Taboo Valentine's With Mommy - Daddy's Rozay

Taboo Valentine’s With Mommy – Daddy’s Rozay

Happy Valentine’s! Well it was suppose to be… Your favourite MIlF planned a super special night for your father. She knows how much of a bad cheating slut she has been, so tonight she really wanted to make it up to him. But, of course, he’s working late! So she asks you to take a few photos of her all done up to send to him. Things start to get a bit heated between you two. One last time won’t hurt.. right? She sucks you off, while you taste her wet pussy, squats on your cock, and so much more. Making sure this is a very memorable Valentine’s Day for you both!

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TABOO Mommy-Son RolePlay - JENNI KNIGHT 24

TABOO Mommy-Son RolePlay – JENNI KNIGHT 24

The Story Your talking with your son while wearing spandex with a thong and your see thru top. Your son compliments you on how good you look. Then he begins asking if he can touch your tits, at first your like no, your his mommy. He pleads with you and you agree. As he’s touching your tits you notice he has a hard on. You ask your son does he have a hard on for his mommy. You tell him that your curious and want to see it, your son pulls out his cock and you start feeling horny. Your thinking this is so wrong but you cant help but admire his hard cock. So you tell your son let’s try something, you tell him to rub his cock on your tits. (can you use a dildo) You start getting wet and then tell your son to slap his cock on his mommies tits. Seeing his cock so hard you start wondering how would it taste, so you suddenly put your mouth on his cock when he’s not looking and surprise your son with a blowjob. You start deepthroating your sons cock and also give a titjob while still wearing your see thru top. You think this is so wrong but you can’t help it. Then you ask your son if he wants to fuck his mommy, you tell him come on it will be fun. You turn around bend over and pull over your thong spreading your ass and tell him come on fuck your moms wet pussy. (could you use a dildo for this scene as well) Then you tell him to lay down and you start riding your sons cock. Your riding your son’s cock and tell him go balls deep inside of mommy. You tell him dont be shy fill mommy up, go balls deep. Then you pull out your tits and make him suck on mommies tits. You tell him that’s it suck on mommies big tits while you go balls deep. After a while you tell your son you want him to cum inside you, you want him to shoot his hot load inside your wet pussy, you even become demanding and he cant leave until he does.

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Lesbihonest Stepmom Ageplay Secrets - Sweet Baby Vixxi

Lesbihonest Stepmom Ageplay Secrets – Sweet Baby Vixxi

It’s TABOO TIME! PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE if you are not comfortable with HIGHLY sensitive content! This video is coming with a warning for a reason! Specific ageplay roleplay custom order video and for the select few who enjoy this type of content! PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE if you are easily triggered! Scenario: I am your stepmom and I’ve come to check up on you in your room. It’s your birthday and I’m ready to give you an early birthday present. You’re still so young but I can’t wait any longer to taste your sweet, fresh and bald pussy. Yes, I’m your stepmom and you’re my stepdaughter. I only got with your dad to eventually fuck you and use you as my young and virgin little slut in the making. After I help you undress and I strip in front of you, I straddle your face and tell you to lick up stepmommys juices, because you’re getting me so wet! After I cum in your tiny little mouth I get you to lay on your back and lick your sweet little hairless pussy and make you cum in minutes, followed by some post-cum play. After I’m done with you, I remind you not to tell anyone of what we did. And from now on I expect you to be ready for more of this special secret time every time we’re alone together, because you belong to me now!

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Mother And Son Bonding - Daddys Rozay

Mother And Son Bonding – Daddys Rozay

Mommy returns home form the gym all sweaty with some items that don’t belong to her. She enjoyed the time she spend playing with you this afternoon, and wants to do it again. She takes out her surprises, goes over all the dirty details. I’ll give you a little hint the items belong to your aunt and your sister. The best part of all this is mommy stuffs her panties in her pussy maling herself cum all over them! Pulls them out and shoved them right in your face. Look at all that cream, and doesn’t it smell so sweet.

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Fuck Mom Before Cleaning Your Room – Chy Latte

Boy! Get your ass in here and clean this room! When we let you and your little girlfriend move in here, I expected two adults to move in, not two slobs. I don’t care who’s stuff is where, clean it up!
Don’t look at me like that. I expect this room to be clean without asking. You’re not in high school anymore. I know I’m your step-mom and your dad is out of town, but this is my house.
Are you listening to me? No, we said that was a one time thing. You don’t get to suck on these nipples anymore. *looks down* You dick IS hard and it did feel good last time we — Ok. One more time.
You love Mommy’s boobs in your face, don’t you? These hard, pierced, chocolate nipples make your mouth water. Oooh! Suck on them! Just like that!
Oh, you wanna finger mommy’s pussy? Oooh! Oh yeah! Twist those fingers! Oooh! You’re making mommy’s pussy cream! Suck on my nipples! Mommy wants to see her little boy’s dick! Stroke it. Fuck mommy’s pussy!

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The Story Your talking with your son. your wearing a short skirt with a thong on and a blouse that shows alot of cleavage. While talking you turn around and bend over a little bit and your son begins looking up your skirt without you noticing. You do this a couple times and your son keeps sneaking looks up your skirt and around the 3rd time or so, your son stares up your skirt too long and you suddenly notice what he’s doing. You get mad at your son and begin scolding him for looking up your skirt. While telling him how wrong it is to look at you like that, you notice your son has a hard on. You ask him what is that? is your cock hard for your mother, stop that young man. Your son then begins to beg you and asks if he can look at your ass in your thong. You get angry at your son for asking you such a thing. Your son begs saying just this once, your so annoyed and tell him no but he won’t stop asking. Then he asks if he can see your tits at least and you get angry and tell him what’s wrong with him your his mother. You reluctantly agree and say fine and you take out your tits and tell him here look at your moms tits pervert. Afterwards your son keeps insisting to see your ass, you’ve had enough and decide to cave in and you tell him ok just this once. You turn around bend over and show your son your ass in a thong. Your angry at him telling him you cant believe your doing this. Then your son asks if you can spread your ass while he masturbates while looking at your ass, your disgusted and tell him no but he wont stop so you just let him. Your son takes his cock out and you see it and tell him you cant believe your son wants to masterbate to his mothers ass. You stop paying attention at your son that you don’t see him when he suddenly grabs you by the hips and slides over your thong and puts his cock in your pussy. Your so angry and tell him is his penis inside your pussy and you tell him to take it out young man. Your son won’t quit and your angry telling him this is so wrong you cant believe your own son is fucking you. Then when you think your son is done when he finally pulls out, he actually takes his cock out and puts it in your ass. Your even angrier now and ask him did you just put your cock inside your mothers ass. You tell him he’s in so much trouble when this is done. Then your son starts moving faster and you tell him dont you dare cum inside your mothers ass but he doesn’t listen and crampies you. He pulls out and you turn around with your tits out and scold him for what he did and tell him to go to his room.

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Brother Wake Up - Scarlett J

Brother Wake Up – Scarlett J

You told me that you would give me a ride to my friends but when i come into your room youre in bed! i turn on your light and i attempt to wake you up but you aren’t waking up! i decide to put my tits in your face because i know that would piss you off and wake you up.. but you still dont wake up.. i shake my tits in your face to tease you more but still no waking up… but i feel you starting to get a boner so i know youre faking… i decide to put my ass in your face and shake & pull my panties to the side.. and you start licking my pussy… i then tell you that if you pay for my uber atleast i will fuck you… i get on top and ride missionary & then i tell you to get on top, you get right up so i mention that i know you were faking and now you have to drive me after! i let you fuck me & then i eat my pussy more before i let you cum in my mouth! enjoy 😉

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Mommy will make u feel better - Scarlett J

Mommy will make u feel better – Scarlett J

I know you and your gf just broke up so i come into your room to talk to you and give you a pep talk, your my sweet boy and i want to show you how much i care about you and i will always take care of you! i ask if youd like some company tonight and i start stroking your cock, i know how to make you feel better! i unzip your pants and stroke more before i tell you to take over while i give you something to stroke to… i undress and let you stroke to my body while also spreading my pussy & ass for you! i then let you eat my pussy… youre such a good boy. i ask you if you want to cum in mommies pussy… and i let you fuck my missionary, doggy and then i get on top so you can see mommmies tits bounce in your face while you cum! you cum deep inside of my pussy and i let you see it all gush out! mommy loves you! enjoy 😉

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Mommy's Secret Panty Fetish - Daddys Rozay

Mommy’s Secret Panty Fetish – Daddys Rozay

You’ve heard your Mommy making confusing noises in the laundry room. You decide to hide a camera in there to see what she’s been up to. To your surprise you find out that she has a very nasty fetish. Mommy enjoys sniffing your sisters panties. Not only that but, she proceeds to start masturbating with them. And stuffing them inside of herself, cumming over and over again. While saying how much she enjoys the way your sisters pussy smells, and tastes.

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