Cucking my Sister - Sub Princess

Cucking my Sister – Sub Princess

I know you’re going to marry my sister but I know I could please you better than her. Pounding my tiny wet hole until you cum inside of me. I want to be your dirty slut forever. Fucking my pussy then going home and having my sister suck my juices off of it! I think the hottest thing would be having her watch us fuck like the whore I am.

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Brother's JOI - Sub Princess

Brother’s JOI – Sub Princess

So I bought all these new clothes at the store and I thought that my brother could tell me if they look good on me or not. I’ve always been comfortable around you but now that we’re older it seems as if you look at me differently. Are you starting to get horny while watching me change in between these outfits

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Rent Ur Sister Part 3: Slut Punishing 1080p - Little Puck

Rent Ur Sister Part 3: Slut Punishing 1080p – Little Puck

Your sister is getting ready for a trip with her cousins and as she packs up she reassures you that there won’t be any funny business with the family! If she gets horny she’ll just get on tinder and find a cock to use. But the next day when you get a call from her for your scheduled phone sex session you can tell there’s something’s fishy on the other line…you hear her slurping and groaning…she pretends like it’s just her being famished and scarfing down some food but you know something’s up. While she’s on the line you get an email from an unknown address that says “thanks for the family fuck toy cuz, we had a helluva time breaking her in!–” with 5 attached photos…with condoms full of cum tied to her garters and a creampie oozing out of her pussy! You’re quietly furious…she had sworn that NO ONE ELSE would get to fuck her raw, much less CUM INSIDE her! But you let her finish her lies and wait for her to return home so you can punish her in person. When she returns, disheveled and wincing, you command her to undress. She pleads with you to wait but you won’t allow it. As she gingerly removes her garments she promises you that it isn’t as bad as it looks!! You see the writing all over her body and the tally marks…you order her to go to your room and wait there. She sits there expectantly and you hand her a vibrator, you tell her to ride it while she tells you Every Single Thing that happened while she was away. She goes into excruciating detail as she explains how your cousins and uncle completely broke her mind and she had no choice! She was starved for cock and they made her soo desperate to cum, refusing to let her orgasm until they could fuck her raw and cum inside her. As she tells you the story you’re watching her, stroking your dick, and she begs for you to forgive her and to fuck her and forget everything…she’s become the slut you made her to be…right? But when you finally offer her your cock to suck…it’s wrapped up in a condom! She begs for it raw but you refuse. She sucks you off sloppy and hard hoping you’ll take it off, but instead you flip her over and fuck her doggy as she moans for you. Then she lies on her back and you pound her deep until you nut! …..Buy the vid to find out what happens next!!

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Mommy Disciplines Son - TgirlOneGuy

Mommy Disciplines Son – TgirlOneGuy

This young defiant teen refuses to respect his single mother with the respect that she deserves. Enough is enough and she turns her little boy out to teach him the lesson she should have taught his father. By the end, she has him moaning like the little bitch that he really is being bred with Mommy’s milk and made to eat his own load.

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Stroking for Mommy Mila - Mistress Mila Von Mayhem

Stroking for Mommy Mila – Mistress Mila Von Mayhem

You crave Mommy’s holes and worship my luscious soft curvy body and I know it. You can’t hide your pervy desires from me. You will please me by worshiping from my sky high heels to my full tits. I will be getting fucked tonight but first I will make you stroke your cock and eat your own filthy cum my cucky boy. Mommy loves you now be a good bitch and stroke for Mommy Mila

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Step-Sister's Shower - Miss Metal

Step-Sister’s Shower – Miss Metal

I just got home and feel all hot and sweaty, I need a Shower. I see you (my older Step-Brother) just sitting in the living room so I tell you I’ll be right back. Not long after, you follow me, and open the bathroom door slowly – and sneakingly Spy on me washing my body and then using the showerhead with hot water to Masturbate and Moan. But… doesn’t last long, you get caught! I… I was actually hoping you would join me. No turning back now, you saw me naked, now I want to see you too… Actually, do you want to join me in the shower and wash my back? Don’t be shy… I know you want it too… We proceed to get in the bathtub together, my hair is still wet, and your cock is already so hard. I want to put it in my mouth. Oh you taste so good. I do you a very nice and sexy Handjob and Blowjob (I use my realistic dildo) to start out our little secret. Do you want to put it in me? I want it too… We stand, face to face, and you begin to put your cock inside me, who knew it would feel so good? I ask you if you want to fuck me from behind, you agree… And you make me Orgasm twice, while penetrating me deep. Do you want to Cum too? Do you want to Cum inside me?

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