A surprise for my son - SPH - Brea Rose

A surprise for my son – SPH – Brea Rose

It’s my sons birthday and he’s away at uni so i decided to sky*e him. I decided to wear something sexy for him, he is really confused as to why i’m wearing this but I tell him I know it turns him on and I’m caught him watching me get undresses a few times before. I then go on to strip out my lingerie and tell him all about how i’ve been fucking his best friend Tyler. He is really confused and upset but I tell him not to be and I tell him that I know this is turning him on and he should get his dick out and jerk off over him mom. I then tell him Tyler is here with me right now and we are going to give him a little treat for his birthday. I suck and fuck Tyler while my son watches over sky*e. The funny thing is my son has a really small cock and I can’t help but laugh. I compared Tylers cock to his and tease him about his small cock while being fucked by Tyler. At the end I tell Tyler to impregnate me with his cum so that we can give my son a new brother or sister! Includes: mommy/son role play, creampie, SPH, teasing, laughing, talking about taking a big cock and how you will never be able to please a woman with your small dick.

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Prude mom puts Slutty daughter in Chasti - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Prude mom puts Slutty daughter in Chasti – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Vicky sits on the couch and calls in her daughter Ayla. Vicky asks Ayla to come in and talk to her and pulls up a sex video on her phone that she found of Ayla. Vicky calls out her daughter for making a porn and tells her how horrified she is. Ayla apologies to her Mom and tells her she wasn’t suppose to find that. Vicky tells Ayla to stand up and take off her slutty clothes. Vicky pulls out a chastity belt she bought for Ayla and she makes her wear it for being a little slut. Vicky locks Ayla in the chastity and tells her that she will wear is until she moves out.

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Caught jerking off by mom and sis - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Caught jerking off by mom and sis – Spoiled Mean MILFs

You’re jerking off under a pillow on the couch as Dacey and Sablique come in, and sit. Your Mom and Sister ask how your day was, and your Sister Dacey moves the pillow…showing your cock. Dacey and Sablique laugh at your tiny cock, asking if it never got any bigger than when you were young. Sablique admits that your Father had a small cock, and it must run in the family. Sablique and Dacey think it will be a good idea for you to go to bed in the garage from now on. They tease your tiny cock, and tell you to keep stroking it as they mock you. You stroke your tiny cock until you cum, and your Mom and Sister laugh at your tiny little burst of cum. They tell you to go outside and hose off.

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Step Sister Coercion - Little Miss Elle

Step Sister Coercion – Little Miss Elle

Shy annoyed attitude throughout the entire video* Are you ready to take us to the mall? What? You want a favor? Why didn’t you ask me earlier? Everyone’s ready to go downstairs… Well what do you want I guess? What… You’re joking right? You want to jerk your dick in front of your sister? That has to be a joke. Wow you’re serious. Um I guess just like hurry up okay? What? You want to see my tits too? No you’re the only one doing something bad if I show you anything then I’m doing something bad too…. Fine I guess just hurry up so we can leave. Wait what? You want me to suck your dick? You want your sister to suck your dick are you fucking serious right now? Thats so wrong dude. You really can’t cum unless I suck your dick? Oh my god fine just hurry up. This is so wrong. I can’t believe you like your sister sucking your dick. God what else could you possibly want? You want me to RIDE IT? God you’re so gross I can’t believe you want your sister to ride you dick whats wrong with you. You have to be quiet everyone is downstairs I don’t want them to hear us. Where are you going to cum? What the fuck you want to cum inside your sister? God fine just hurry up. God this is so gross I need to clean this all out of me. Hurry up and clean up so we can leave. Ugh.


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Mother Caught You Using Her Credit Card to Pay for POV Mommy Porn! - Tara Tainton

Mother Caught You Using Her Credit Card to Pay for POV Mommy Porn! – Tara Tainton

Now… I know you’ve been using MY credit card to… make certain purchases at certain websites. I found those strange charges and had to investigate and when I saw you were… they were… WEBSITES… of THAT SORT… I just. Honey, you know it’s not acceptable to use someone else’s credit card. That’s stealing! And you should not be paying for such a thing; that is not a good use of money! And it’s UNHEALTHY to be getting your sexual satisfaction from STRANGERS! Now… what is “POV mommy porn” anyway? Really? Is that all? And they’re mothers, like me? Oh, stop… I did notice that that one on the front page did look kinda like me, but honey, you can’t really claim I’m more beautiful than SHE is! No, no, no. She’s a professional. And she must be… so much younger than me. I just can’t believe that… I… well, I suppose, it would be much healthier for you – because you men need your sexual release – to just, well, do what you need to do, with a real woman in the room. Just in the room….


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Mommy's Hands Feel Good, But Mommy's Pussy Feels Even Better - Natalie Wonder

Mommy’s Hands Feel Good, But Mommy’s Pussy Feels Even Better – Natalie Wonder

It feels so good for mommy to be home. It’s been a long day. Mommy begins to unwind in her bedroom. She takes her pants off, unbuttons her shirt & sits down. Her hands quickly make their way down toward her pussy. She’s in need of a big release, especially after a stressful work day. She doesn’t realize yet but her son happens to be watching her from behind the door crack. Her boy had come to ask her a question when suddenly he caught mommy undressing. His hormones got the best of him & he quietly watches on as she rubs herself. Suddenly mommy gets up to take her panties off but notices a shadow behind the door. No, it can’t be. Oh how embarrassing!
Oh, sweetie! Wait, what. What are you doing? Did you need me for anything? Oh this is so embarrassing. Exactly how long were you standing out here? Oh gosh, you saw everything. You saw me touching myself. Sweetie listen, I know you’re coming into your own. You’re curious about things, mommy understands. So did you like what you got to see? Mmmm, you did naughty boy. I see that slight bulge in your pants. Let mommy touch it. Oh my, it feels even bigger than I imagined it would be. Take it out for me. I want to touch it with my bare hands. Mmmmm feels good when mommy strokes you like this, doesn’t it sweetie. You want to know what would feel even better than my hands? Mommy’s pussy. Come, follow me to the bed.


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Masturbation Addiction Revealed To Prom Date By Your Mom (HD MP4) - Miss Penny Barber

Masturbation Addiction Revealed To Prom Date By Your Mom (HD MP4) – Miss Penny Barber

I am so happy that you two are going to prom together. I was not sure my special little man would be able to get a date with his, you know, little problem. Oh you don’t know what I mean? I am surprised you have not caught him in the act by now. I know most boys love to play with themselves but my little wanker is just obsessed. I can’t count the times I have walked in on him either with his hand down his pants or his dick in his hand. Sorry if this is a little shocking, sweetie, but I just thought you would already know about his jerk off addiction. Speaking of your date, I wonder what is taking him so long to finish getting ready?


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Caught My Lil Bro Spying - JOI & CEI - Sadbaffoon

Caught My Lil Bro Spying – JOI & CEI – Sadbaffoon

It’s not okay to spy on your big sister while she’s in the privacy of her own bedroom… you fucking pervert! I hope this will help you learn your lesson. Listen to your big sister tell you how to jerk your cock while she embarrasses and degrades you. I can’t believe you’re turned on by your family! She makes you eat your own cum as a punishment for being so gross & perverted. Maybe next time you’ll learn to have some respect.


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Curious Little Step Sis - Sadbaffoon

Curious Little Step Sis – Sadbaffoon

I’ve been super bored all day and got caught up day dreaming about my step brother. I know that’s wrong, I feel really guilty about it. He’s not home right now though so I’m going to snoop in his room. I found a pair of his boxers!! That’s what boys use as underwear, right? I sniffed them and they smelled sooo good. It made me feel really tingly inside. Oh no! I think he’s home. He walked in on me in his closet, sniffing his underwear! This is so embarrassing. He told me to smell them again in front of him. I couldn’t help myself. He said he was going to teach me some things and to meet him in my bedroom. I learned so much!!


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