Mom Teaches Son - FaceFuck - Sammi Starfish

Mom Teaches Son – FaceFuck – Sammi Starfish

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi. I have come to really enjoy doing family taboo videos and I honestly believe this is one of my best performances in that genre so far. In this one I am the mother of a boy who just turned 18 and is a senior in high school. The video starts off with him walking in the door just as he got off of school. He is nervous and asks me if he can talk to me about something. Of course being the loving mother that I am I’m happy to listen to his problem. He confides in me that he is not comfortable talking to his father about this because he is afraid of him over-reacting. So I listen as he is embarrassed to tell me that he is still a virgin and that his new girlfriend told him that she was going to give him his very first blowjob later tonight. But he is not able to get excited about it like he should be because he is too nervous. And to make matters worse his girlfriend wants to be facefucked and he has no idea what he is doing. So to calm his nerves I decided to show him what sucking cock is supposed to look like by showing him on my 7.5 inch dildo that I keep in my purse. But he still is not quite understanding it. So finally I tell him it’s okay as I am unzipping his pants and pull his cock out. “Mommy is going to just show you because that will be easier”. He instantly gets rock hard as I use my hands and mouth on his penis. Now that he is hard we are ready to begin the lesson. I tell him to grab my hair tight as I am on my knees in front of him. Now push my head all the way down on your cock until you hear mommy gag. Just pretend I am your girlfriend so that it’s not weird. Now keep going harder and deeper until you feel your cock slide down mommy’s slippery throat. Don’t stop until I am gagging and spit is erupting out of my mouth. Now that you have mastered that technique lets try a different position. I will lay on my back with my head upside down off the couch. Make sure you video this so that you can study it later. Now push your cock down my throat hard and rough. You will hear me gagging uncontrollably, you will hear me gasping for air, and you will feel spit erupting out of my mouth down my face.. This is how you know you are doing it right. Don’t feel sorry for me… I have been sucking cock for 25 years and know what I am doing. Now grab the back of my head in that same position and push my head up and down on your cock fast and hard. You are going to worry that you are hurting me, but don’t. I know what I am doing. Just fuck my throat like it is a pussy. I can take it. And don’t stop until all of the cum has been drained out of you. As you are cumming push your cock deep down my throat and gag me. All of the cum will erupt out of my mouth and cover my face. This is how you know you are facefucking properly. It’s called a gagging throatpie. It’s the most important part of a face fuck so don’t forget that part. Now that mommy’s face is covered in spit and warm semen lets go have lunch out outside on the back porch. I’m going to leave all that spit and cum on my face so that you don’t forget what a woman is supposed to look like after you have fucked her face. If she wants to be facefucked you can’t just expect a blowjob. You have to use her mouth hole properly or she won’t be satisfied. I’m so glad I was able to calm your nerves and teach you an important part of life. I enjoy being your mother and I am here for you anytime you need me.. If you need any more lessons about life you know I am always here for you. — And remember that membership is the cheapest way to get all my videos. I release two new videos every single weekend so check back every week for new stuff. I also have thousands of pics and hundreds of vid clips on my CRUSH. So if you are a big fan of my big fit milf booty definitely subscribe there because I update my CRUSH with new content every single day. Enjoy the video… and definitely check out my many other family taboo and facefuck videos. I am constantly working to improve my skills in those genres 🙂

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Hard Throat Fucking Mom - Spitting Rough - Angie Noir

Hard Throat Fucking Mom – Spitting Rough – Angie Noir

Angie Noir: StepSon comes home and walks in on MOM fucking herself with a dildo! Welcum home son!!! ROUGH DEEPTHROAT blowjob! Mom gets on her knees for some Hard throat fucking, face slapping, ball sucking and a mouthful of sperm! Slutty mom spits it out onto her StepSon’s cock and he wipes it all over her face!! THEN kisses her sperm mouth!

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Cum Slut Mom throat Fucked - Nicole Rogue

Cum Slut Mom throat Fucked – Nicole Rogue

You’re getting ready to go with Mommy to the pool, and walk in on her changing. Oh my, how long have you been standing there?! Why aren’t you ready for the pool? You explain you have a little… issue, and look down at your dick (which is out, thanks to not wearing pants of any kind.) Your cock is rock hard, no wonder you’re having trouble with your swim shorts! We can’t have you being horny the entire time at the pool, why don’t you let Mom help you with that. Sit down, relax, and tell Mommy how you want her to jerk it. Can I put my mouth on it? Do you like when I play with your balls? How about when Mommy shoves your dick down her throat and gags and drools all over your shaft? My son has SUCH a nice dick!

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Nasty Sloppy Mommy Gag, Finger & Facial - Little Puck

Nasty Sloppy Mommy Gag, Finger & Facial – Little Puck

…”Hey sweetie, we need to have a talk. It’s nothing bad, don’t worry. I just noticed that you’re a growing boy, and growing boys have needs. Don’t they, sweetie? I see the way you look at Mommy, you need Mommy, don’t you? Yeah, you do. I’ve been wearig low-cut tops for you, no bras, waiting for you to make the first move… but you’re just such a good boy and so shy, you need Mommy to take control. Here, go ahead, grope Mommy’s breasts…see how does that feel? Omg! oook! you’re getting so big! Now Mommy’s gonna take care of everything…” Mommy gets on her knees and handles your penis. She loves sucking and spitting all over your dick, making her titties wet and glistening with spit as she gags on you again and again. She becomes more sluttish and whorish the more she gags, she begs you to make her submit to you. Her mouth getting wetter and dirtier as she gropes youur dick with her hands and mouth, loving on you with all her Mommy might. She can’t help herself from fingering her wet sloppy cunt as she sucks on you until finally she can’t take it and begs for you to touch yourself and masturbate for her while she fingers her pussy on the couch. She cums hard and rubs her wet pussy juice all over your dick and sucks it all off. She cums hard again and again…she’s totally mindfucked by how amazingly fucked up it is to be sucking her hot son’s cock! She gets sloppier and louder and crazier as she sucks and strokes you til she’s begging for your huge load and you can’t help but release an epic fucking nut on her face! But what she does next with your cum totally surprises you…but it’s such a fucking turn-on you can’t wait to see Mommy wants to do to you next….Featuring taboo roleplay, mother / son, dirty talk, ahegao, stroking, cock worship, handjob, blowjob, pov dildo sucking, fingering, massive cumshot facial, cum play, cum in mouth, impregnation fantasy, pov blowjob, pov handjob.

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Mommy Becomes Your Cum Hungry Whore - Natalie Wonder

Mommy Becomes Your Cum Hungry Whore – Natalie Wonder

Let me get this straight sweetie. Your new girlfriend is “too shy” to give you a blow job & doesn’t want to disappoint you? Okay. Well then you should guide her on what you like & what you don’t like. You have gotten blow jobs before I’m assuming, right sweetie? Oh my gosh, NO?! Never? I’m surprised. Hmmmm, I have an idea sweetie. Why don’t you let me give you a blow job? Your father used to love getting blow jobs from me. And I absolutely LOVE giving them. I can show you all kinds of tricks. My eye glasses & work attire make me look a bit innocent but I assure you I’m not. I have a feeling you want to see mommy down on her knees sucking your cock.
I need to warn you that I can get very naughty & nasty while doing it. When I suck cock I tend to become a cum hungry whore. I can’t help myself when I’m giving a blow job. I want to make you feel so good & get that cum out. I want you to choke me with that cock, make mommy work for your cum. I want to impress my number one boy. Even when your cock is in my mouth.


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Mom Mind Controlled and Face Fucked - Bettie Bondage

Mom Mind Controlled and Face Fucked – Bettie Bondage

Your mom comes barging into your room, complaining about all the dirty clothes in your room, threatening to disallow you from having friends…so you turn on your mind control machine. You’ve been dying to try it out! Immediately, her mind blanks. You can see it in her eyes. You program her to take her tits out – you’re so sick of her complaining, you’re going to shut her up. With your cock. Deep, deep in her throat. You make her call you master, getting her on her knees and throat fucking her into a tear-streaked, gagging, drooling mess. You give her a thick, deep throatpie and watch as she gags and drools your cum all over herself. What an improvement.


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