Blackmailing My New Step Mom 1080p - Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

Blackmailing My New Step Mom 1080p – Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

You come home and find your new ,hot step mom looking at a bank statement and looking very concerned! You grabbed the statement out of her hands to see what all the fuss was about and you see why!!! There is a $3000 charge for a new sexy dress and $1000 for matching shoes!!!! She tells you that it is none of your business and to give the statement back!!!! She tells you not to tell your dad , that she just moved in and doesn’t want him to think that she is a spend thrift! You tell her that Dad will not like this at all!!! But you have a way to keep your mouth shut if she will corporate!!! She tells you just to give it back and not tell your dad and that she will do anything to keep your trap closed!!!! You tell her to do a sexy strip tease out of that new $3000 dress!!! She is shocked and appalled !!! “Ok Ok, I will do a strip but that’s it”!!!!! Your dad will be home any minute!!! She strips slowly out of the dress and your cock grows stiffer and stiffer! You now tell her to get on her knees and work her tongue and mouth all over your young cock!!!! Or else!

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Long Lost Mother - Sydney Harwin

Long Lost Mother – Sydney Harwin

Your mother, the woman who abandoned you when you were young, has waltzed back into your life to try to make amends. What she doesn’t realise is that you harbour a deep hate for her. She neglected you when you needed her most, and now its time for some sweet payback…

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Bukkake For Mommy - Butt3rflyforu

Bukkake For Mommy – Butt3rflyforu

I come home from shopping and find you and 3 friends in my bedroom watching old clips of mommy on my huge TV. You are all jerking off watching your mommy back in the day trying to make ends meet with porn. You all were super hard and horny from a scene where mommy is getting gangbanged from 3 hot black hung boys ending with a huge sloppy bukkake!!! I am shocked and pissed at the same time and order you to turn it off and get out of my room. But you all are so hard you want to finish and you threaten mommy that if you can’t finish on my own face, all the boys will go home and tell the entire neighborhood what mommy used to do!!! I beg and plead not to do that, mommy has a good reputation in this hood and if you do that, your parents will hate me and forbid you from ever hanging out over here!!!!! That didn’t make a difference . Your cocks took control of your thinking and I had to agree. I even pleaded that I will do a strip tease and just show my hot tits but that only made your cocks throb even more. Bukkake is the only think that will keep your young mouths shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Naked Sister Can't Hold It - Sydney Harwin

Naked Sister Can’t Hold It – Sydney Harwin

You love to bully and tease your little sister and today you’ve taken it to the next level. You ripped off her clothes, leaving her standing there butt naked begging you to return them to her before dad gets home. She tries to push past you as shes desperate to have a pee, but you don’t let her past, laughing in her face. She pleads to use the bathroom, but before she can help it, shes grabbing her little pussy trying to contain her pee as it cascades through her fingers and onto the hard floor.

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Prude mom puts Slutty daughter in Chasti - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Prude mom puts Slutty daughter in Chasti – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Vicky sits on the couch and calls in her daughter Ayla. Vicky asks Ayla to come in and talk to her and pulls up a sex video on her phone that she found of Ayla. Vicky calls out her daughter for making a porn and tells her how horrified she is. Ayla apologies to her Mom and tells her she wasn’t suppose to find that. Vicky tells Ayla to stand up and take off her slutty clothes. Vicky pulls out a chastity belt she bought for Ayla and she makes her wear it for being a little slut. Vicky locks Ayla in the chastity and tells her that she will wear is until she moves out.

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Mommies Fight Over U Pt 2 - Little Puck and Codi Vore

Mommies Fight Over U Pt 2 – Little Puck and Codi Vore

Part 2 of Mommies Fight Over You! In Part One it was your New StepMommy Puck that Did Her Best to Please You, But Now It’s Your Birth Mom Codi’s Turn to Fuck Her Special Boy Just the Way He Likes. Codi lies on the bed stroking your cock and sucking on you, letting you know that she is the perfect mom for you, she’s in tune with your needs and desires. Your bratty stepmom Puck is in the back, desperately begging for you to think about her tight pussy and trash talking your mom while she sucks you off. Codi doesn’t care about that stupid bitch, she’s completely enamored with taking care of her son, she lovingly strips down and pulls out her big tits for you, wrapping them around your cock and giving you a sexy titjob. She just wants you to be happy! Would it make you happy if your mommy rode your cock sweetie? You’re dying to feel your mother’s warm wet hole so she slowly slides down on top of you, rocking back in forth, her big pendulous breasts swaying and bouncing as she fucks her son’s hard cock. Your stepmom Puck can’t help but be turned on by watching your cock so hard and erect and she fingers herself while you fuck your *old* mommy. Having these two mothers so turned on by you is enough to make your cock so rock hard you can’t help but explode in your mommy! But even after the dust settles and the cum leaks out of Codi, these two broads can’t help but keep bitching at each other and cat fighting over Who You Love More. Featuring mommy son roleplay, soap opera style storyline, over the top cat fighting, big tits, huge breasts, titjob, cock stroking, handjob, pov dildo blowjob, dildo sucking, stepmom and mom fuck you, trash talk, fingering, creampie, begging, submissive sluts, older women younger man, bratty catty girls, cougars, dirty talk, female desperation, and the magnificent Codi Vore

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Mommy Will Save You! HD 1080p - Tara Tainton

Mommy Will Save You! HD 1080p – Tara Tainton

Oh, it was the most frightful day! I thought I was going to LOSE MY DARLING BOY! I was in the middle of making dinner when I heard your screams… you were bitten by a snake when you went to take a leak in the woods!! On your penis!!! My poor baby!!! There was only one thing I could do – what ANY mother would do under the circumstances. There was no time to take you to the hospital or call a doctor. I had to extract the poisonous venom myself. To the very last drop!


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