasn’t going to help you learn about the sex part. You wanted the full experience, so you asked Mom to put her cock, since she was inside your body, inside of you. “I don’t want to hurt a girl,” you told her. “Take my penis and slide it in me for a minute, just so I know not to go too hard. Listen Mom, I know I’m making you uncomfortable, but you made a deal with me…”
So, she did…and boy, did you love it! It felt amazing. “Oh my god, my dick is so deep in your vagina,” you laughed, but after a bit, you felt something wet inside of you. “Whoa, what was that…? Oh my god, it feels like you just plunged so deep in me. What is that? It feels weird…you can pull out for a second. Your pussy is soaking wet, Mom!” But you had quickly discovered that your mom had accidentally cum inside of you. “Mom, you did not! Did you seriously cum in me? Ew, Mom!” you said jokingly. “You don’t know how to use a dick?! I know your pussy’s tight, but really…gross, I need to clean this out.”
Of course Mom was ready to switch back, but you weren’t done. “We’ll switch back after I do a little experimentation…” you went on to tell her. “I wanna go in the bathroom, clean up a little, and I’m gonna see how tight your ass is. Just a couple of fingers, I promise!” You quickly ran off to the bathroom.

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Mom?! No way! - Mom & Son Switch Bodies - HD 1080p - Cassandra Cain

Mom?! No way! – Mom & Son Switch Bodies – HD 1080p – Cassandra Cain

He was still tired. He let out a big yawn, stretched out, then headed to the bathroom to pee. His eyes were still blurry as they attempted to adjust to the morning light. He stumbled to the toilet, pulled down his underwear, then reached for his cock, but it wasn’t there.
“What the fuck,” he panicked, his exhausted eyes now jolting wide open. He slowly crept towards the mirror to look at his body. “Mom?! No way!” he examined his familiar female reflection. He had somehow gotten into his mom’s body and she was in his. “This is not happening,” he said in disbelief, “this is too weird.”
He checked himself out in the mirror as he groped Mom’s big tits and bounced her big booty. “Holy cr*p…” he went back into the bedroom to think things over. “So, if I’m in Mom’s body, that means that I don’t have to go to school – cool! Okay, psshh…I’m not going to go to work either, I’m an adult!” He could stay at home and relax all day, watch some movies, play some video games.
“I mean, I’ll have to call into work sick…you know, be responsible…” he thought out everything. “But damn, I get to stay home! But…what do girls do?” He sat up and struggled to unfasten the bra he was wearing. “Look at these fucking melons, man!” he played with his big tits. “Whoa, I’m grabbing tits!”
He continued to examine and grope the rest of Mom’s mature body. “Oh, I can twerk!” he smiled as he shook her butt. “I’m a girl, I can twerk!” His curiosity started to grow with the more things he saw, and now he wanted to play with Mom’s lingerie. “Mm…I’m a girl, I like to go to the salon and get my hair done and get my nails done. I’m just so pretty, I want a latte, I like yoga,” he joked as he flung his long hair into the air.
He tried on some sexy pieces of lingerie, then stripped all the way down to examine “down there.” He rubbed his clit, which felt incredible, then continued to play with his mom’s pussy until he orgasmed. After that, he wasn’t too sure what to do. He knew he needed to find his mom, who was inside his body, to try and fix this – if they could fix this. If not, she’d have to teach him all about being a female adult….

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Mom & Son Switch Bodies - HD 1080p - Sydney Paige

Mom & Son Switch Bodies – HD 1080p – Sydney Paige

As soon as he woke up, he could feel something was off. Platinum blonde hair ran through his fingers, and then pressed against big, plump, pink lips. His body was petite now, and when he looked down, his morning wood wasn’t there – nothing was. “Oh my god,” he said startled.
He went on to find out that he had a high pitched, feminine voice, perky tits, and a vagina in place of his manly traits. His blue eyes narrowed as they scanned the familiar room. “Wait…is this my Mom’s room?” he asked himself. He scrambled to pick up the cell phone lying on the floor, then looked at his reflection in the screen. “Oh my god, I’m my mother,” he said shocked.
He wasn’t sure what to do – he had so many questions. “Is she me?” he wondered. “Is this really what she wears to bed?” he looked down to see she had black, revealing lingerie on. “I wonder if she woke up with a penis today. Oh my gosh, okay…calm down.”
He sat down on the bed with a million thoughts running through his head. “You woke up in your mother’s body…” he thought about his situation, “well, my body now.” His curiosity grew, and soon, his soft hands were running against his mother’s flawless, mature body. “Anything I do would be…” he tried to justify what he was about to do.
He struggled to pull off the complicated one piece. “I guess she got tan lines from being at the pool so much,” he said noticing the sun on her fair-skinned body. He giggled as he jiggled, twerked, and smacked her ass. “It’s so weird from this angle,” he looked down at his shaven, bare pussy. “Easier to find the clitoris, that’s for sure…I’ll be sure to remember that.”
He began to explore himself down there. “No wonder women are so crazy about that,” his finger flicked against his clit. He moaned as he touched his pussy, masturbating until he brought himself to an orgasm. “Oh my god…” he panted. “What do I do now? God, what does Mom do all day? I hope it’s not this…well, maybe I do.”

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That's My Mom! Wait, That's Me?! - Son Discovers He's Inside His Mom's Body - HD 1080p - Christina Sapphire - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

That’s My Mom! Wait, That’s Me?! – Son Discovers He’s Inside His Mom’s Body – HD 1080p – Christina Sapphire – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

He woke up in an unfamiliar room. His blurry, tired eyes looked down to see painted fingernails and smooth, shaven legs. “I don’t remember this happening at the party last night,” he mumbled to himself. “This is a little weird. And my toenails, too?”
His fingers pressed against his throat. “My voice is lower than this…” he said confused. “I mean…I think it is. Everything sounds funny.” He quickly realized he was wearing lingerie, and underneath that, he had female body parts in place of his usual male parts. “Uh…dude, what the hell happened?” he asked examining his feminine figure. “These are not mine.”
His fingers ran through the long, straight, dark hair that fell past his shoulders. “Smells good, too. Girls use nice shampoo,” he said smelling its pretty scent. “And the ears are pierced….and a wedding ring? What the hell is going on?”
He walked off to find a mirror to see what he looked like. “Glasses? Well, I wear glasses so that’s okay. Lipstick? Am I wearing eyeliner?” he said with his face pressed up against the glass. But then it hit him. “Wait…” He pulled back from the mirror and stared at his reflection. “That’s my mom! That’s…that’s…my mom. That’s…I’m not supposed to look like that,” he said in shock. “Oh my god…”
Although he was surprised, he couldn’t help but continue examining his new, beautiful, mature body. He had never seen Mom in this way before, and being inside of her made it that much more interesting. He walked back out to the bedroom and began to strip off his lingerie. He fondled, groped, grabbed, and licked his new female body parts. Everything felt so good…so different from his own male body.
He would eventually learn how to masturbate as a woman, rubbing his fingers against his clit, and then penetrating himself. There were so many exciting things to explore – even Mom’s tight, little asshole.
He wasn’t sure how this happened…why it happened. All he knew was that he loved being inside a woman’s body and all the pleasures that came with it – even if it was his mom’s.


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