Mommy Makes Her Pussy Talk In Your Face 1080p - Jocelyn Baker

Mommy Makes Her Pussy Talk In Your Face 1080p – Jocelyn Baker

I can make one for you too! Email me at [email protected] or send me a DM on ManyVids* I just brought my son home from the hospital after a dumb accident and he’s lying in bed recovering. I almost lost him and am really worried I am going to lose him forever if he keeps goofing around and getting hurt. He’s all I have left. You’re plan is to marry him unofficially so you can keep him occupied having fun with you instead. I sit down on the edge of the bed and calmly explain to him that he means the world to me, and that if I wasn’t able to be his Mom..well, I wouldn’t be able to go on! As I continue talking I tell him of my plan, he is a little confused but I tell him not to worry and to just let Mommy handle everything. With that, I figure the best way to convince him to stop goofing around and seriously think about being with Mommy is to show him just how wonderful my pussy really is. I crawl on top of him and put it right in his face, giving him a nice close up look of it. I even get so carried away with the situation that I begin having my pussy tell him wedding vows! I just love my boy so much and want him to know it. I’m so horny from having his face inches away from my wet cunt that I even make him kiss the bride..and when I’m finished I can tell JUST how excited he is to start our new life.

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Mommy is Pissed 2 - Ms Paris Rose

Mommy is Pissed 2 – Ms Paris Rose

Mommy needs to leave for work but little boy has left his toys on the floor. She usually tinkles all over them and make him clean it up as punishment, but now she realizes he likes to see it and she likes to do it, so they turn it into a game. She first tinkles on the toys in the kitchen then later she tinkles in a little blow-up toy in the bathroom before bed. For exclusive content of ms Paris and all her friends, visit her websites at

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Mom gives son head - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom gives son head – Hot Wife Jolee

Mom walks in the bathroom and sees you with a big hard on! Mom asks if you need some help with that cock of yours. of course you are nervous to say yes to your mom, but mom notices and takes your cock and makes it feel really good:) Mom know how to make her son happy!

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Taboo Mommy Finger Fucks for Her Son - Ms Paris Rose

Taboo Mommy Finger Fucks for Her Son – Ms Paris Rose

Mommy has forgotten that her she was supposed to go to a ballgame with her son and has made other plans to go to the beach with her friends instead. So, to keep him happy he wants to watch Mommy masturbate. She lays on the bed, pulls her panties to the side to rub her clit and finger fuck her pussy into several orgasms as she also gives him jerk off instructions. After each orgasm she spreads her pussy lips to motivate her son with deep looks inside her dripping wet cunt. For exclusive content of Mommy, visit her website.

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Mommy Loves You - Mandy Flores

Mommy Loves You – Mandy Flores

Honey? Are you home? Good, come in here please, Mommy wants to talk to you…Oh, dont be silly..come sit down, its not like you haven’t seen me naked before. It think its finally time for us to have the know the sex talk. Look at you, mommy’s handsome young man. I bet you are starting to notice girls…I know you’ve started to jerking off…Oh come on, Mommy knows everything. You can be honest with me. Its always just been the two of us and its time that you start learning how to really be the man of the house. The man that your mommy needs. I’ve always given you everything you’ve ever needed or wanted. It’ll just be the two of us always. I have a special treat for you, go ahead..look at mommy’s sweet pussy. The one that brought you into this world…Isn’t it pretty? I want you to pleasure yourself while you watch me masturbate. Feels good doesn’t it? We’ve always had a special relationship and mommy loves you very much. Mommy wants to give you all the love you’ll ever need………Mandy Flores

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