Mom Shows Me That She Needs To Be Sexy - Krissy Lynn

Mom Shows Me That She Needs To Be Sexy – Krissy Lynn

Krissy Lynn – Mom Shows me that she needs to Be Sexy PART ONE 1080p
I am just checking out some hot milf porn on my phone one night and my mom comes home feeling very good from happy hour. She starts talking and all the things I’ve kept out of my mind are coming at me from her mouth. It’s really clear she knows what she wants.

Krissy Lynn – Mom Shows me that she needs to Be Sexy PART TWO 1080p
Ever since I gave my mom what she needs, she needs it all the time. She is really enjoying letting the slut she is show for me

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Jerk for Mommy's Feet - Kinky Kristi

Jerk for Mommy’s Feet – Kinky Kristi

Hey sweetie… I’m just getting ready for bed… lotioning my feet… making them so soft and silky… I know why you are standing there… staring at my feet… mommy knows what you want. I always know what you want. You don’t have to be so awkward about it. You can just ask me, you know. Mommy always gives her sweet boy what he needs… and you need my feet tonight, don’t you? You sure do… and I’ll give them to you. I love it when you play with my feet… suck my toes… rub my wrinkled soles all over your face. You love it too, don’t you? Ofcourse you do… you are mommy’s little foot boy and I love that you are. Mmmm… you sure are hard down there. It looks like mommy’s feet caused another erection! Well… you are such a good boy all the time, mommy is going to let you touch yourself while you are worshiping her feet tonight. That’s right sweetie… touch yourself while you are worshiping mommy’s sexy feet. Touch yourself… making yourself cum so hard while you are playing with mommy’s feet.

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My Son's Cock Is as Big As My Feet Now - Goddess Wolfe

My Son’s Cock Is as Big As My Feet Now – Goddess Wolfe

You’ve just come home from the worst day of your life. Your girlfriend just told you, on the last day of school, that, now that high school is over, she wants to break up and start fucking other people. It feels like she reached in, grabbed the heart from your chest, and stomped all over it. The only person who has ever been able to make you feel better when you’re this upset is your mother. So, you head to her yoga room to find the consolation you so desperately need. As you enter the room, your beautiful mother is engrossed in her workout, but upon hearing her son’s sobs, she turns and immediately asks you what’s wrong. You tell her about your girlfriend’s heartless breakup tactic, and as expected, your loving mother comes to your defense. It’s been so long since you’ve been this upset, which causes your mother to feel a bit out of her element. She recalls how when you were little and you would come to her room crying, it always made you feel better to look at your Mommy’s feet while she encouraged you to stroke your little peepee, and asks if you want to try that again. As the words escape her mouth, the memories come flooding back; all your young ejaculations to your mommy’s feet. You feel ashamed, but your cock betrays you and stands erect in your pants… so when your mother looks up at you and tells you to show it to her, you can’t possibly resist… But this time isn’t like all those times when you were little. As you take ahold of your dick and pull it out, your mother’s jaw drops. She can’t believe her son has finally grown to be as big as his father… as big as HER FEET! She just has to wrap her soles around that big, fat cock of yours and make you forget all about that slutty ex-girlfriend she always hated. Your mother moans with pleasure as you blow your load all over her feet… but next time she wants it inside of her… maybe while you suck her toes? You’ll have to wait and see 😉

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Taking Care of Pregnant Mom - Tammie Madison

Taking Care of Pregnant Mom – Tammie Madison

Since Mom is so far along in her pregnancy she is finding it difficult to do things. Her belly is so big and gets in her way a bit. One thing that she would really love for you to do is rub her feet and you are happy to oblige.
However, you find yourself deeply distracted while rubbing her feet because you can see right up her skirt and she is not wearing any panties! There she is, lying in front of you, pussy fully on show and moaning from the feel of your hands of her feet. Seeing her like this makes you hard. You want her. You want to be inside of your pregnant mom.
Lucky for you, Mom is horny for you too. Since your dad has been away so much, Mommy’s raging hormones have been unsatisfied. In this condition she is incredibly sensitive and amorous. She needs to be fucked and who better to take care of Mommy than her favorite son.

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Jerking over Step Mommy's Pantyhose? - DomDeLuxury

Jerking over Step Mommy’s Pantyhose? – DomDeLuxury

Well aren’t you a perverted little bitch ? I found My worn pantyhose under your pillow pervert and you ask Me not to punish you ? No way,you need discipline.You need Strap-on fuck and education. BAD BOY ,How lucky you are to have a step Mom so worried about you… What if you end up a dirty pervert? A gooner? An addict?

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Bitchy Step Mother Demands Your Cum - Taboo MILF Kristi

Bitchy Step Mother Demands Your Cum – Taboo MILF Kristi

Your father has been long term dating an incredibly hot yet total bitch of a woman. Even though she is the biggest bitch in the world, you can’t stop your cock from getting hard every time you see her feet. She has the sexiest feet ever and she always has her toes painted just the right color.
She has even caught you perving on her feet before… she never spoke of it to your father but she punished you in her own twisted ways.
She was irritated that it’s been months and still no wedding proposal. She is starting to worry that your father might not marry her after all… and no marriage means no money. Day by day she is increasingly frusterated and she continues to take it out on you.
Tonight was one of those nights… your bitchy future mother in law decides to punish you for just existing and your punishment is admiring her perfect body while she tries to come up with a solution to her problem. Not that you mind… her body is perfect and you have no problems doing as she says… but apparently you fucked that up too, just like everything else.
After a long bit of being degraded for being a bad boy, the idea finally pops into her head! She has decided that the only way this marriage is going to happen is if she gets pregnant… and it’s obviously not working with your father so now she has her eyes on you.
She tells you that you will impregnate her. You will fuck your bitchy future step mother and you will cum deep in her pussy and get her pregnant. It’s the only choice you have, she says. But don’t worry, she knows how much you love her feet so she is going to let you worship them while you fuck her.
She lies on the bed, sticks her feet in your face and demands your cock in her pussy!

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My Stepson has a foot Fetish masturbating with Mommy - Sally Dangelo

My Stepson has a foot Fetish masturbating with Mommy – Sally Dangelo

My Stepson has a Foot Fetish, and Masturbates with Mommy Sally D’angelo……………….. Nicky Rebel…………………… City Girlz Productions …… My 19 year old stepson is a trip, ever since I can remember every time he sees my BARE FEET he gets a raging BONER , now I tease him with it (when Daddy’s away) Come here honey, sit down next to Mommy, then I put my feet in his lab light up a Virginia slim and say how was your day dear, (he can’t take it) his cock is popping through his pants at this point, take off your clothes dear let’s do it again and masturbate together (he has such a nice cock for a young man) , I keep my feet in his lap stroke my pussy with a dildo and smoke my cigarette while he stares at my feet and flip flops, he can’t hold back he loves whacking off on Mommies feet.

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Footjob Reward from Stepmom - Lady Fyre

Footjob Reward from Stepmom – Lady Fyre

Your stepmom walks into the living room & laughs at how you’re sitting around in your underwear. But it turns out it’s convenient for her because she has a surprise for you. She wants to reward you for your good grades & knows you’ve been staring at her feet. She wants to try giving you a footjob as a reward. She puts oil on her feet, wraps them around your cock and glides them up and down. She wraps her toes around you & uses her oiled-up, sexy feet to jerk you off. It feels so good that you shoot your load really far and still manage to cover her feet in cum.

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