Mommy Turns You Into A Girl - Icy Winters

Mommy Turns You Into A Girl – Icy Winters

In this video, Mommy figures out that you want to be a GIRL!!! She’s very supportive, excited even, as she picks out new underwear for you, and helps you try them on. She’s very happy to have a brand new baby girl, one that’s perfectly obedient, and will do anything she says… She’s very excited to introduce you to a new therapy method to help your body “develop” called SURROGATE BONDING… she says its a perfectly natural method, where you consume the fluids that her body produces… and rub her fluid all over your body! You feel like maybe it’s working, you feel funny… but… it’s better to just do as mommy says isn’t it? Much easier than thinking about what’s happening to you… that’s it… good girl….

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How To Be Daddy's Favorite - Goddess Tatum Kelly

How To Be Daddy’s Favorite – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Daddy likes me way more than he likes you and you’ve always wondered why. It’s because I suck his cock. Yes, you heard me right. I suck his cock every single night and because of that, I get to have whatever I want whenever I want. Are you jealous, little bro? Lucky for you, I am feeling generous and I am willing to show you what Daddy likes. This way, you can be the favorite for once! But before we start, you’re going to need to put on a pair of pink panties. Daddy loves pink! And as for the dick sucking, well I am going to let you practice on my personal dildo. Am I the best big sis or what! You will be Daddy’s favorite in no time!

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Mom Gives You A Girly Make Over For Her Lesbian Fantasy - Miss Penny Barber

Mom Gives You A Girly Make Over For Her Lesbian Fantasy – Miss Penny Barber

I was planning to spend an evening with a nice glass of wine and my big book of Playboy centerfolds because I thought you had already gone to bed, sweetie. I just really enjoy the photography and well, maybe I like looking at the pretty girls too. Not as pretty as you though. Oh come on, I bet you would make a lovely girl.
How about you slip on a bra and panty set of mine and we see if it fits? If you are right then I will buy you concert tickets but if you can wear my clothes then I get to give you a makeover. Looks like someone is excited by just the idea of wearing his Mom’s panties. Don’t worry I think we still get these on over your little erection. I can’t believe how sexy you look all dolled up. You do make a very pretty girl but I think you would look even prettier with your lips around my strap-on cock.

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New Mommy - Roxana Rae

New Mommy – Roxana Rae

Last night your mommy and I had a long conversation about you. She was very worried that your small dick was running your life. She expressed to me your lack of pussy and how your tiny cock hasn’t really grown that much since you were a baby. She told me you should have been born a girl and that she regrets not raising you as one. Maybe then you wouldn’t feel so bad about not getting any pussy. We decided that I will be taking over as your new mommy and that I will be feminizing you from now on. I think your new life as a girl will be more fulfilling and you will no longer have to deal with the pressures of the male role. Now sit down and listen to mommy as I go over your first new lesson as a girl.


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