Bad Boys Wanking To Mommy Get Punished 1080p - Stella Liberty

Bad Boys Wanking To Mommy Get Punished 1080p – Stella Liberty

Mommy has to go out for the evening and you’ll be with a sitter. You want mommy to be happy right? She needs to go out on a date once in a while. How does mommy look? Hot, right? I’m fixing my hair and makeup and catch you wanking on your peepee when my back is turned. You disgusting little pervert. Mommy is going to wash your mouth out with her feet to teach you a lesson. You cannot wank your winky to mommy! Not allowed young man!!! Mommy loves you but this is deserving of a punishment. Lick mommy’s feet and her dirty high heels! Mommy still loves you but right now is pissed!

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Mom Rewards Good Grades with Footjob - Cattie

Mom Rewards Good Grades with Footjob – Cattie

You’re home from college and your Mom wanted to help you get settled in quicker by helping you unpack. However, as she’s going through your boxes, she comes across an abundance of dirty ladies socks… and holy sh*t… they’re her missing ones! She gives you a chance to explain yourself. And now it all makes sense… baffled she’d never caught on before… you’re obsessed with Mommy’s smelly feet! To your surprise though, your Mom decides to indulge in this. You got amazing grades in your classes and that deserves a reward! But you can NEVER tell anyone about what she’s about to let happen… EVER! Go grab Mommy’s lotion! You’re going to massage her feet, since she loves being pampered! And you both know how much YOU appreciate that too… If you do a good job at this task as well, Mommy will massage your dick with her soft toes and soles in return!

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Primal's Taboo Sex - Naomi Blue - Truth is in the Touch 720p

Truth is in the Touch 720p – Naomi Blue

Part One:
Naomi is just out of HS and is going to school for massage. She asks her brother Rion if she can practice on him and has her room all set up, she’s always been one of those girls that likes to have her hands on someone, the girl that hugs a guy and kind of runs her hands on his back, or touch a guys arms and shoulder while she’s talking to them, so it is a natural thing to want to do massage for a living. She’s never actually massaged a guys whole body before and while she is massaging Rion she has some embarrassing feelings, then, when she is massaging his front and sees the HUGE tent he is pitching she gets embarrassed and rushes out. But later, she comes into his room to talk to him.

Part Two:
There has been a lot of nervouse smiles between Naomi and her brother since the day she practiced giving him a massage, but they haven’t been alone in the house for while. She’s been working hard in school and her shoulders are sore and tired and she asks him to rub her shoulders, and then the embarrasing feeling Naomi had when she was the one giving the massage come back and she doesn’t hesitate this time.

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Mom Shows Me That She Needs To Be Sexy - Krissy Lynn

Mom Shows Me That She Needs To Be Sexy – Krissy Lynn

Krissy Lynn – Mom Shows me that she needs to Be Sexy PART ONE 1080p
I am just checking out some hot milf porn on my phone one night and my mom comes home feeling very good from happy hour. She starts talking and all the things I’ve kept out of my mind are coming at me from her mouth. It’s really clear she knows what she wants.

Krissy Lynn – Mom Shows me that she needs to Be Sexy PART TWO 1080p
Ever since I gave my mom what she needs, she needs it all the time. She is really enjoying letting the slut she is show for me

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Jerk for Mommy's Feet - Kinky Kristi

Jerk for Mommy’s Feet – Kinky Kristi

Hey sweetie… I’m just getting ready for bed… lotioning my feet… making them so soft and silky… I know why you are standing there… staring at my feet… mommy knows what you want. I always know what you want. You don’t have to be so awkward about it. You can just ask me, you know. Mommy always gives her sweet boy what he needs… and you need my feet tonight, don’t you? You sure do… and I’ll give them to you. I love it when you play with my feet… suck my toes… rub my wrinkled soles all over your face. You love it too, don’t you? Ofcourse you do… you are mommy’s little foot boy and I love that you are. Mmmm… you sure are hard down there. It looks like mommy’s feet caused another erection! Well… you are such a good boy all the time, mommy is going to let you touch yourself while you are worshiping her feet tonight. That’s right sweetie… touch yourself while you are worshiping mommy’s sexy feet. Touch yourself… making yourself cum so hard while you are playing with mommy’s feet.

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My Son's Cock Is as Big As My Feet Now - Goddess Wolfe

My Son’s Cock Is as Big As My Feet Now – Goddess Wolfe

You’ve just come home from the worst day of your life. Your girlfriend just told you, on the last day of school, that, now that high school is over, she wants to break up and start fucking other people. It feels like she reached in, grabbed the heart from your chest, and stomped all over it. The only person who has ever been able to make you feel better when you’re this upset is your mother. So, you head to her yoga room to find the consolation you so desperately need. As you enter the room, your beautiful mother is engrossed in her workout, but upon hearing her son’s sobs, she turns and immediately asks you what’s wrong. You tell her about your girlfriend’s heartless breakup tactic, and as expected, your loving mother comes to your defense. It’s been so long since you’ve been this upset, which causes your mother to feel a bit out of her element. She recalls how when you were little and you would come to her room crying, it always made you feel better to look at your Mommy’s feet while she encouraged you to stroke your little peepee, and asks if you want to try that again. As the words escape her mouth, the memories come flooding back; all your young ejaculations to your mommy’s feet. You feel ashamed, but your cock betrays you and stands erect in your pants… so when your mother looks up at you and tells you to show it to her, you can’t possibly resist… But this time isn’t like all those times when you were little. As you take ahold of your dick and pull it out, your mother’s jaw drops. She can’t believe her son has finally grown to be as big as his father… as big as HER FEET! She just has to wrap her soles around that big, fat cock of yours and make you forget all about that slutty ex-girlfriend she always hated. Your mother moans with pleasure as you blow your load all over her feet… but next time she wants it inside of her… maybe while you suck her toes? You’ll have to wait and see 😉

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Taking Care of Pregnant Mom - Tammie Madison

Taking Care of Pregnant Mom – Tammie Madison

Since Mom is so far along in her pregnancy she is finding it difficult to do things. Her belly is so big and gets in her way a bit. One thing that she would really love for you to do is rub her feet and you are happy to oblige.
However, you find yourself deeply distracted while rubbing her feet because you can see right up her skirt and she is not wearing any panties! There she is, lying in front of you, pussy fully on show and moaning from the feel of your hands of her feet. Seeing her like this makes you hard. You want her. You want to be inside of your pregnant mom.
Lucky for you, Mom is horny for you too. Since your dad has been away so much, Mommy’s raging hormones have been unsatisfied. In this condition she is incredibly sensitive and amorous. She needs to be fucked and who better to take care of Mommy than her favorite son.

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Jerking over Step Mommy's Pantyhose? - DomDeLuxury

Jerking over Step Mommy’s Pantyhose? – DomDeLuxury

Well aren’t you a perverted little bitch ? I found My worn pantyhose under your pillow pervert and you ask Me not to punish you ? No way,you need discipline.You need Strap-on fuck and education. BAD BOY ,How lucky you are to have a step Mom so worried about you… What if you end up a dirty pervert? A gooner? An addict?

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