Discovering Your Sister's Girlcock - Marceline Leigh

Discovering Your Sister’s Girlcock – Marceline Leigh

As you’re walking past your sister’s bedroom one night you can hear moaning and sounds of pleasure coming from inside. The door is half open, so you can easily see inside. You know that it is wrong to spy on your sister like this, but you can’t help yourself. And what you see shocks you. Your sister is on her bed jerking her cock! Yes! Her cock! You can hardly even believe what you are seeing. You stand there, mouth agape, until your sister turns her head and notices you standing in the door frame. She cries out and covers herself up before demanding that you come into the room to talk to her. OMG! How… how much did you see?! I can’t believe you caught me doing… what I was doing. I am so embarrassed right now, omg. Well, at least now you finally know my secret. Your sister has a girlcock. You probably think that I am a total weirdo… Wait.. you think that it is hot?! You really think that your sister’s girlcock is sexy? Well, I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I’m happy that you like it, though. Because.. well… the thought, the fantasy, that I was jerking off to.. was you. I’ve just, I’ve always thought you were so hot and sometimes when I think about you my dick gets so hard and I can’t help but jerk off right then and there. Since you think that my girlcock is hot maybe you want to see it up close. And maybe you can help me out with this raging hard on. My dick is absolutely throbbing right now. Omg… it is so hot seeing my brother down on his knees in front of me like this while I jerk my cock. I never thought in a million years I’d be in this situation. This is sexier than any fantasy I could’ve ever dreamed up. You want this girlcock, don’t you? Tell me just how much you want your sister’s dick. Have you ever even sucked cock before? No? Well, I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it. Wrap your lips around the head and just do exactly what I say. Mmmm, you’re so good at this. You’re going to make me cum. And I know you want my huge, salty load. Where should I cum? Your sexy face? In your hot warm mouth? Or how about in your tight asshole? If you’ve never sucked dick before I’m sure you’ve never been penetrated before either. I want to be the first. I want to be the first one inside of my brother’s tight virgin asshole. Let me warm you up by fingering you first. I’m going to stretch you out a bit so my thick cock will fit. You’re so tight, I know your asshole is going to absolutely devour my cock and suck it right in. Mmmmm, this feels so amazing. Going in and out of you like this. You’re so tight it’s like a vice grip. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my huge load up your ass and fill it up to the brim with hot, creamy jizz. …That felt absolutely amazing. But, you still need to cum. Turn around and suck my cock again. You see how hard you still have me even after shooting out that huge load? Only you do that to me. Only you can make your sister’s cock this rock hard. I’m going to cum again, and I want us to both cum at the same time. And when we’re done, I’m going to have you lick up all my hot, sweet and salty cum.

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v403 Son Helps Futa Mom With Hard Cock - Brooke Dillinger

v403 Son Helps Futa Mom With Hard Cock – Brooke Dillinger

What happened to me!? All the sudden I woke up with a hard boner between my legs! Where did this come from and how do I make it go away! I need help figuring out how to fix my problem, but the only other person home is my son who’s in his room. I sneak into his room and wake him up and admitting how embarrassing it is to have a boner that wont go away. My son is amazing and agrees to help me out, he coaches me on how to jerk my cock off. I can tell that he likes watching his mom jerk off her new cock, and seeing his hard cock through his pants starts to turn me on. He pulls his cock out and starts jerking off with me, I can’t stand it anymore and I climb on top of him and start rubbing our cocks together! This makes me insanely wet so I climb on top of his hard cock and ride him while I’m jerking off my hard cock. He fills me with his sticky cum the exact same time when I bust all over him! I’m so thankful to have an amazing son who helped me with my hard cock!

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BJ Training Mommys Cock - Ondrea Lee

BJ Training Mommys Cock – Ondrea Lee

I teach daughter how to suck my strap on cock to prepare her for Daddy. I tell her Daddy loves blow jobs and she will be helping mommy out from now on. I give her very spefici instructions on how to suck my strap on and in the upcoming video we put her skills to test and give daddy the best shared mommy daughter blow job ever.

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Sweet Mother Futa Training - Siena Rose

Sweet Mother Futa Training – Siena Rose

I arranged a late night intimate gathering of futa mommies to surround me while I demonstrate how to peg like a sweet mother. I have my boys lay close to me while I am on my side so they can suck my titties and wrap their legs around my waist. My beautiful futa momma cock is out to where you can see it, along with my vibrating lush which purrs in my pussy the whole time. I talk sweetly to you in a soft innocent voice while I encourage the other mommas to stroke and come up to unload their cum on you at different times. Then I ease you over so I can show the other beautiful futas in training on how to make my sweet boys cum when I peg them. Shot to have a dark, yet sweet intimate feel.

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Futa Mommy Fucks Son - Evamarie

Futa Mommy Fucks Son – Evamarie

Watch me back with my son but this time ive changed my son has been touching it with his finger tips in the night and its made it grow bigger and bigger… I tell my son his touch has made mommy very happy and tingle in places i never knew possible… I ask my son if he wants to explore mommys erection… he runs his tongue over the tip and licks mommys nut sack…. I leak precum and he brings me to the edge but im not ready yet… I tell him to lay on his side mommy wants us to be one… i want to feel us closer… i slowly slide my erect penis into his bottom and my nut sack hits his back… I go slowly telling him how much i love him and that soon hes going to feel a warm liquid inside him but thats okay its perfectly normal…. I go slighty faster and release my load deep inside my son before turning on my back and telling my son to squat above me to get it all out…. Such a good boy..

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Suck Mommy's Cock - Penelope Peach

Suck Mommy’s Cock – Penelope Peach

Mommy got a call from school today… I hear you’ve been telling girls to suck your dick? Revolting! But don’t worry, Mommy knows the perfect punishment. You won’t be going around demanding an act you wouldn’t be willing to preform yourself. You realize there’s a dildo next to you and Mommy has your lesson all planned out. She teaches you how to suck and gag on cock , lightly degrading you along the way. Just when you think its over and, surprisingly, you’re about to cum in your underwear… Mommy has a second surprise for you. She lifts her dress and you are shocked to see a huge, hard, perfect dick swing in your face. She tells you to open wide and completely face fucks you. All your delusions about not liking cock go right out the window because you’re harder than ever. Finally, after endlessly ramming her dick down your throat her blows a huge hot load in your mouth. You keep her taste in your mouth and, lucky for you, she decides to let you cum. She makes you repeat a mantra three times: “I am a cock sucking, dick loving whore.” and before she leaves she assures you that if you ever disrespect a woman again, Mommy will makes sure everyone knows how much you enjoy sucking dick.


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Futa Family Holidays (HD MP4) - Miss Penny Barber

Futa Family Holidays (HD MP4) – Miss Penny Barber

I am so happy that my little man has found a great girl with a huge cock, just like mine. I always taught Sam that his place in the world is as a cocksucking servant to the superior futa females in his life and that is why I know Ella is just the perfect dickgirl for him.
Even the happiest families can experience a little holiday tension though so when Ella suggests that she has bigger cock than me, it almost turns into a full blown futanari family feud! The only way to settle this size matter peacefully is obviously a double blowjob from Sammy. He is going to take his futa facefucking like a good boy and then let Ella and I know which one has the biggest dick. Poor Sammy is going to end up with a very upset Mommy or a pissed off girlfriend but at least he will get to worship two giant futa cocks first!


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Futa Mommy Cock Size Comparison (HD MP4) - Miss Penny Barber

Futa Mommy Cock Size Comparison (HD MP4) – Miss Penny Barber

Are you wondering about the big bulge in Mommy’s short shorts? Maybe feeling a little jealous of the size of it? I am happy to show you mine, if you show me yours…BUT whoever has the smaller dick has to give the other person a blowjob!
I hope you are not too shy to compare your cute little erection to Mommy’s huge cock. We can even stroke together for a while to give you a chance to make yours get bigger. Mommy enjoys watching you play with your cock almost as much as I’ll enjoy getting mine sucked!


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The Hot Neighbor MILF's Big Cock - Diane Andrews

The Hot Neighbor MILF’s Big Cock – Diane Andrews

“If you could wear hosiery and of course something showing your boobs. You will be sitting on the bed talking down to two of the neighborhood guys. You are asking them how come they are always hanging out at your house instead of being outside playing with all the other guys. Hmmm you say you think you know why. They have heard the rumors and they want to see it! They are confused how you are such a beautiful woman but could actually have one of those. You say well I don’t know. You guys may not be ready yet.
You think about it some more and say well okay but you have to keep it a secret and they have to do and say whatever you tell them to. They agree so you begin by telling them they have to call you mommy. Don’t worry about why just do it. Now ask mommy if she will show you her tits. You smile and pull them out. Now ask mommy if you can see her lady cock. They ask so you pull it out and begin to stroke it. I bet its much bigger than yours. Lets see. Pull out those little cocks so mommy can see. You smile. You lean your hips towards the camera and down below it and tell both of them to rub it. It will be mostly out of view below the camera You begin working your hips and moaning as they stroke you. That’s good. Stroke mommy’s cock. You reach down and briefly rub theirs. See we can help each other. Doesn’t it feel good when I stroke your dicks. You start getting real horny. You choose the shorter one. You say okay tell mommy you want to suck her cock. That’s a good boy. You look over at the other one and say no I want him to suck it. I have something else planned for you since you are bigger. Did you know you have a pussy. Oh yeah. I’ll show you in a minute. Okay first let me kiss you so you lean down and kiss him. Now kiss mommy. Open your mouth and let mommy put her tongue in there. You kiss him. Then you stand up and say okay open your mouth for mommy’s cock. Slide the strap on down below the camera like it is going in and out of his mouth as you work your hips. It feels so good. Moan a lot and tell him how good his mouth feels. He’s such a good cock sucker for mommy. You do this for a little while but then pull out saying whoa I don’t want to cum just yet but don’t worry mommy is going to let you swallow her cum. Be patient.
You look over at the bigger one and say lay down on the bed and pull your legs way back. Mommy’s going to show you how to use that little pussy. The camera changes to where it is looking right up at you. You begin pushing your strap on into him. Working your hips. When you are done pushing it in the strap on will actually be out of view. The rest is virtual sex. You over the camera pumping your hips. You look at him while you fuck him smiling and moaning. You talk dirty. Do you like it when mommy fucks your tight little pussy. Tell mommy to fuck you. You kiss him several times as you fuck him. You look over and talk to the other one. See what I’m doing? Don’t worry your time will come. This goes on for a while (make sure your boobs are out). You begin to realize you are about to cum so you pull out. The camera changes as you walk over to the younger one and push your cock down below the camera again working your hips. You are so close you order him to finish you off. Make you cum. Suck all the cum out of you and orgasm while he swallows it. You stand back holding your cock smiling and say what good boys you are. Now remember this is our little secret.”


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