Permission To Cum - Stella Sol

Permission To Cum – Stella Sol

Look at you all grown up and raging with hormones. You need some serious training or else you’re liable to never learn to accept your obsession with Mommy. Your horny dick needs My guidance and touch so much, indeed. MILF’s are the best because we know what young boys like you are weak for and we know exactly how to use it against you to get what we want. Your young, impressionable mind is so open and vulnerable, and we both know being teased by a Mother figure with a Stellar figure like mine is one of your deepest perverted fantasies to act out. You need a purpose and it’s to serve your step Mommy just like your father does. Just like so many men do and now it’s time for you to start openly jerking for your Mommy. I give you permission and I let you cum but you must first be a good boy and buy this clip. Then you practice a lot under Mommy’s commands and cum countdown.

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Step-MOMMY needs your SACRIFICE! - Fantasy ROLEPLAY - Gili Sky Queen

Step-MOMMY needs your SACRIFICE! – Fantasy ROLEPLAY – Gili Sky Queen

Step-MOMMY needs your SACRIFICE!
Step-Mommy is ANGRY at you!
You was a very RUDE bad boy!
You were AWAY all night long!
Party time? Oh comeon! You are MINE, and I dont allow any FREE WILL for you!
You will be only mine! You need OBEY me!
I dont SHARE you, with other girls!
You wanna be step-MOMMYS good boy?
I know you are STARING at me. What is in your mind?
I am wearing some MAGNIFICENT lingerie, and I will let you see it.
Step-Mommy confesses… shes been SECRETLY filming you, and has seen you MASTURBATION and fantasize about Step- MOM .
And you sniffed at mommy USED PANTIES, when you play with your COCK.
I know you dreaming about my JUICE!
Remember mommy pussy is so WARM, and step-mommy is so SWEET!
If you want more of your step-mommy you need do it SACRIFICE!
You are still my LIL boy and you will do what step- Mommy says.
Mom loves MONEY and GIFT.
Mommy ALWAYS gets what she wants, after all…. and one day MAYBE you too!

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