Step-Sister's Shower - Miss Metal

Step-Sister’s Shower – Miss Metal

I just got home and feel all hot and sweaty, I need a Shower. I see you (my older Step-Brother) just sitting in the living room so I tell you I’ll be right back. Not long after, you follow me, and open the bathroom door slowly – and sneakingly Spy on me washing my body and then using the showerhead with hot water to Masturbate and Moan. But… doesn’t last long, you get caught! I… I was actually hoping you would join me. No turning back now, you saw me naked, now I want to see you too… Actually, do you want to join me in the shower and wash my back? Don’t be shy… I know you want it too… We proceed to get in the bathtub together, my hair is still wet, and your cock is already so hard. I want to put it in my mouth. Oh you taste so good. I do you a very nice and sexy Handjob and Blowjob (I use my realistic dildo) to start out our little secret. Do you want to put it in me? I want it too… We stand, face to face, and you begin to put your cock inside me, who knew it would feel so good? I ask you if you want to fuck me from behind, you agree… And you make me Orgasm twice, while penetrating me deep. Do you want to Cum too? Do you want to Cum inside me?

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My Son's Best Friend - Siena Rose

My Son’s Best Friend – Siena Rose

Custom Order with a great taboo plot! I play your best friend’s mom. “I moved to the area a year ago, and your son and I quickly became best friends. Before i came along, your son was often lonely, but now he’s happy, and looks at me like a big brother. I haven’t been given much love and affection at home, so I spend a lot of time at your house. You have a crush on me, and your son has mentioned to you that I’m kind of in love with you. Your son has invited me over for a stay this weekend, but when I come to the door you open and tell me that this is for you and me, and your son is away at camp that weekend, and you and him planned this for us. Your son knows how much we want to spend time together. You invite me in and tell me that you’ve been looking forward to this all week. You know I’ve been neglected at home, so you’re gonna take care of me this weekend. You can see I am really excited about this, as I love being around you. But when I think about my life at home, I get sad. You tell me I don’t have to be sad, as this can be my new home, and you will be my new mommy from now on. You take me to your bed, where we will stay this weekend. You lay me down, and change into lingerie. You say that mommy wants to bond with her new baby boy. You get me to nurse from and suck on your boobs while baby talking to me. You ask if I love mommy’s taste and smell. You also get me to open my mouth so you can drool into my mouth as well. You tell me mommy wants feed me her pee as well. You pee in my mouth (if you fart that would be amazing, but not pressure), and you can tell I love it, by seeing my peepee is hard. After this you get me to smell your armpits, pussy and asshole, as your big baby boy needs to be acquainted with all of mommys smells.After I’ve smelt you, you decide that my peepee needs attention. The rest of the scene can be you fucking me using a dildo while talking lovingly and dirty to me, and make me come inside you. End the scene by saying that we will be mommy and her big boy forever, and that we will play together every chance we get, even when your son is home. This was shot in 4K and compressed.

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Step Sister Camgirl Fantasy Custom - Bunni Bangz

Step Sister Camgirl Fantasy Custom – Bunni Bangz

This is a custom originally created for a customer named eddie 🙂 in this video, i play a sister who has a secret desire for roleplaying – its her kink. she absolutely loves acting it out on cam, especially for her regulars, and she’s noticed that her step brother tends to leer behind her door and watch too. one day she’s interrupted by him when camming and she has to confront him – he confesses his desires to fuck her, and she gets extremely overwhelmed and freaks out, kicking him out of her room. the next day, she approaches him, and tells him that she took his laptop to watch a movie, and saw all of his past porn history on step siblings and family sex on pornhub.. and how turned on she is by this. the confrontation turns into a full on sex session, filled with dirty talking as she rubs her pussy and tells you how much she wants your cock in her.

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Blackmailing Your Older Step Sister HD - Bunni Bangz

Blackmailing Your Older Step Sister HD – Bunni Bangz

Your sister approaches you one day while you’re in your room. you and her never had a perfect relationship, but nonetheless, you listen to what she has to say since she’s your older sister. she discloses to you that she knows that you’ve been jacking off to her yearbook photos, and wants to tell mom! in a panic you blackmail her, telling her that if she dares to tell mom, she will definitely regret it, as you have SOOOO much dirt on her. she freaks out, and you take it as the perfect opportunity to get her to suck and fuck your cock. she listens to you, pulling your pants down and gently sucking and milking your cock. she proceeds to get extremely wet, and can’t help but hop onto your dick to twerk on your cock. you cum deep inside her, and she freaks out, as mom and dad cannot find out! i guess you’ll have to keep it as your little secret with her 😉

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Taste And Creampie Mommy - Eva Marie

Taste And Creampie Mommy – Eva Marie

You know how much mommy loves being close to you and i know how much you love mommys ass and pussy…. As youve been a good boy im going to tie you down son and put my pussy and ass over your face i want you to taste mommy… I fuck my pussy hard dripping my cream into your mouth before fucking my ass gaping it in your face… Now i want you to taste mommys ass lick and kiss it son Now im going to fuck you hard… i ride you i want and need your cum baby boy… I know you dont want to cu inside mommy but mommy needs this… Fill me up with your forbidden seed i forgot to tell you mommy is super fertile right now too.

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Mommy's Ass - Goddess AvaL

Mommy’s Ass – Goddess AvaL

A slow drain for mommy, saying no just doesn’t suffice. I command and you obey, your pretty attached to my T L C anyway.. I keep you horny and broke,you wouldn’t have it any other way!! You’re going to get those stares and feel all alone again if I were to cut you off for being disobedient.

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