Uh Oh! Mommy Found Your Cum Socks - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Uh Oh! Mommy Found Your Cum Socks – Goddess Tatum Kelly

You come home to find me, your Mommy, scantily clad and visibly annoyed. I inform you that I found one of your crusty, cum socks under your pillow, along with many pictures of me in various states of undress. It’s obvious you jerk to me. Your cock gets hard for your Mommy and that is simply not acceptable. You should be hooking up with girls your age, not cumming into socks while stroking to me. What a pervert you are! Because I am so outraged, I’ve decided I’m going to tease you with my sexy body, then brutally punish you for getting hard. That will hopefully teach you a lesson, but I guess only time will tell.

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Sydney Harwin - Simple Sister

Simple Sister – Sydney Harwin

Your sister is crying on the sofa and you go to ask what is wrong. She is upset because she told a guy at school that she fancies him and he just laughed at her. Apparently she is too nerdy and ugly. You feel so sorry for your sister as you know she isn’t the brightest tool in the box. She tells you she just wants to be like the other girls and have friends, go out, meet boys and lose her virginity. She is desperate for her first kiss and she wants it to be extra special. Unfortunately you know that no guy will want to date her, so you take pity on her and offer to kiss her. She jumps at the chance, even diving in for a second go. She is over the moon with your kind gesture, but doesn’t know how to react when you offer to show her an even better time and fuck her like she’s always wanted. She says she wanted her first time to be with a boyfriend, but she reckons that as long as she doesn’t tell anybody she lost it to her brother, then she might get popular because she can tell her classmates she isn’t a virgin anymore and she’ll know some stuff about real proper sex!

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strawberryshortcak3 - Babysitter JOI

strawberryshortcak3 – Babysitter JOI

Your babysitter walks in your room to find you masturbating. Oh my God! Are you seriously jerking off while your babysitter is over? You don’t even look like you’re having fun. Would you like me to help you? You say you would and I instruct you to wrap your hand around your cock and slowly start to jerk off. I tease you by unzipping my hoodie and showing you my cleavage then my big tits. I take off my shirt and tease you with my boobs before taking off my jeans and showing you my ass. I spread it and tease you by Twerking. You can just imagine fucking your babysitter can’t you? I take my jeans off and dirty talk to you until I encourage you to cum with a cum countdown.

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Mommy Makes Magic - Kateskurves

Mommy Makes Magic – Kateskurves

You are in so much trouble your mom found your Internet search history how are you going to explain what she found?? All your searches are about people turning into magical things..mom has no idea what that is and she’s gonna be ashamed of you. But to your surprise she isn’t afraid.. instead she praises your imagination and tells you she has helped many people turn into magical things..mommy creates magic and asks you what kind of magic you’d like to be.. when you come to an agreement mommy gets to work to make your dreams come true!

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Mom's New Sunglasses - MoRina

Mom’s New Sunglasses – MoRina

You sent your mom a sexy pair of black frame sunglasses with dark lenses. She made you a video to show her opening the gift, since you are all grown up now and working out of town. Before she even opens the gift, she tells you how proud she is of you and how much she loves you. She thinks you are so handsome and she loves the special relationship you have. She’s wearing a beautiful matching bra and panties for you and you smile thinking about how your relationship has evolved… She opens the gift and puts on the sunglasses. She’s looking at herself in the camera as she makes this video for you, and you can clearly see that she loves the glasses. She models them for you, even moving the camera closer to show you left side and right side! She has pulled her glasses down on her nose… you love that look and she knows it! She tells you that she will be sure to pick you up from the airport wearing these glasses and promises to give you a very special thank you….

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Mommy's Shiny Pantyhose JOI - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Mommy’s Shiny Pantyhose JOI – Goddess Tatum Kelly

Hi honey. I heard you got an A on your science fair project so I’m going to reward you! As you see, Mommy put on your favorite pair of shiny, sun tan pantyhose.. and guess what? You’re going to stroke to them today. Mommy’s sexy legs are going to mesmerize you, captivate you, and make you very, VERY horny. And that’s perfectly fine! I encourage you to stroke and I want you to cum. You earned it!

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Teacher Teases Student - Noelle Easton

Teacher Teases Student – Noelle Easton

You’re failing my class, and I demand that you stay after class to work on extra credit. You can’t resist my pantyhose clad legs and high heeled feet as I take off my skirt, panties, top, and bra, showing you why every guy fantasizes about his teachers. I have you drooling as I ride a dildo doggystyle reverse, and cowgirl, I’m such a naughty teacher! They can’t fire me, but I still make sure our secret is safe with us…don’t tell anyone

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Mommy SPH & JOI - Stormie Adams

Mommy SPH & JOI – Stormie Adams

You’ve been fantasizing about mommy. Wondering if your cock could possibly be big enough to satisfy her. Wanting her to tell you how to stroke it. Nows your chance. Let mommy tell you just how small that cock is and how she wants you to stroke it.

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