Sexually Exploring Daughter Comes with Hot BFF Perks 2160p - Family Manipulation - Dani Lynn & Alex Coal

Sexually Exploring Daughter Comes with Hot BFF Perks 2160p – Family Manipulation – Dani Lynn & Alex Coal

I caught my slutty daughter making out with her cute petite friend, so I decide that I want in on the action! And they were both more than excited to have me join in. They both suck my big cock together. One shoving me down her throat while the other licks my balls. I finally get to slide into their perfect young pussies. Bending them over and having both of these sexy girls ride me. They couldn’t wait to taste daddy’s cum, and I give them each a turn, shooting my cum into theirs mouths. I love watching them makeout while swapping my thick load between lips!

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My Son Has A Jerking Off Problem 1080p - Julianna Vega

My Son Has A Jerking Off Problem 1080p – Julianna Vega

I was so embarrased that mom found out about what happened at school. I thought she’d be mad, but she actually wanted to help.. And not in the way I had expected either… My mom pulls down my towel and teases my slightly hard cock. She wraps her lips around me and sucks me off until I’m rock hard, throbbing even. I couldn’t wait to stretch out my sexy mother’s tight cunt. Watch as she bounces her fat ass up and down on me, begging me to fuck her harder. I pound my mom’s pussy until I pull out and blow my load all over her perfect pussy lips.

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Please Help it Go Down - Jaye Summers - Family Manipulation

Please Help it Go Down – Jaye Summers – Family Manipulation

My hard on just would not go down today!! I didn’t know who else I could go to for help, luckily sis was more than happy offer a solution! She starts out slow, giving me a nice blowjob, but I needed more than that to fix this problem. I convince her to bend over for me and let me fill her tight pussy up with my stiff cock! Watch as she takes every inch of me, and even gets on top for a ride! I love making my sister cum, and I love hearing her beg for my thick load, as I spray my juices up her body!


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Brother & Sister Exploring Each Other - Riley Star - Family Manipulation

Brother & Sister Exploring Each Other – Riley Star – Family Manipulation

Oliver caught his younger sister playing with herself in bed next to him, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to join her! Riley looks over at her brother’s big hard-on and knew that’s exactly what she wanted. Watch as these siblings use each other for some much needed sexual relief. See this natural petite blonde ride her brother in their shared hotel room. He slides his long cock in and out of her cunt, making her cum multiple times leaving him covered in her creamy juices! He fills Riley’s tight young pussy with his thick load while the rest of the family is completely unaware!


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Partying with Sis - Bailey Brooke - Family Manipulation

Partying with Sis – Bailey Brooke – Family Manipulation

Sis…. what are you doing!?!?A Is that what I think it is????
I don’t know if I can trust you! You weren’t supposed to see this..
Look I’ll do a line too, that way you know you can trust me – See!
Fine but you really can’t tell mom and dad now, we both have a secret…. if you tell, so will I!
I swear I won’t tell anyone! It’s nice to finally be bonding with you sis!
Since we are bonding I have tell you, that stuff gets me really horny sometimes..
Oh.. Should I leave?
No don’t leave.. Usually when I do it I’m home alone and get off a few times, Maybe you should try it out
AfterA my sister introduces me to a new high, she tells me how much better it feels when you touch yourself while on the stuff… I was in total shock, it was the first time I had ever done something like this!
What right here? In front you of? I don’t know sis..
Here let me help you… It’s ok I can make you feel good, just relax…
She starts to stroke my cock and wow – she was right! It feels soooo much better than being sober…A I’ve thought about fucking my sis before, but I never thought it would actually happen! Watch her tease me with her big round ass and her perfect D-cup titties.. Sis does one more line and begs me to fuck her.
There is nothing better than the feeling of cuming inside of my own sister!!


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Aunt Addie is Cooler Than Your Mother - Addie Andrews - Family Manipulation

Aunt Addie is Cooler Than Your Mother – Addie Andrews – Family Manipulation

My Aunt Addie decided to check up on me, but on thing lead to another and next thing I know, she’s groping my balls! I had no control over what happened next, my cock grew bigger and she just wanted it in her mouth. Watch me fuck my Aunt deep inside her MILF cunt. She looks so good as she slides her wet pussy all over my big shaft. It’s so hot seeing her throw her head back and moan with pure satisfaction from juicy big cock.. I finally fill my aunt’s pussy up with my cum and make her promise not to tell my parents!


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Cousins Who Can't Sleep... Masturbate - Alex Blake - Family Manipulation

Cousins Who Can’t Sleep… Masturbate – Alex Blake – Family Manipulation

I couldn’t rest so I snuck into my hoot cousin’s bed. Under the covers, we began to rub ourselves… Once we noticed we were both incredibly horny and in need of a release, we said “fuck it” and decided to fuck each other! Watch as my sexy cousin grind her pussy on my rock hard cock. She bends over for me, and I grab her ass cheeks before I pound her tight cunt! We try to muffle our moans so the rest of the family doesn’t hear us, but it was almost impossible with how good her pussy felt! I had to blow my load, so I spray my cum all over Alex’s pink lips!!


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Camping Is Boring - Kenzie Reeves - Family Manipulation

Camping Is Boring – Kenzie Reeves – Family Manipulation

It’s been tradition to go on camping trips since I was a . Every Memorial Day weekend Mom, Dad, Sis and I spend a few nights in the great outdoors. Eating s’mores, going fishing, or hanging out with old friends; it’s usually a great time!
But this year I’m just not into it. My girlfriend broke up with me and I’d rather stay in my tent away from everyone. But Kenzie, being the nosey little sister that she is, decides to make it her business and try to cheer me up. I thought playing truth or dare was an odd game to play alone in a tent with my sister. But I’ll try anything to take my mind off of my ex girlfriend…
-After a few harmless truths, I ask sis to give me a dare.-
I dare you to take off your pants!
What? No way! Give me a truth!
You can’t switch! Come on, it’s not a big deal bro
I can’t believe I’m doing this..
I pull off my pants and I swear sis was getting turned on.. She kept looking at my bulge and touching my leg.. Twirling her hair and biting her bottom lip as she gazes at me. All these little signs have me feeling horny myself.. I give sis her dare next
I dare you to touch it
Touch what?
Sis was amazed that I asked her to jerk me off, and I was surprised at my request as well. But a dare is a dare! Now sis has to finish what she started.. Watch as things escalate from light hand play to full on sex between siblings!
Kenzie gives the sloppiest blowjob as she throat fucks me. Spit bubbles pour out of her mouth while she strokes and gags on my throbbing cock!
With my thumb up her ass, my sister bounces her tight 18 year old pussy on my shaft. Sliding her pulsating cunt up and down on my hard dick.. She covers her mouth, attempting to hold back her moans so mom and dad won’t hear.
Finally, I flip sis onto her back and fill her up with my thick white load!
This family vacation definitely became much more interesting!


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We Can Play with Each Other - Alex Coal - Family Manipulation

We Can Play with Each Other – Alex Coal – Family Manipulation

My younger sister caught me by total surprise. She had been flirting with me and even asked me if she could blow me.. I know it’s wrong to do this with my own sister, but she looked so hot with her glasses and I could just barely see the outline of her perky tits. My cock grew harder for her as she took my dick down my throat. She grinds her pussy up and down my shaft until it slowly slides in… My sisters tight wet pussy felt so good wrapped around my hard cock! I pound my little sis and make her cum multiple times! Alex bends over, showing off her big white booty! I slam my hard cock deep in and out of her cunt until I blow my load all over her petite body!


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What's My Big Brother's Cock Size?! - Hailey Little - Family Manipulation

What’s My Big Brother’s Cock Size?! – Hailey Little – Family Manipulation

Everything began to make sense after I saw a picture of my cock on my sister’s phone.. As she attempted to explain the dick pic, she grew more embarrassed. It was too cute honestly, and impossbile to be mad at her! Apparently her friends had put her up to it. But I think she seemed to enjoy her big brother’s cock..
Earlier in the day, I peered into her room after hearing her passionate moans.. And I noticed her phone in hand as she rubbed her delicious pink pussy. Seeing my little sister play with herself had me so excited, I didn’t even care about the unwarranted picture she took.
Well you do have a big dick.. and it looks really nice
Haha thanks.. So what are we going to about this?
I don’t know.. Are you mad at me??
No of course not sis.. Do you want to see it again?
Umm I guess.. I don’t know this is wrong, isn’t it?
I grab my sister’s face and pull her close to me, kissing her hard on her lips.. I guide her hand down my throbbing cock and get her to start stroking me..
Have you ever had a cock this big before?
No never! This is the biggest cock I’ve seen..
My sister wraps her lips around the head of my dick and goes to town me! She bobs her head up and down on my cock, making me grow even harder for her. I feel every movement of her tongue around my cock.. She slurps and sucks on me so good, I had to have her pussy right then and there on our parents couch.
I don’t if we should..
We’ve already come this far sis, what difference would it make if we actually have sex?
But you’re my brother..
Well, I promise not to tell anyone
What about Mom and Dad?
We definitely can’t tell them!
Fine.. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your big cock
My sister climbs on top of my rock hard cock and slides down onto me.. Her pussy felt so good and so tight, I could have fucked her for hours! I spread her soaking wet cunt as I pound her tight hole.. With my hand wrapped around her neck, I feel her tighten up as she cums all over my throbbing cock! I can’t wait to fill her up with my cum.. I put my sister on her hands and knees and pump her full of my thick white juices!


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