Sydney Harwin - The Garden Shed; TABOO

The Garden Shed; TABOO – Sydney Harwin

Hey brother. Lets reminisce. Let me recall the time when we were young… The time we ran about our parents garden playing chase… The time you chased me behind the garden shed… The time you and I broke innocence… CONTAINS TABOO STORYTELLING, BROTHER/SISTER THEME.

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Bbw GF Fufills Boyfriend Mommy Fantasy - Cougar BBW

Bbw GF Fufills Boyfriend Mommy Fantasy – Cougar BBW

I get home from work and go into the living room. I thought I heard my bf talking to his mom. My bf jumps up and seems nervous. I am surprised his mom isn’t there. I ask him what’s wrong and why I heard mommy talk when I came home. He is being weird, but finally tells me he was watching mommy porn on his phone. I tell him that is hot and ask if he wants me to be his mommy. I tell him what a good boy he is, how much I love him. I get naked knowing it is what my little boy wants. He sucks on my tits making my pussy so wet. I keep telling him how much I love him and how he is my good little boy. I want him to lick my pussy. While he licks I keep telling him what a good boy he is and how sweet he is. How he is my sweet little boy. Mommy needs her little boy and rides his cock. It feels so good. I tell him not to cum because I want his cum on my tits. I stroke his cock until he cums on my tits. I tell him that he is a good little boy and how much I love him.

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Naughty Mother & Willing Horny Son TABOO - Mistress Ava Dee

Naughty Mother & Willing Horny Son TABOO – Mistress Ava Dee

Son (you…. this is a POV video, with viewer the SON) has come home from the Navy on break, and has taken his Mom out dancing and partying. Flirting and slow dancing and consuming adult bevarages with Mother, who you’ve had a “thing” for, but never acted out on any of it…. YET. You get home, and after a brief conversation in the kitchen, mom proceeds to go to the bedroom to get more comfortable, where she begins to replay the night over in her head, thinking about how turned on she got being close to you, dancing. It seems that Mom has been having the same thoughts, but up until now has been to afraid to actually act on her passions as well. Meanwhile, you are also thinking about the night and realize you have a huge boner thinking about it, so because of the cocktails, you get the courage up to go to Mom’s bedroom, where she sees you at her door and invites you in. She then admits to you how she feels and begins to coax you to engage in “heavy petting” with her, touching your hard cock, admiring it, and then giving you a blow job to your DELIGHT. She then masturbates for/with you, encouraging you to cum with her, and ultimately do what you’ve always dreamed of, FUCK her.

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Mom Son Last Night Lust - MoRina

Mom Son Last Night Lust – MoRina

(POV) It’s your last night before leaving for college, and you’ve been busy getting all your stuff packed up, There’s just one more thing you want to get done before you leave… you go into your mom’s room and find her reading. You are just in your boxers, and when she invites you to sit on her bed and chat, you get under the covers. As your mom talks with you in her usual sweet, loving manner, you both express how much you will miss each other. You figure it’s now or never, so you move your hand under the covers and touch between her legs. She’s startled, though clearly likes it, but is resistant because it’s just wrong, you know? She hasn’t actually said “no” so you up your game by sticking your finger inside her pussy. It’s so wet, so you know your mom is obviously turned on. Always practical, your mom reminds you that this crosses a line that you can never go back… Undeterred you get on top of her and pull your cock out of your boxers. Mom is impressed by your size but is really hesitant to let you stick it in. The two of you have had a sort of flirty relationship lately and this is your last night to make it happen, so you push the tip of your cock inside her and all bets are off. Mom decides if this is going to happen, she’s going to be in charge and she gets on top of you and rides you. College is supposed to be awesome, but it will be hard to top this last night of lust with your mom…..

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COCK MILK FOR MOMMY'S MILK - Princess Ellie Idol

COCK MILK FOR MOMMY’S MILK – Princess Ellie Idol

So, I’m not actually lactating in this video, but I find the fantasy lactation dirty talk to be extremely arousing and I hope you do too! In this video, I play your mommy domme encouraging you to make your own cock milk as you roleplay-suck on my tits. The very thought of mixing all that milk together will get you as hard as I get wet. That’s the idea anyway… come suck mommy’s big breasts! Fill up your mouth with my sweet, delicious milk and let out on satisfying orgasm my BB-boy!

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Mom's Birthday Love - MoRina

Mom’s Birthday Love – MoRina

You love your mom and since it’s her birthday, you decided to give her a special gift – a sexy sheer bra and panty set. It’s an awkward moment when she opens it up, but your mom is always so appreciative of your heartfelt gifts. When you ask her to try it on for you, there’s more awkwardness and some nervous laughter. But when she realizes you are serious about wanting to see her in the sexy lingerie, you can tell she’s sort of getting turned on. She agrees to model the sexy lingerie for you as long as you turn around while she changes. She’s very hesitant about letting you see it on but definitely wants to hear what you think. When she spots the bulge in your pants she tells you something you never thought you’d hear your mom say, and goes back and forth between feeling like this is so wrong and being completely turned on by it. Enjoy the intimate journey as mother and son explore their fantasy of forbidden love.

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Mommy Tells You a Naughty Bedtime Story - MoRina

Mommy Tells You a Naughty Bedtime Story – MoRina

Mommy came home from her date and saw your light on so she came in to check to see if you were still awake. She suggests reading you a bedtime story to help you fall asleep… but since you don’t have any books in your room she just tells you a story. Trouble is, the story is kind of inappropriate. You listen intently as she tells a naughty story about a son who comes home to find his mommy naked and masturbating in her bedroom. She paints a vivid picture for you, even demonstrating the moaning noises and acting out the mother’s orgasm… for illustrative purposes of course….

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Christmas Break With Mom - Bettie Bondage

Christmas Break With Mom – Bettie Bondage

You’re head home for the Holiday break, to stay with your mom for a few weeks. She’s been all alone since your dad left, so you know she’s going to want to spend a lot of time together. You have to show up a little early, since there’s a snowstorm on the way, and you arrive just as she’s getting out of the shower. Much to your pleasure, she comes out of the bathroom in only a towel, with her full breasts spilling over the tightly cinched top. You can’t help but gawk. Thankfully, your mother is so happy to see you she doesn’t notice your wandering eyes, hugging you tightly in excitement. She tells you to get settled while she finishes getting ready…
…which you try to do, but you can’t help notice the bathroom door is a little ajar. There’s your mother, naked except for a leopard print thong, humming carols while she gets ready. Your mom really took your dad’s affair hard, started going to the gym and eating right in an attempt to keep him interested. It didn’t work to keep dad around, but you’ve certainly noticed – the way her ass sits up high, the way her hips fill out her jeans. Your mom has become a total MILF!
Of course, she has no idea about your feelings for her…that is, until she asks you about the girls you’ve been seeing. See, you found yourself an older woman. A cougar. With hair like your mothers, big natural breasts like hers…you find yourself admitting all this to your mother! And well, she’s…pleased! You can tell she loves hearing this, hearing about how attracted you are to older women like her. If you didn’t know better, you’d think she was getting a little more than excited. Her cheeks are flushed and she’s leaning closer into you…she reaches out to touch your thigh, stroke your leg, moving her hand up closer…
“So,” she begins, nervous and aroused, “do you think…do you think I’m…are you attracted to me, too?”

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Mom's Still Got It - Bettie Bondage

Mom’s Still Got It – Bettie Bondage

You get home after school and find your mother dressed rather provocatively. You’re not sure what’s going on but she seems a little upset, so you ask her, coming to sit down on the couch next to her. She tells you that she’s just feeling down about herself, after…well, after she found your father looking at porn. You tell her she’s being ridiculous – she’s gorgeous! Watching her smile and blush when you compliment her, you feel something stir. Are you? No…
Her tits are pressed up in her tight little top. You can’t help but stare. She can tell you’re looking, leering…your own mother! You can’t resist it, though…and later that night, when you see her on the couch, her nightie riding up against her round ass, there’s no pretending now…you want to fuck your mother! And is it your vivid, horny imagination, or is she tracing her fingers across her ass, pulling the nightgown up a little bit to show you more?…

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Dad's Finally Away 1080p - Bettie Bondage

Dad’s Finally Away 1080p – Bettie Bondage

Your dad recently started working from home which has really put a damper on your relationship with your mother. Before he started his new schedule, you and your mother would spend hours each day, exploring each other’s bodies and making one another cum over and over. She’s sexy, young for a mother, tattooed, wild…did you mention sexy? Being with her is second to nothing else in the known universe, and without your alone time, the sexual tension between you two is off the charts, so when dear old dad announces he has to go away on a business trip, you two feign disappointment, telling him how nice it’s been to have him around, while you secretly celebrate the forthcoming alone-time together!
When the day comes, you waste no time, going directly to her bed and finding her laid out already. She immediately crawls towards you, pulling your already hard cock out, stroking your desperate throbbing cock while she dirty talks you, a skill she has mastered completely, making your cock-head drip with pre-cum as she teases and draws you in, pulling you forward onto the bed and on top of her, guiding you deep inside her and imploring you to fuck her, fuck her harder, until her already soaking wet pussy gushes around your cock and she orgasms hard, moaning loudly, lost in herself. She wraps her arms around your shoulders, pulls you in tighter, coaxing you gently, telling you to cum, kissing you gently and gasping as she feels your hot load erupt inside her.

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