Bad Friends: Mom is Forced to Fuck Son & His Friends, POV - Forced Sex, Crying - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nikki Brooks

Bad Friends: Mom is Forced to Fuck Son & His Friends, POV – Forced Sex, Crying – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks

An intense taboo fantasy – not for the faint of heart. VERY EXTREME! Created for those interested in something far more than your typical family video.
Mom let out a big, tired yawn when you and your two buddies entered her bedroom. “Hey boys,” she smiled, “how are you? I’m not an old lady! What time is it? Okay, maybe just a little. What’s up, babe?”
She had ordered you boys three pizzas and a movie to watch, but now you guys were finished and bored. “I don’t know, what do you guys want to do?” she asked. “Stop! Stop jumping on the bed, I’m tired guys.”
Your buddies brought up watching an R-rated movie and Mom immediately shut down the idea. “I’m sorry if that makes you look uncool, sweetheart…” she whispered, “I’m going to respect what their parents say.”
However, after some coaxing, Mom reconsidered and went to reach for the remote to rent the movie. “Hey, don’t do that,” she said strictly with wide, surprised eyes. “Your friends are here, stop it.” You tried to show off by grabbing your mom’s big tits in front of them. Mom tried to pretend it didn’t happen, but they noticed, and she awkwardly had to explain that that wasn’t okay to do.
“Whoa, hey, you should keep your hands to yourself,” Mom said frightened when your friend joined in and shoved her. “Don’t you think, sweetie, that your friend should keep his hands to himself?” she turned towards you desperately. “Right?”
She could tell things were going in a bad direction, so she threatened to contact everyone’s parents about their behavior. That was a bad move on her part. “Excuse me, what did you just say?” she narrowed her eyes at your other friend, then turned towards you. “You’re going to allow your friend to say I’m dressed like I’m some slut? Really? These are the people you choose to be friends with and bring into your home?”
Mom wanted the party broken up – everyone needed to go home. On top of that, she made it clear that you were never going to hang out with these guys again. “Watch your tone,” she snapped at you. “You’re grounded: 1) for not standing up for your mother, and 2) for letting your friends disrespect you in your home.”
“What’s gotten into you?” Mom pulled back from your violent grab. “No, I’m not going to show you my fucking tits. I should slap you across the face for the way you’re behaving. Who are you right now?” You were beyond embarrassed for the way she talked to you in front of your friends and for the way she was treating them.
The three of you were going to teach her a lesson. She was practically begging for it with her little, slutty nightgown. You and your buddies would grab her, touch her, shove her, and force her to stroke and suck your cocks. You’d each have your turn penetrating her tight, pink pussy and fucking her as she begged for you to stop.
“Sweetie, tell your friends to stop, please,” she cried and screamed. “Do something!” She tried to fight it, smacking your hands, but it was helpless. “Baby, please listen to me, these are not your friends. Let go of me!”
The three of you would break her. Traumatize her. Take advantage of her. She’d never be the same again. She’d never disrespect you again.

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Dad Forces Son & Daughter to Fuck in Front of Him - Brother Creampies Sister, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Amanda Bryant

Dad Forces Son & Daughter to Fuck in Front of Him – Brother Creampies Sister, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Amanda Bryant

Warning: this is an extreme clip. This video has been created for those interested in a more intense & disturbing family experience.
Something was off about Dad. He had told you and your sister to go into his bedroom, then locked the door behind him. “Why’d you want us in here, Dad?” your sister asked. “Why are you being weird? Are you…Daddy, are you okay? There’s no way I’m doing that.”
“I mean…are you okay with this?” she turned towards you in utter shock, then back at Dad. “We’re-we’re not doing that, you can’t make us do that. You know that’s inc*st, right?” It was disgusting, disturbing…perverted. Your own father wanted to watch you and your sister fuck right in front of him.
“I’m not fucking my brother,” Amanda resisted. “Daddy, I…I can’t do that, please don’t make me do that. I’m not comfortable with that.” Dad’s tone was harsh, strict, and forceful, which caused you and your sister to be frightened. He had never acted this way before, and Mom wasn’t there to help you.
“I don’t want to touch you, I don’t want you touching me,” Amanda’s eyes shifted towards you uncomfortably. “I really don’t want to fuck you, I’m sorry. Like, I love you, but Daddy, that’s fucked up.” The more your sister stalled, the angrier Dad got. In an attempt to calm him down, she agreed to take her shirt off, but that wasn’t enough.
“Look away, don’t look at me,” Amanda snapped at you, but you didn’t know what to do either. She covered herself up, but Dad demanded that she expose herself, and when she did, he pulled out his cock. “Dad, stop, put it away,” she said disgusted, but Dad was ready for a show.
Next he’d make her take off her panties, spread her legs, then get ready to touch you. “I’m so sorry, I don’t want to touch your dick,” she whined, her eyes looking at you helplessly. “Daddy, please don’t make me touch his dick. Maybe if we just get it over with, he’ll leave us alone and we can talk to Mom about it.”
She wrapped her soft hand around your cock and began stroking it, her eyes shifting every which way in an attempt to avoid yours. “It’s so awkward…” she cried. “Daddy, please stop stroking your cock where I can see you.” Without any control, your cock started getting hard, and your sister became even more upset because she thought you were starting to enjoy it.
“Oh god, you know he’s going to make us fuck, right?” her eyes were wide and traumatized. “I don’t want to do it.” Things only got worse when Dad wanted to spice up the show by making your sister go down on you. Amanda begged for this to be over with, but you both knew that you’d be forced to have sex with one another.
And that’s exactly what happened. Dad demanded that you penetrate your sister’s pussy while he jerked off in the corner shouting commands at both of you. “What do you mean? No, Dad, he can’t cum inside of he,” Amanda’s voice was panicked. “No, I’m not on birth control – what happens if I get pregnant? What am I going to tell people? What am I going to tell Mommy? I’m having my brother’s baby because he came inside of me, and Dad is an inc*stuous pervert and wanted us to fuck in front of him?”
She begged and cried for you not to cum inside of her, but you didn’t have a choice – you were forced to follow Dad’s orders. While she sat there filled with your cum, Dad wanted to hear her say dirty, fucked up stuff. “Do I have to say that? Really?” she cried, then repeated what she was told to say. “I love my brother’s cum inside of me. I really want to be impregnated by my brother, and oh god, your cum is so good, it feels so hot and wet inside my pussy. It’s so…deep in there.”
Amanda cried. She tried to talk sense into your Dad. She wanted to get up, to take a shower, to go to the store to get a Plan B pill so she wouldn’t get pregnant. She promised that the both of you forget about what had happened, that you wouldn’t tell Mom, that you’d make it all disappear. So, Dad agreed to take her to the store, and the two of you would never speak of it again.

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Zoey Taylor - Mom Makes Brother & Sister Get Along - Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV - HD 1080p

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Zoey Taylor – Mom Makes Brother & Sister Get Along – Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV – HD 1080p

A brand new family member – meet the beautiful Zoey Taylor.
“Can you get out of my room?” your sister, Zoey, said irritated. “I’m so sick of you always being in here.” The two of you were always arguing and fighting – it didn’t matter what it was about. Just being within eyesight caused her to get frustrated, and she couldn’t stand the thought of you talking to her friends.
Mom was done with it. She couldn’t handle the screaming, whining, or arguments anymore, so she made it her mission to fix it. “Look what you did,” Zoey sighed,” you were so loud that Mom came in.”
“No, I’m not going to get along with him,” Zoey turned towards Mom. “He’s annoying, he’s in my room again. You can’t force us to get along. Can you just make him leave?” Mom wasn’t putting up with it. Instead, she told you and your sister to strip down in front of one another. “You want us to get naked? That’s weird,” Zoey’s eyes narrowed. “That’s not going to make us like each other any more. He can’t see me naked, he’s my brother.”
When Mom threatened to ground the two of you, you and your sister decided to cooperate. “I’ll get it over with, I guess,” Zoey rolled her eyes. “It’s embarrassing. I don’t wanna see him naked either.” She stripped down to her lingerie, then sat in front of you and Mom. But that wasn’t good enough – Mom wanted her completely naked and exposed.
“I just feel really uncomfortable with this,” Zoey whined. “He’s staring at me, he’s right there. I can’t believe you’re making us do this.” Now that the two of you were naked, Mom forced you to look at one another, which made things awkward.
“What? No…I’m not going to touch his cock,” Zoey said in disgust, “he’s my brother. I can’t stand him, let alone seeing him naked, it’s just gross.” Mom didn’t budge – she meant what she said, and eventually, your sister had her soft hand wrapped around your cock. “I don’t like stroking my brother’s cock, this is weird,” she sighed.
Mom then commanded her to suck your cock, and she obediently put it into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it. “He has to lick my pussy now…?” her eyes widened. “Mom…I mean, at this point, when even bother arguing back, right? It won’t do any good.”
She lied back, spread her legs, and gave you an uneasy face. “It’s weird seeing my brother in-between my legs,” she said uncomfortably. “My skin is crawling. I guess this is it, right? You want him to fuck me next…? That’s really gross. Well, go ahead and fuck me like Mom says. I’m going to lie here like this.”
Your sister looked up at you, her arms crossed underneath her massive boobs. “And don’t enjoy this too much,” she told you sternly. You penetrated her and she tried to avoid looking at you. “This feels weird, Mom,” she said. “I don’t like watching my brother fuck me.”
Mom then told her to flip over. “I guess fuck me doggy,” she sighed. “Just hurry up and cum, I’m ready for this to be over.” You fucked her until you finally erupted inside her tight pussy. “I felt you cum,” she said awkwardly. “Ugh, it’s just wrong, having my brother cum inside me…”
“Have we bonded enough?” Zoey asked, her big butt in the air and her pussy exposed. “I guess I can stand him now…I don’t know.”

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Please, Not Again: Wasted Son Fucks Unwilling Mother, POV - Forced Sex - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina

Please, Not Again: Wasted Son Fucks Unwilling Mother, POV – Forced Sex – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina

Warning: this is an EXTREME taboo clip…one where you get to drunkenly take advantage of your poor mother…
It was late and her son still wasn’t home. “Hey honey…” she called him, “what time are you going to be home? Are you at a party? Can you please come home…you’re not supposed to be out that late. And please don’t drink, you know how you are when you start drinking…”
But Mom could already hear the slur in her son’s voice and that made her nervous. He hung up on her, and as anxious as she was, she tried to get some sleep. A few hours later, Mom woke up to her son slamming against the walls of her bedroom.
“Honey, go back to your room…you’re really wasted right now,” she said uncomfortably, her eyes wide and scared. “I don’t like it when you’re wasted – you know how you behave. No, don’t touch me…” She pushed him off of her several times, but he was relentless.
“Stop it, you’re not supposed to touch me!” her teeth clenched. “Don’t do it again!” She screamed and begged for him to go back to his room, but things only progressed. He pulled at her lacy lingerie, then groped at her beautiful, mature body.
“Honey, I don’t want you to do this…please…what do you want me to do so you don’t have to do this? You can hang out with your friends anytime you want, just please…” her voice was desperate and shaky. She knew what was about to happen…it had happened countless times before when he was intoxicated, and there was never anything she could do to make it stop.
“Don’t do this…” she cried. “You know this is wrong, you know you’re not supposed to be doing this. Go sober up, okay? You don’t want to do this.” But he fingered her and flicked his warm, wet, sloppy tongue against her clit as she sobbed.
“Get off of me…this is wrong,” Mom told him, but he continued to penetrate her tight pussy. He was far stronger than she was, so there was no use in fighting him like she had done in the past – she had to take it until he was done.
“Please go…please go…go away,” she begged, her pussy full of his cum. He got up, slamming against the walls, and headed back to his room.

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Blackmailing Mom - Mandy Flores

Blackmailing Mom – Mandy Flores

My son comes home from school and spys on me through my bedroom door, watching me searching for my shirt. He makes a small noise and startles me and Im trying to cover myself. I explain I went shopping and wanted to show him my new outfit and could he please help me look. He pretends to look but instead gets great views up my skirt while Im bending over. I turn around to show him I found it resulting in my tits right in my sons face. I apologize but he comments on them and tell me they are nice. He shouldnt say those things about his mother. Im shocked but then I apologize for thinking he means anything else but to compliment his mother. I ask him what he thinks and model a little. Does he think the outfit is too slutty or revealing? I bend over and he gives me the approval that he cant see down my shirt but then tell me to bend over a little more. Little more until Im down on my knees. He says it a great outfit and not slutty at all but indeed it actually is and he’s getting a great show out of it. When I stand up I trip and fall on to the floor with my legs spread. Its too much for him to resist and he holds me down and gropes my ass. Im yelling at him to get off me. What is he doing! This isnt funny anymore, get off me. He finally lets up and I ask him to leave and what has gotten into him! Im going to be telling his father about his behavior. He then tells me that he’s been watching me fuck the neighbor and he got a great show this morning. I deny it and good try trying to get out of being in trouble. He then tells me specific details I cant deny and tells me if I dont do everything he tells me to do that he’ll also have something to tell daddy about. I plead with him. Please dont, your father is a powerful wealthy man and I’ll be out on the streets! He tells me to shut up and get on the bed and strip for him. He makes me twerk my ass and take off my panties. Im very upset and begging him to stop. Why is he doing this to me? Pleading that if he stops now that I’ll forget the whole thing. He takes out his dick and starts masturbating to me. Im appalled but at his mercy. He forced me to hump my pillow and pretend I like it. Tells me to moan and grind. It starts to feel good and I cant fight it any more. I begin to moan into an orgasm I cant control and my sons cums on my ass. Im left laying there wondering what happened and scared to what he’s going to make me do next. ..Mandy Flores

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Son Controls Mom's Body with Magic Wand, POV - HD 1080p - Ivy Secret

Son Controls Mom’s Body with Magic Wand, POV – HD 1080p – Ivy Secret

“Oh, what’s that, honey?” Mom smiled sweetly. “Do you have a new toy?” First off, it wasn’t a toy. You loved your new magic wand. It was a long wooden stick that had been smoothed out, and at the end of it was a pink quartz crystal wrapped in silver.
“A magical wand…oooohhh,” she pretended to be impressed. “I bet it really does work. You wanna try it? You gonna put a spell on your mom?” You held onto the wand, flicked your wrist, and Mom barked. Her eyes narrowed in confusion, “I don’t know what that was…maybe something was in my throat.” It was apparent that she was a little embarrassed by the sudden, uncontrollable act, so you went ahead and tried again.
Mom sat up on the couch, and her arms and hips started moving in a silly manner. “This is starting to get a little weird,” she mumbled to herself, but you were determined to give yourself a show. Another flick of the wand, and she was bobbing her head like a rockstar, her hair flying all over the place. “What is…” she started to say, but then it stopped, and she hurriedly fixed her messy red hair.
Some more flicks and she was groping her boobs, then swaying her hips from side to side as if she was dancing. Mom panicked as her body did things that she couldn’t control, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. She really had no idea it had been the wand the whole time.
Her hands started to undress her, “No, no…honey, don’t look, I don’t know why I’m undressing! Don’t look, this is so wrong.” She embarrassingly covered herself up as her eyes shifted towards the floor. Another flick of the wand and she was pulling her panties down, begging you not to look. “This is so inappropriate, I am so sorry. I really…I don’t know what’s going on,” she said nervously. “Where…where did you get that wand?”
She was starting to piece things together. The wand made her masturbate, then get down onto her knees and suck your cock. She pulled back after it wore off, ashamed of what she had done, but you didn’t stop there. She started spreading her ass for you, crying about how truly embarrassed she was to be doing it. She whined, “This is just awful…stop looking at me! I can’t stop doing this…”
Mom jumped in the air, her big, perky boobs bouncing along with her, and now she was furious. “Give me that wand,” she demanded, but you made her fall onto the bed instead, and she couldn’t move. She saw you pull down your pants to expose your big, hard cock, and a look of concern ran across her face. “Give me the wand…please,” she tried to reason with you. “Put your cock away. No, no…don’t, put it away.” But you roughly penetrated her, and she let out a soft, helpless moan.
“This is not okay!” her voice trembled. “Oh my god, I can’t move. Mommy is going to be sore on so many levels. You are going to be in trouble when I get out of this position!” She knew what you were planning next. “Don’t you dare,” she snapped at you. “You are definitely not cumming inside of your own mother. This is already so wrong on so many levels – there’s no way!” But you both knew that you would, even if she was begging you not to.
“Oh no, you did anyways,” she cried. The spell had worn off of her, and she was so mortified, ashamed, and disgusted that she couldn’t even look at you, let alone punish you. Perfect – an easy escape. After all, you were the one with the wand, and you could make her do anything you wanted.

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Son's Revenge on Mom - Forced Sex, POV - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

Son’s Revenge on Mom – Forced Sex, POV – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

Warning: this is an extreme clip.
You were furious. You stormed into Mom’s room screaming at the top of your lungs. “Can you…” she gave you a serious look, “stop yelling at me!” She was talking on the phone, but because you were causing such a scene, she had to hang up.
“Calm down!” she said sternly. “Excuse you, young man! What exactly is the problem? Slow down, slow down.” You explained that you had went into your room to see that your favorite action figures were gone. “You’re mad that I threw away your little dolls? Yeah, I threw them away,” she argued, “how old are you now? You are way too to be playing with dolls!”
It was obvious that Mom didn’t understand what they had meant to you, and it only infuriated you more when she called them “dolls.” She rambled on about how you should go meet other people instead of playing with toys – that it was time for you to “grow up.” She stood up to walk past you, and that’s when you decided to fight back – you’d make sure she’d never throw away another one of your toys, that she’d never disrespect you again.
You slammed her against the wall, your hand against her throat, and she gave you a terrified look. “What are you…what are you doing? Stop it!” she panicked with wide eyes. “Get your hands off of me – I am your mother! Do not touch me like that, I don’t like it. I know that you’re mad, but let me go.”
Not a chance in hell. She wanted you to interact with other people? Grow up? Okay, fine. You groped her big, perky tits and she cried…even begged you to stop. “Don’t grab me there!” she pulled back to button her shirt up. “No…you’ve made me really uncomfortable. Stop it!”
Things only got worse for her. You pulled up her black skirt, rubbed your fingers against her panties, then began to strip her down. She tried to fight you off, but didn’t stand a chance since she was weaker than you. “Don’t take my panties off,” she said desperately. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I upset you…don’t-don’t do that…” Her pretty, pink pussy was exposed now, and you rammed your fingers inside, then swirled your wet, warm tongue against her clit.
You wrapped your hand around her neck to throw her down on the bed, then penetrated her hole. “Please stop…” she cried, “you don’t know what you’re doing. Please don’t cum in me.” Even though poor Mommy didn’t want this…you could feel her pussy was wet around your cock. “No, sweetie…no…don’t do it, don’t do it…please don’t cum in me!” But the both of you knew you were going to do it.
“Please just let me go…I won’t even tell your father about this,” she looked up at you with exhausted, sad eyes, her pussy full of your seed. You patted her on the cheek as a sarcastic way to comfort her, then watched as she quickly gathered her clothes and began to get dressed.

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Son Gets a Private Show - Mom Finds Magic Ring & Can't Stop Dancing, Stripper - POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina

Son Gets a Private Show – Mom Finds Magic Ring & Can’t Stop Dancing, Stripper – POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina

When Mom came in to tidy up your room, she always made sure to do a thorough inspection of the place. She looked underneath the pillows, then opened your wooden drawers, and to her surprise, found a beautiful gift-box. “What’s this?” she asked curiously as she lifted the lid.
“Oh my god, cute!” she smiled examining the bulky, shiny ring. “He must be dating some girl. I wonder who he’s going to give this to.” Just then, you had entered your bedroom and caught Mom looking at the ring. “Ohhh…hey honey, I was just going through your room to see if there was anything bad in here…” she said, “I was just being a good Mom…and then I saw this ring, and the cute, little box. Are you dating a girl? You can tell me.”
You shied away from giving her any details about why you had it, which only intrigued her more, and she slipped it onto her finger. “She’s going to love it…whoever you give it to,” she said looking at it. The crystal ring began to glow and hum, and Mom’s hands moved up and down her body uncontrollably. “What’s…going on?” she said in disbelief. “What kinda ring is this? Why can I not control my body anymore? Where did you get this ring? Can you take this off of me?!”
Her body stood up, and she started to freak out as she struggled to get the ring off. “Why won’t it come off of me?!” Mom yelled. “Why are you watching? Why aren’t you doing anything?” Her hands continued to move along her gorgeous body, now groping and stripping her down for her son to see. Her perky tits were bare and exposed, her big butt was pushed out, and it started to bounce and twerk like it had never done before. It was as if her body was putting on a little strip show for you to enjoy.
“Why am I dancing like a stripper?!” Mom asked in utter embarrassment. Her hands played with her purple panties before taking them off, then her body threw her harshly onto the bed. “I don’t like this at all!” she cried, her big booty shaking obnoxiously. “This isn’t funny!” Her hips shifted up into the air in a very sultry and provocative manner, then her legs shook like a stripper trying to get tips.
She begged and begged for you to take the ring off, then threatened to ground you if you didn’t. Without your help, she would dance like a little whore all night long…and you’d enjoy every second of it. Of course, the ring was never intended for her, but somehow, this was far better than what you had planned to use it for.

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Son's Magic Wand - Son Forces Mom to Fuck Him, POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Son’s Magic Wand – Son Forces Mom to Fuck Him, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

You were thrilled that your mom had gotten you a new magic kit. You rushed to get the box open, then pulled out a pair of white gloves and a black wand with white ends.
“Do you like it?” Mom smiled sweetly. “So, what do you say when you do a magic trick? Do you say alakazam or abracadabra? Have you been practicing?”
You LOVED magic – of course you had been practicing! So, when Mom requested you do a magic trick, you could hardly contain yourself. “It’s so cute,” Mom said, “I love it when you get a new hobby.” With wand in hand, you flicked your wrist, and a huge puff of smoke appeared in front of Mom. “Oh my god, where’d my shoes go?” she asked shocked. “Wow! Honey, that is an amazing trick – how did you do that? That is too freaky.”
“Wha-what are you going to do now?” she asked when she saw the wand pointed at her. You flicked your wrist, and her pink dress disappeared, revealing her bare, perky tits. “Oh my god, honey, what did you do? I don’t even know how you did that…this is inappropriate. You’re being bad now. This isn’t cute anymore!”
Although she threatened to ground you, you didn’t stop there – you couldn’t, it was too much fun. Another flick of the magic wand, and now Mom was naked. Embarrassed, her hands quickly covered her exposed, private parts. “No, no! You go to your room. You’re not allowed to do magic anymore!” she yelled at you. “I don’t even know how you’re doing that, or how you learned this. I know that magic book I bought you didn’t teach you this!”
Mom tried to take the wand from you, but you just continued to make her do one thing after another. Without any control, she started masturbating, her fingers circling her clit. “Why can’t I stop this?” she panicked. “What did you do to me? Don’t look at me while I do this!”
Another flick, and she couldn’t stop herself from getting onto her knees. “No, no…get that cock away from me! STOP!” she begged, but couldn’t stop herself from putting it into her mouth. You pushed her back, and she gasped for air. “Don’t you dare do another trick on me,” she clenched her teeth. “You’ll be grounded for life!”
Another puff of smoke appeared in the air, and Mom was fighting herself from getting onto the bed. She laid back with spread legs, and you slowly penetrated her tight pussy and ran your wand down her gorgeous body. “Honey, please stop,” she cried. “Get off of me, honey, please.” She begged, pleaded, whined…but you weren’t finished just yet.
Once you came, you held up a finger in the air to indicate you had one more trick to show her. You flicked your magic wand, and Mom sat up with a big smile on her face. “Honey, I had the best time fucking you…” she said seductively, then quickly covered her face in horror. “I didn’t say that! What did you do to me? You know I’d never say something like that!”
Afraid you’d do another trick, she stood up, and quickly ran out the room naked, leaving her clothes behind.


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