Mom Rewards Good Grades with Footjob - Cattie

Mom Rewards Good Grades with Footjob – Cattie

You’re home from college and your Mom wanted to help you get settled in quicker by helping you unpack. However, as she’s going through your boxes, she comes across an abundance of dirty ladies socks… and holy sh*t… they’re her missing ones! She gives you a chance to explain yourself. And now it all makes sense… baffled she’d never caught on before… you’re obsessed with Mommy’s smelly feet! To your surprise though, your Mom decides to indulge in this. You got amazing grades in your classes and that deserves a reward! But you can NEVER tell anyone about what she’s about to let happen… EVER! Go grab Mommy’s lotion! You’re going to massage her feet, since she loves being pampered! And you both know how much YOU appreciate that too… If you do a good job at this task as well, Mommy will massage your dick with her soft toes and soles in return!

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But I AM Your Mother - Ivy Starshyne

But I AM Your Mother – Ivy Starshyne

Your Mom walks into your room and you quickly close the open windows in front of you. “Hey, I need to use your computer,” she says. “There’s this online auction I’m trying to follow. My stupid phone just died. Can you let me on? Thanks…” Well, you can’t just watch her, so you wander away and hope she stays on the web browser you opened. However, she’s not tech savvy, and she wanders into the downloads folder to find an… interesting folder. “Oh, gosh… what is this, mom stuff? Wow… MILFS in pantyhose? What’s a… oh gosh… These women are actually pretending to be his Mom?! Wow…” Her mind wanders. “Taboo thoughts about me? That’s wrong! I wonder what he’s doing when he’s alone… I bet he’s thinking about those inc35tuous fantasies! That porn! Maybe thinking about my mouth on his… while he’s…” And she gasps loudly. And now she’s plotting. “Ahhh, I’m going to make a fake profile. I’ll let him know that I’m aware of this.” You’re so busy doing other things that you’re missing all of this. Later that evening, she begins typing up an ad online. “I am a REAL taboo mother… I will only make custom videos for my son. You know you want to contact me, sweetheart. I totally know! Just look at my sexy mouth and lipstick. I bet you would LOVE to feel this tongue on your cock. Right, pumpkin? Oh, I love pantyhose! Look at my sexy nylon-covered legs… ass… pussy… Oh, and I know you love my feet! Wouldn’t a little footjob and then a blowjob warm you up before you go balls deep and plunder your real mother’s pussy? OMG no condom… Sweetheart, your gigantic load from your massive cock could get me pregnant! My own son loves his Mommy, right honey? Maybe we can even really meet since Mommy is horny for her son’s big, throbbing cock! So… order an inc35t-filled custom from your Mommy.” She is licking her lips. This is really getting exciting! She feels like she’s in a movie, catching the criminal in the act! Winking at the ad, she says, “Wow! I really got into this! Way more than I thought I would… Those mother fucking videos inspired me, I suppose.” Even later, amid much refreshing, she gets an email and hops out in excitement. The subject is “custom and busted”, and she smiles because he’s been caught! She reads the email aloud: “Please you are my ideal woman and I want a custom and I busted a massive load to you!” She is shocked but continues. “I borrowed my mom’s panties and pantyhose and milked a huge load into them… I came so hard when I was massaging my mom’s feet on my lap and she said I was a good son. She was excited for when I get married and give her grandkids… but she wasn’t even paying attention and her feet massaged my cock to orgasm about 5 times as she kept them in my lap!” A gasp and she nearly screams but keeps it together to keep reading. “She acts like a prude sometimes, but after that I have the hots for her! Since then, would it make you hot if I told you I cum in her food? Or creep in and cum in my Mommy’s mouth while she is knocked out? Or if I do it every night… I mean, not saying that I do… but I definitely mate with her used panties and pantyhose EVERY NIGHT! I really want to be balls deep in her pussy grinding her uterus while her cervix sucks my shaft…” Is she turned on, or horrified? It’s hard to tell. She reads the ending: “I know it’s wrong, but I want to make her my lover… she is my soulmate! I know it’s wrong, but luckily I get the same feeling from you.” And it’s apparent that he wants to meet her, so she decides to give him just that. Before though, she decides to tease him as his Mom. Coming into the living room in a robe and pantyhose, he’s antsy and she jokes that he wants to rush her out because… what, he has a date, perhaps? He doesn’t answer. She sits on the couch and teases him, showing off her feed in the pantyhose and smiling. Finally, she gets up and tells him to have a good night. Well, he’s going to have a good night… quite a surprising one! While he prepares for his fantasy online, she prepares to confront him. And she does! But after all the cruel words to him, she finds herself caving. “You WANT this? Well, I suppose I’ll have to do something about it then.” Believing initially that this will scar you, she finds that… no… this is all… just… so… good. Nothing wrong with this at ALL, hmmm?

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My Son's Cock Is as Big As My Feet Now - Goddess Wolfe

My Son’s Cock Is as Big As My Feet Now – Goddess Wolfe

You’ve just come home from the worst day of your life. Your girlfriend just told you, on the last day of school, that, now that high school is over, she wants to break up and start fucking other people. It feels like she reached in, grabbed the heart from your chest, and stomped all over it. The only person who has ever been able to make you feel better when you’re this upset is your mother. So, you head to her yoga room to find the consolation you so desperately need. As you enter the room, your beautiful mother is engrossed in her workout, but upon hearing her son’s sobs, she turns and immediately asks you what’s wrong. You tell her about your girlfriend’s heartless breakup tactic, and as expected, your loving mother comes to your defense. It’s been so long since you’ve been this upset, which causes your mother to feel a bit out of her element. She recalls how when you were little and you would come to her room crying, it always made you feel better to look at your Mommy’s feet while she encouraged you to stroke your little peepee, and asks if you want to try that again. As the words escape her mouth, the memories come flooding back; all your young ejaculations to your mommy’s feet. You feel ashamed, but your cock betrays you and stands erect in your pants… so when your mother looks up at you and tells you to show it to her, you can’t possibly resist… But this time isn’t like all those times when you were little. As you take ahold of your dick and pull it out, your mother’s jaw drops. She can’t believe her son has finally grown to be as big as his father… as big as HER FEET! She just has to wrap her soles around that big, fat cock of yours and make you forget all about that slutty ex-girlfriend she always hated. Your mother moans with pleasure as you blow your load all over her feet… but next time she wants it inside of her… maybe while you suck her toes? You’ll have to wait and see 😉

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Footjob Reward from Stepmom - Lady Fyre

Footjob Reward from Stepmom – Lady Fyre

Your stepmom walks into the living room & laughs at how you’re sitting around in your underwear. But it turns out it’s convenient for her because she has a surprise for you. She wants to reward you for your good grades & knows you’ve been staring at her feet. She wants to try giving you a footjob as a reward. She puts oil on her feet, wraps them around your cock and glides them up and down. She wraps her toes around you & uses her oiled-up, sexy feet to jerk you off. It feels so good that you shoot your load really far and still manage to cover her feet in cum.

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Aunt Dara Is A Nudist - Daras Daily Taboo

Aunt Dara Is A Nudist – Daras Daily Taboo

Aunt Dara is so happy her Nephew has finally come to visit her again. She gets to have him over for the whole weekend! It’s been so long, and she’s so excited to spend some quality time together. While they are hanging out, she tells him about how she can’t wait for the summer. She tells him that last summer, she became a nudist, and went to all the different beaches and campsites she could find.
Why wait till summer? He is a bit uncomfortable at first, but she pulls her dress down and exposes her breasts. It feels so good to be free! there’s no need to feel bad about a bit of nudity, it’s perfectly natural! They spend some time together while Aunt Dara is naked on the arm chair. They even take a selfie together while she is nude.
After some time, she starts trying to convince her Nephew to take some of his clothes off too. She wants him to experience being naked with her! It’s so nice to be free! It’s natural for humans! She tells him he is brave for letting himself be free and helps him undress.
Now that they are both naked, they can lounge around and enjoy their weekend together. They lay down on the big comfy couch together, and hang out for a bit before lunch. Aunt Dara laughs a bit, she notices her Nephew has an erection. She explains to him about the etiquette at nudist camps, and how it’s impolite to get an erection. But, she is also very supportive, it is his first time, and it’s a completely natural reaction. She playfully gives his hard dick some light taps with her feet while they talk together.
She continues to gently kick his dick around playfully while they talk and chat about how he should join her next summer at the nudist camp. She laughs and says he’ll get over it soon and his boner will go away. However, Aunt Dara starts to have a bit too much fun toying with his dick with her feet while they chat. She tells him she’s getting a bit horny, and her gently taps with her feet slowly turn into nice rubs.
She sits up and very casually continues to rub his hard dick with her feet. She gives him a nice gently foot job and even starts rubbing her pussy a bit. He can see right between her legs while she squeezes his dick between her feet. She even bends over in front of him and pulls his dick up and down with her feet while he stares right into her ass and pussy.
She lays down next to him and tells him not to worry. This must be so intense for him! His first time being naked like this and his aunt is giving him a foot tease and getting horny in front of him! She makes sure he is ok, tells him it’s their secret. Thats when she starts to suck his dick. She gives him to best auntie blowjob he could ever imagine. She is so cool, and it feels so good! Auntie’s pussy is so nice and wet. She sucks, and slobbers all over his dick, while looking deep into his eyes. She likes how hard he is over her. Life can be like this all the time if we just stay naked!
She is having a great time. She wants to help him out. She wants to suck and jerk him off until he cums. This will help him from getting a boner all the time if they are naked together. At least this way they can continue with their day and have lunch without him having a throbbing erection. She thinks he would like an orgasm anyhow, so she goes for it. She sucks his dick so nicely, her tongue sticking out and her beautiful eyes wide open. All it takes is for her to start talking about wanting him to cum all over her body and face before he shoots multiple warm ropes of cum all over her face and mouth. She is very pleased. This is the best way to start her weekend with her Nephew!

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Caught Staring At Mom and Moms Work friend Footjob HD - Maria Marley and Reagan Lush

Caught Staring At Mom and Moms Work friend Footjob HD – Maria Marley and Reagan Lush

Reagan and Maria have gone back to Reagan’s house to finish up some work after hours. Reagan lets Maria know that her son asleep so they can work with no distractions. As Reagan is going through her iPad with Maria they both cant help but to dip and dangle out of there heels. Unknown to Reagan and Maria Reagan’s son is actually up and is secretly staring at Maria and his Mom dip and dangle there sheer nylon feet out of there shoes. Maria notices something from the corner her eye. Maria sees Reagan’s son and is shocked. Reagan so embarrassed but Maria tells Reagan to not worry and she has a way to deal with this. Maria whispers something in Reagan’s ear and she nods back to her with approval. Reagan orders her son to get on the ground and take off his pants. Reagan has decided to deal with this by having a little fun with this little foot loser and to force her son cum from there pantyhose feet. Reagan and Maria stroke his cock as they verbally taunt him finally they make him cum from there sheer pantyhose soles and laugh at him as thy show off there cummy sticky soles.

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Caught Staring Step Mom’s Footjob Compromise HD - Ari Parker

Caught Staring Step Mom’s Footjob Compromise HD – Ari Parker

Your hot new step mom Ari is home from work and has to make you dinner. Ari knows she has to take care of you or your father will not pay for her new Porsche. Ari kicks off her heels and wrinkles her soles as she looks in the cabinets. Ari is frustrated and sees there is nothing to make. Ari turns around to tell you and notices you staring at her sexy tan bare soles. Ari gets a grin on her face and decides to make you a deal. Obviously you love her sexy bare soles and if you tell your dad shes been a great step mom she will let you cum from her feet. You cant help but to agree and Ari strokes your cock till you drench her bare soles.

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