Fat Mom Wants You To Watch Her Get Off - Tessa Tryst

Fat Mom Wants You To Watch Her Get Off – Tessa Tryst

Come in, sweetie. Sit down. Now, Mommy knows that you have sexual feelings for older women, and for your mother in particular. And I just wanted to say… that I’ve been wearing this lacy black thong under this dress all day, and it’s getting really damp! I’ve been feeling so horny… and I decided to do something about that. Promise you won’t tell anyone? Good…. Mommy is going to touch herself and let you watch! I spread my legs and reach under my panties, rubbing my hungry pussy. I’ve been thinking about this all day and I can’t believe how wet I am. I can’t believe I’m doing this in front of you! I know you want to see Mommy’s pussy so I peel off the panties, and rub my wet hairy slit with my legs spread wide open. It feels so good that soon I ask you to take out your cock… next thing I know, I’m encouraging you to stroke it! My fingers work furiously at my juicy pussy as it keeps getting wetter and wetter knowing you’re watching me. Soon I’m pushed over the edge… I can’t believe I’m cumming in front of my own son!

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Hot For BBW Step-Mom - Kaylee Holly

Hot For BBW Step-Mom – Kaylee Holly

I was looking through your laptop. I saw all the BBW porn. I even saw a few things of me. I always knew you lusted after me. I want you to jerk it to your hot moms fat sexy body that drives you crazy. I want you to think about fucking me sliding your cock in my fat bbw pussy…..come jerk off for mommy!

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Chubby Mommy JOI - Jackie Synn

Chubby Mommy JOI – Jackie Synn

You have always had a thing for hot chubby mummies, and know your heart mummy is ready to show off all of her curves. Mummy is naked and teasing you with her wobbly belly, her big fat tits, and her hairy cunt. Mummy shows off her big booty then lays back and spreads her hole. She encourages you to bust right inside of mummy. It’s so hot to hear her tell you how to pump your big boy dick!

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Feed your stepm0mmy - Pauline Maxx

Feed your stepm0mmy – Pauline Maxx

You were our stepmom and you’ve just moved in. we’ve been trying to make you happy and been baking loads of cookies and cupcakes. You’ve been getting fat. youre bending over in those yoga pants really sticking your bum out when you look back and catch us staring. You tell us its ok and show off how big your is getting since moving in with all the cakes we’ve been baking for you. you tell us how clever we are for making them taste so good but show us how fat youre getting. You can tell we like it so you tease us with it and tell us to bake you more so we can feed you more, you dont mind getting fat for us.

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