Mommy's Little Soldier - Sydney Harwin

Mommy’s Little Soldier – Sydney Harwin

Oh son, are you still feeling unwell? I just hate seeing you like this! Let me feel your forehead… You still have a fever! Do you trust Mommy? You do? That’s good, son… Well I want you to take your clothes off, your too hot! Mommy knows best… Oh look at it sticking up for Mommy… That’s great son, Mommy likes to help… I guess it’s up to Mommy to make her little soldier feel all better again…

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Beta son Learns to Pleasure Mommy - Brat Princess 2 - Brianna Beach

Beta son Learns to Pleasure Mommy – Brat Princess 2 – Brianna Beach

Brianna, unfortunately, has produced a beta male son. She will have to train the poor weakling to please a woman before disposing of him. First, she will train her son to enjoy the scent of a woman’s pussy and ass. She plans to sell the boy off into slavery, but first, he needs to learn a sexual skill or two. Brianna makes her son beg to inhale the scent of her pussy and ass. She has her son locked into chastity so that he doesn’t get any funny ideas. Her son will never be allowed out of the cage. His penis is inferior, and he will have to be taught other sexual skills to be of any use to women. Male offspring with a nicer cock or more strength would have fetched a nicer price. Too bad. Brianna uses her vibrator to get herself off. She wants her son to deeply inhale the scent of her orgasm. She cums with her vibrator right over her son’s face. The boy remains locked in chastity the entire time.

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Face Sitting Punishment From Mommy - Reya Reign

Face Sitting Punishment From Mommy – Reya Reign

You’ve been a naughty, naughty boy. Naughty boys must be punished. Mommy knows how you look at her ass all day, you love it! So mommy’s going to sit and smother your face with her soft, perky ass- and you won’t be able to do a thing about it! You can’t touch mommy’s ass or your cock! All you can do is take the torture. You can smell mommy’s sweet, juicy ass through her panties, and the smell gets even stronger when she takes her panties off and smothers your face some more. Your cock is aching and throbbing to the feeling of mommy’s ass against your face, begging to be touched. But mommy doesn’t let you- only good boys get to cum to mommy’s ass…

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Best Mommy Ever - Sydney Harwin

Best Mommy Ever – Sydney Harwin

Your momma is the BEST. She loves you so much and is always there to take care of you. She can be harsh sometimes, but when you have been a good boy, she gives the most incredible rewards for your behaviour! Last time you was good, your mommy touched you ‘down there’ but she left you hard and unfulfilled. This time though, you have been REALLY good, and all that hard work has finally paid off. Your momma decides to treat you to the best night of your life. She starts by showing you her big comfy breasts, and she even lets you touch them! She shoves them close to your face, and then notices how hard your soldier is for her. She takes it in her hand and pumps away, milking you as she tells you how much she loves you, and encouraging you to cum for her. Half way through, she allows you to see her pussy, and when she sees your eyes light up at the sight of it, she can’t resist letting you have a little taste down there. She grinds your face with her wet motherly pussy, and then turns over so you can clean her asshole for her (don’t forget, your momma likes your tongue nice and deep.) You then lie back down again and await your moms hand on your cock once more, working you hard and fast until you can’t hold it in, and explode cum everywhere. But don’t worry, your momma will clean up your mess… Your mom really is the BEST mommy ever!

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Mutual Oral Sex With Mommy Starring Dana DeArmond - Conor Coxxx Clips

Mutual Oral Sex With Mommy Starring Dana DeArmond – Conor Coxxx Clips

Sexy MILF Dana DeArmond is sitting on her bed in sexy lingerie as she calls her son Conor to come keep her company sexually while his father his away. “Why don’t I cum all over that baby boy face of yours?” It’s long before Conor shows up and mother and son instantly start making out. Dana throws her son on the bed, mounts him, and starts shoving her luscious mommy titties in his mouth. Conor licks his Mom’s pussy as she grinds her juicy booty all over his face. Mom then bounds her son’s wrists with rope as she continues to grind on Conor’s face. Mom then wants to return to the oral favor on her son, and sucks his massive cock and licks his tight asshole until he unleashes his cumload, with Mommy milking every last drop. “That’s Mommy’s good boy!” Continue to download

Mommy Misses Her Son - Facesitting - Ashley Mason

Mommy Misses Her Son – Facesitting – Ashley Mason

I have been so bored at home by myself since my son went back to school. I was thinking about him and called him to come home from school as soon as possible because Mommy is Horny! Mommy needs to sit on her Son’s face and cum as many times as possible! I did promise him that I will always Sit on His Face whenever he wants me to.

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Mommy Domme Con 2019 - Bettie Bondage

Mommy Domme Con 2019 – Bettie Bondage

Your Mommy has been training you for ages – eating pussy, taking her strap-on, eating your cum. This year, it’s time for you to accompany her to Mommy Domme Con! It’s an annual event where all the Mommies and Daddies bring their good boys and girls to get further trained in sucking and fucking and fluffing and servicing.
In the hotel room, before the big opening night banquet, your mother has you serve her orally while she tells you all about how you’ll get her pussy ready for all the big boys’ big dicks, how you’ll prep her asshole, suck cum from her holes, and maybe even take some dick in your ass, if you’re very very good! You lick and slurp at her pussy while she details every little way you’ll be a good slutty boy for her.

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Wrestle Fucking Mom 1080p - Lady Fyre

Wrestle Fucking Mom 1080p – Lady Fyre

Your mom finally comes home from yoga class, and she still has quite the sexual appetite. You’re still tied to the bed and she begins to pull down her pants, ready to ride her again. You stop her, saying that if you weren’t tied down, there’s no way she’d be able to overpower you. She challenges you to a wrestling match, where the winner knocks out the other person. You eagerly accept the challenge.
You’re kneeling, facing one another, when your mom surprises you by immediately wrapping her legs around your waist and takes you down with a body scissor. Not a great start, but you’re confident you’ll get the upper hand. Until she squeezes. The power in her strong legs surprises you and you wince in pain. You try to push her legs down but they won’t budge. She quickly switches positions into a grapevine pin, keeping your legs still.
You’re already exhausted from your sexual experience in the bedroom, so you barely move when stepmom slides up into a schoolgirl pin and then into a reverse facesit. Once you’re out of breath, she says, “Time to end this,” and applies the ferocious reverse headscissor.
You awaken, completely exhausted, with your mom’s face hovering inches from yours. You look down to realize she’s removed your shorts and is riding your cock. She flips around into reverse cowgirl and in a soul-crunching revelation, you realize you’re back in exactly the position you were in when you were tied up in the bedroom. She rides you a few seconds at a time, using her kegels to prevent you from releasing your orgasm. She edges you for minutes, aggressively riding, until she finally lets you cum. She cums with you, savoring the power.
Yet you don’t even have time to enjoy your orgasm before she slides back and applies another reverse headscissor, knocking you out once again.

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VR Porn Perv - POV - Daughter Pussy Face Sitting - 4k Ultra HD

VR Porn Perv – POV – Daughter Pussy Face Sitting – 4k Ultra HD

Hi daddy – do you see my wet little pussy ready for you to taste? Let me ride your face daddy – I want to feel your tongue inside of me. Show me exactly how you do it to mommy. I have been thinking about this all day – waiting for you to eat my delicious pussy juices and have them cover your face. Let me ride your face daddy – I have always wondered how you would feel inside of me, giving me that special feeling through my body that you told me about so many times.


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Mother Teaches Locked Son how to Pleasure a Woman - Brianna - Brat Princess 2

Mother Teaches Locked Son how to Pleasure a Woman – Brianna – Brat Princess 2

Brianna wants to show her son how to pleasure a woman. It’s about time he finally learned. After today he will do this for his mother and sisters. Brianna’s son has already been locked into a very tight chastity cage. He won’t be pleasuring anyone with that little nub. Instead, Brianna straps a dildo into her son’s mouth. It will be one of her son’s responsibilities from now on to make mommy cum. Brianna’s son does not like the gag, but mother straps it on anyway. The dildo is a nice decent size, unlike Brianna’s sons locked-up little parts. Brianna’s going to be so proud of her son when he finally learns how to get a woman off. Brianna has her son lay flat on the bed and sits on his face while riding the dildo. Mommy climaxes on her son’s face while he remains locked in his little cock cage. Brianna then teaches her son another position. This position, the one with him kneeling at the foot of the bed, is the position his sister favors for her orgasms. Brianna enjoys a second climax in this position. Very satisfied with her son, he decides now is a good time to bring up some of his problems at school. Brianna’s son confides in her that one of the teachers does not approve of how he dresses. Brianna assures her son that she will go to the school and have a talk with his teacher about the feminine clothing she prefers her son to wear.


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