The Story Your talking with your son. your wearing a short skirt with a thong on and a blouse that shows alot of cleavage. While talking you turn around and bend over a little bit and your son begins looking up your skirt without you noticing. You do this a couple times and your son keeps sneaking looks up your skirt and around the 3rd time or so, your son stares up your skirt too long and you suddenly notice what he’s doing. You get mad at your son and begin scolding him for looking up your skirt. While telling him how wrong it is to look at you like that, you notice your son has a hard on. You ask him what is that? is your cock hard for your mother, stop that young man. Your son then begins to beg you and asks if he can look at your ass in your thong. You get angry at your son for asking you such a thing. Your son begs saying just this once, your so annoyed and tell him no but he won’t stop asking. Then he asks if he can see your tits at least and you get angry and tell him what’s wrong with him your his mother. You reluctantly agree and say fine and you take out your tits and tell him here look at your moms tits pervert. Afterwards your son keeps insisting to see your ass, you’ve had enough and decide to cave in and you tell him ok just this once. You turn around bend over and show your son your ass in a thong. Your angry at him telling him you cant believe your doing this. Then your son asks if you can spread your ass while he masturbates while looking at your ass, your disgusted and tell him no but he wont stop so you just let him. Your son takes his cock out and you see it and tell him you cant believe your son wants to masterbate to his mothers ass. You stop paying attention at your son that you don’t see him when he suddenly grabs you by the hips and slides over your thong and puts his cock in your pussy. Your so angry and tell him is his penis inside your pussy and you tell him to take it out young man. Your son won’t quit and your angry telling him this is so wrong you cant believe your own son is fucking you. Then when you think your son is done when he finally pulls out, he actually takes his cock out and puts it in your ass. Your even angrier now and ask him did you just put your cock inside your mothers ass. You tell him he’s in so much trouble when this is done. Then your son starts moving faster and you tell him dont you dare cum inside your mothers ass but he doesn’t listen and crampies you. He pulls out and you turn around with your tits out and scold him for what he did and tell him to go to his room.

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Brother Wake Up - Scarlett J

Brother Wake Up – Scarlett J

You told me that you would give me a ride to my friends but when i come into your room youre in bed! i turn on your light and i attempt to wake you up but you aren’t waking up! i decide to put my tits in your face because i know that would piss you off and wake you up.. but you still dont wake up.. i shake my tits in your face to tease you more but still no waking up… but i feel you starting to get a boner so i know youre faking… i decide to put my ass in your face and shake & pull my panties to the side.. and you start licking my pussy… i then tell you that if you pay for my uber atleast i will fuck you… i get on top and ride missionary & then i tell you to get on top, you get right up so i mention that i know you were faking and now you have to drive me after! i let you fuck me & then i eat my pussy more before i let you cum in my mouth! enjoy 😉

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Mommy will make u feel better - Scarlett J

Mommy will make u feel better – Scarlett J

I know you and your gf just broke up so i come into your room to talk to you and give you a pep talk, your my sweet boy and i want to show you how much i care about you and i will always take care of you! i ask if youd like some company tonight and i start stroking your cock, i know how to make you feel better! i unzip your pants and stroke more before i tell you to take over while i give you something to stroke to… i undress and let you stroke to my body while also spreading my pussy & ass for you! i then let you eat my pussy… youre such a good boy. i ask you if you want to cum in mommies pussy… and i let you fuck my missionary, doggy and then i get on top so you can see mommmies tits bounce in your face while you cum! you cum deep inside of my pussy and i let you see it all gush out! mommy loves you! enjoy 😉

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Mommy's Secret Panty Fetish - Daddys Rozay

Mommy’s Secret Panty Fetish – Daddys Rozay

You’ve heard your Mommy making confusing noises in the laundry room. You decide to hide a camera in there to see what she’s been up to. To your surprise you find out that she has a very nasty fetish. Mommy enjoys sniffing your sisters panties. Not only that but, she proceeds to start masturbating with them. And stuffing them inside of herself, cumming over and over again. While saying how much she enjoys the way your sisters pussy smells, and tastes.

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TABOO SPH: Mom And Son BEN - Jenni Knight

TABOO SPH: Mom And Son BEN – Jenni Knight

THE STORY: Hi! I want you to play a mom who just received a dick pic from her son by accident. Go into his room to confront him about it. Also mention and make fun of him because his dick looks really small in the picture. Then ask him to show it to you (maybe it was just a bad angle?) Realize it’s just small and make fun of him some more. Then tell him you can try and help him take a better picture for the girl it was intended for, but he needs to get hard first. Start to strip and tease him a little bit and give him joi and sph (Maybe even a helping hand that results in a premature ejaculation) before taking a dick pic for him. My name’s Ben too if you could use that. Thanks!

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TABOO Mom-Son: SWALLOWED - Jenni Knight

TABOO Mom-Son: SWALLOWED – Jenni Knight

The mother who is having sex with her husband realizes that she is being spied on by her masturbating son. The woman must not let her husband know that her son is watching them, so while she is taken from behind, with an angry look she tries softly to tell her son to leave, which instead continues to get excited. The son waits for her husband to finish and go to the shower to enter the room from his mother and wants her to suck his cock and fuck her like his father. the mother, for fear of her husband noticing this, gets fucked by her son. The husband hears noise and asks the woman if everything is ok and the woman is sucking cock before and fucking later, tells her husband that everything is ok .. the preamble of the scene must be a close-up of your face while your husband is fucking you hard from behind! then you realize that your son is masturbating while your husband is fucking you! you with your eyes and in a low voice try to send it away even with your hand, saying that it is wrong to look, but meanwhile you are enjoying and you want your husband to cum in your ass! the husband goes to the bathroom to take a shower and then your son enters with the cock outside and you want him to go away talking in a low voice, but in a severe and determined way! obviously he makes you to suck his cock! during the blowjob you also talk to your husband asking you if everything is ok, you say you love everything ok, and the son takes your mouth back on his cock! you always insult him! the son then says he wants to fuck and fuck you and you say: are you crazy? your dad can hear us and then i still have his cum in the ass !!! you have to have a bra on without ever taking it off, but the tits outside, while you’re fucked from behind! then, in the foreground while he is fucking you and your face is pissed off and worried because your husband can hear, talk to your husband asking you what happens! the son meanwhile is about to bugger and try to tell him no please, but he slams all his cock inside! worried because her husband can get out of the shower early, ask your son to hurry up and he tells you he’ll cum in your mouth! and you say: what? in my mouth? nooo! he cum in your mouth and you with a mouth full of cum you say: oh my god, my son has cumshot in my mouth and you don’t know what to do, so you decide to swallow it all! the son goes away and the husband comes out of the shower and you tell your husband: it was great to fuck with you..

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Masturbation With Mommy - Jenni Knight

Masturbation With Mommy – Jenni Knight

The Story Mommy and her son have had a special playtime for a long time, and this is one session. Mommy needs to have her son close to her. feel him against her to masturbate and get off. Her son loves to be with Mommy while she masturbates and be tethered to her and held tightly, makes him feel safe and secure. If you could lay on like a couch which a close up shot of you so it feels like we’re laying right next to you. And take the collar that is in the contest picture and pretend to hook it to the viewer just of the side of the camera. Either hold the chain the whole video or if it’s long enough, tie it around your tits. And then for the rest of of the video masturbate however you would like pretending that your son has snuggled up to and is sucking your tits and you’re holding him secure with that chain. Throw in a mix of loving Mommy talk about he’s safe and secure with you, how much you love him and protect him mixed in with a bunch of dirty talk about how it feels good to have him next to you and sucking on your tits while you’re masturbating. The son doesn’t masturbate or anything, their sessions are all about Mommy’s pleasure.

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Stepson Blackmails Stepmom Custom HD - Josie 4yourpleasure

Stepson Blackmails Stepmom Custom HD – Josie 4yourpleasure

You’re my stepmom and as you are bent over making your bed I come into your room unannounced. You try to cover up with your robe once you turn around and notice me. You chastise me for coming in without asking. I pull my phone out to show you the pics on my phone of you cheating on my daddy. Yes I’m blackmailing my dad’s hot BBW trophy wife. You ask me what I want. Is it money, a new car? No, of course not. First I want to see your big titties. You refuse at first then reluctantly give in. Revealing those heavy huge tits that were barely hidden behind your sexy robe. I enjoy the embarrassment on your face. You say delete the pics and go. Of course tits aren’t enough. What else do I want from this sexy MILF? This naughty wife definitely gets her comeuppance in this taboo blackmail fantasy. Dildo fucking and front-facing doggystyle position are not POV at the end of clip. HD MP4. Also available HD WMV and standard resolution formats.

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