Mom Indulges Your Foot Fetish In Her Office - Miss Penny Barber

Mom Indulges Your Foot Fetish In Her Office – Miss Penny Barber

I am really glad you came to visit me at the office today but I am also so tired after this long day, especially my feet. It feels so good to finally slip off these high heels.Well thank you very much, I think I look pretty good in these fishnets as well. I would love a foot rub, you are such a sweetheart.
What would really feel great would be to get out of all these office clothes off so I can feel your fingers on my bare feet. Even with my tits and ass out, I can tell it is my toes and soles that are turning you on. I am sure you thought you were being sly but go ahead and pull out that cock. I want to see how hard you get from looking at my feet and I may even let my special little footboy do more than look.

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Mature Soles To Cum For - Erotic Nikki

Mature Soles To Cum For – Erotic Nikki

Silky smooth, soft, mature soles… you know as soon as you see them your cock is going to get so fucking hard. It needs to be jerked. Those balls need a release. What could be better than My perfect, experienced, size 6 1/2 feet? Nothing could be better for you, right here, right now. A sexy, sensual, foot tease and along with some instruction of your stroking will get you to that big finale. I want you to last for the whole clip so, you’ll need to pace yourself. you know that I want that hot, sticky jizz all over My feet but, not until the end.


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Masturbate For StepMom’s Feet MP4-HD 1080p - Erotic Nikki

Masturbate For StepMom’s Feet MP4-HD 1080p – Erotic Nikki

Why are you on the floor? What have I told you about that? Are you hoping to get a glimpse of My feet? you silly boy. you just can’t get enough of your StepMommy’s feet, can you? They are pretty perfect but, your dad would disown us both if he knew that you had a thing for feet and that I let you indulge that fetish. So, how good are you at keeping secrets? you’ve done good job so far. In fact our little foot games have kinda got Me into these play sessions, as well. So, if you can continue keeping things a secret when can play some more. I have to warn you though, this is going to get you addicted to a mature woman’s feet. Do you want to suck on StepMommy’s toes? Do you promise not to tell? Would you like to masturbate your penis while you play with My feet? Do you want to cum? Do you want to ejaculate for StepMommy’s feet? I hope so because I want to taste your cum on My feet.


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