Big Sister Gives You Her Gassy Shorts - Elle Hell

Big Sister Gives You Her Gassy Shorts – Elle Hell

I come into your room to talk to you about my upcoming move. I am leaving the state. I know you are going to miss me…I am going to miss you too. I know you’ll especially miss my farts. Thats why I want to fart in a pair of shorts a bunch and give them to you…so you can smell me anytime by inhaling the asscrack of my shorts. I don’t think you’re weird for this…I love that we have this special bond.

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The Comfort of Mommy's Farts - Elle Hell

The Comfort of Mommy’s Farts – Elle Hell

I came home from work and see you haven’t done any of your chores. If your father is too pussy to punish you, then I guess I will have to. Mommy isn’t very nice when shes mad. I fart all over you and see your cock is getting hard. Thats when I realize you were being disobedient on purpose. You remember when I used to fart on you long ago and it comforted you. And you’re still a Mommy’s boy and wanted to feel that comfort again. I fart on you and then leave you so you can please yourself, because I can see you need relief.

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