Off To College - Ivy Starshyne

Off To College – Ivy Starshyne

While you might be prepared for the college life, Mom really isn’t. She’s been ruminating about the whole thing for weeks. From the kitchen now, she’s lamenting over her baby leaving home. However, she tells you to sit at the dining room table. It would be best if she could prepare you in some way for college. You insist your grades are perfect, that you’re ready to tackle the next stages. But no, that’s not what she’s worried about…
You sit at the table and wait. She walks out with two beers. You smile, kind of excited to try your first beer! Wow! And it’s disgusting. She says this will be the new norm for you. Drinking a beer in college won’t be so bad now that the first is out of the way.
Only, she sits you over on the couch and walks out with the rest of a TWELVE PACK! You’re okay, ready to tackle this challenge as well. Mom doesn’t think you’re ready for the big time college parties, but you think you’ll will be after your one beer. Well, Mom doesn’t stop at one… or two… or three… You will have a LOT more than that. And she’ll share one or two with you, but that’s it. She asks several times if you’re keeping count… and it gets harder… and harder…
And then you start to see things. Is that Mom still? Is that… Mom in… a tight, black dress? Fishnet stockings? Heels? What’s going on? You’re seeing things for sure.
Wow… and she let’s you know, this is all part of college. But that Mom, the one you have known forever, she looks and sounds the same… The other one though… the one you’re seeing now and then… she’s saying other things… sexy things… and… now stripping… she’s naked… says you’ll have to drink more and more to REALLY see her…
“Honey, are you okay?”

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Wasted Mom & Aunt Need Son's Cock, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

Wasted Mom & Aunt Need Son’s Cock, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

A taboo experience where mommy & auntie are heavily inebriated…
“Cheers!” Mom smiled, her glass clinking against her sister’s. “I’m glad we stopped by the store and got some more wine.” The two were still dolled up after a night of heavy drinking and dancing.
“That guy was so cute and now I’m horny,” Aunt Carmen slurred, her legs spread and her bare pussy exposed. That’s when you walked in. “Oh! Oh honey,” Mom was startled, but let out an embarrassed laugh.
“You didn’t see your Auntie’s pussy,” Carmen blurted out. “I’m sorry, should Mommy offer you a drink?” Mom shook her glass at you. “It’s only wine – it’s like grape juice but with a little bit of a bigger kick.” As the two rambled on, Mom caressed Auntie’s skin with her fingers.
“Oh, that feels good,” Carmen told her, then saw the surprised look on your face. “Oh don’t worry, your mommy touches me like this all the time.” Mommy agreed it was okay because you guys were “family.”
But things progressed right in front of you. They started making out and you felt your face grow hot. “Did you want to give Auntie a kiss? Cause you look jealous! You want to give her a kissie kissie? You don’t want to give her one? Maybe you want to give Mommy a kiss?” Mom said coming up and pressing her lips against yours, then plunging her tongue inside your mouth.
“Why don’t you give Auntie a kiss right here?” Carmen said spreading her legs and pointing to her pussy. “What’s the matter?” Mom slurred, then began joking around. “When a man and a woman love each other in a very fun way, they give each other kisses in their downstairs area.”
“Give me kissies, show me you love me. I couldn’t find any man to give me kisses down here tonight,” Auntie told you. “I love my nephew!” Mom instructed you on how to do it better as she watched you pleasure Auntie. “You gotta put your tongue in it, like you’re french kissing!” Mom told you.
“Do…do you want to suck on Mommy’s tits?” Mom asked, then struggled to get her tight, white dress off. You went back and forth between the two wasted women. Aunt Carmen shared Mommy’s tits with you, and the both of you sucked and flicked your tongue against her nipples.
Next, you shared Aunt Carmen’s tits with Mommy. You were throbbing hard, and Mom and Auntie noticed. They shared your cock, stroking it together, then took turns sucking it. “I don’t even go down on Daddy anymore, but you, baby boy, I could suck that cock all day and all night…” Mom confessed.
“Have you ever been inside a pussy?” Auntie asked. “Or is he still a virgin?” Mom had no idea. “I bet he’s been fucking cute girls left and right – have you?!” Mom blurted out.
“Why don’t you come over here and give Auntie what she wants…” Carmen told you, “what she’s been craving all night long. I’ve been trying to find a man all night to fuck me and your mommy, and we just didn’t have any luck tonight…until you came in!”
The two rushed to get their clothes off, then laid back. You started off with Aunt Carmen, making her orgasm, then switched over to Mom. “Good boy,” Mommy moaned, “right there. Cum with me, my baby boy.” Mommy was wild as you fucked her, and eventually, you came inside of her.
Mom and Auntie asked for more kisses, then slid their tongues against one another’s. They were so wasted, but wanted even more wine to share with you. As you left the room to get them some more drinks, you saw them caressing and kissing one another.

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Wasted Daughter Seduces & Fucks Daddy to Get out of Trouble, POV - HD 1080p - Akira Shell

Wasted Daughter Seduces & Fucks Daddy to Get out of Trouble, POV – HD 1080p – Akira Shell

“Daddy!” your daughter, Akira, blurted out drunkenly, a broken high heel in her hand. “Hi, I wasn’t doing anything.” It was late and past her curfew, so you had been waiting up for her to get home.
“Mm…were you waiting for me?” she laid down. “That’s-that’s…sweet.” It was obvious that she had been out all night partying. Her breath reeked of alcohol and she smelled like w33d. “No, I wasn’t anywhere,” she slurred, “I wasn’t doing anything…”
“So, have you been waiting for me a long time?” Akira struggled to get the sentence out as she unfastened her dress and kicked off her heels. “I’m just…happy to see you.” She crawled towards you, giggling, and got right underneath your cock.
“How are you doing down here…” she caressed your cock, and you quickly pushed her away. “What? I just…wanted to say hi to the HEAD of the house! Get it? Head?” She busted out in laughter and told you sweetly not to push her away.
“What? Am I in trouble? I don’t wanna in trouble,” she pretended to pout. “I wanna get out of it…I think I can get out of being in trouble with you. Shh, it’s okay, I just wanna try something, okay?”
“See, Daddy? It feels good…” she attempted to stroke your cock, but you pushed her away again, and her tits spilled out of her dress. “Just forget about all the trouble…just come here, Daddy.”
Eventually she was able to wrap her warm, wet mouth around your cock, and even though you scolded her for it, your cock was starting to stiffen. “You were checking them out, I saw,” she slurred, then shoved them in your face. “Boobies in your face!”
Akira struggled to get undressed, her young body sloppily twisting and turning on the bed. She spread her legs and slid her fingers against her pink pussy. “You know you want to…” she smiled, teasing you. “Get comfortable, I have a surprise for you. I promise I won’t tell Mom…or myself, I won’t even remember.”
She masturbated in front of you, begging for your cock, and it was becoming much harder to resist her. She pushed you back, hopped on top of your cock, and started riding you. “Oh Daddy,” she moaned, then covered her mouth. “Fuck, your cock feels so good in me…it’s so deep in my pussy. Oh, shh…”
“Daddy, did you cum inside me?” a huge smile ran across her face. “I’m going to go play with your cum inside my pussy now. Remember, Daddy, shhh…I know, don’t tell Mommy…”
“Nighty night,” she slurred. “I’m not in any trouble, remember…”

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Wasted Mommy Wants Son's Cock, POV - HD 1080p - Whitney Morgan

Wasted Mommy Wants Son’s Cock, POV – HD 1080p – Whitney Morgan

After a night out with her friends, Mom drunkenly slammed down onto your bed. “Hey baby,” she slurred obnoxiously, a big smile on her face. “How was your night? Oh, I’m sorry…were you trying to sleep? I just wanted to come in and check on you and see how you were doing…”
“I know I was being a super bad mom by letting you stay in the house all by yourself tonight,” she rambled, “but Mommy needed to go out and have some fun with her friends.” Her hand caressed your face and she pinched your cheeks, “Aww…you’re so cute. You’re growing up to be such a handsome boy! Do you know how handsome you are?!”
Mom started rubbing your chest, then sat up and puckered her red lips. “Oh my sweet baby boy, why don’t you give Mom a little kiss?” her warm breath hit your face and you shoved her away. “Don’t push me away! You used to give Mommy goodnight kisses, morning kisses, and good-bye kisses all the time…come on, give Mommy a little kiss. Oh, you think you’re getting too old and grown up for kisses?”
“Yeah, you’re feeling really grown-up, aren’t you?” she smiled devilishly as her hand brushed against your cock. “Did you just bat me away? Mommy’s just having a little touch…just a little touch. Mommy might have had…a few too many glasses of wine. Can I just sleep in your bed with you?”
She continued to drunkenly rant as her hands explored your body. “Oh, you look uncomfortable…I feel like…you got a little chub going on. Don’t push Mommy away…” She was sloppy as she stripped down, giggling and smiling stupidly as her head spun from the wine.
“How about you touch Mommy’s titties?” she slurred. “Look, Mommy got a new bra…” She shook her tits in you face, then insisted that you touch them. She went on to tell you about how lonely she had been, and all she wanted was to be touched.
Her hand wrapped around your stiff cock, and she could see the red on your cheeks from blushing. Eventually her warm, wet mouth would bob up and down on it, and she would beg for your throbbing cock inside of her. Her moans would be wild and loud, and after the two you came, she’d ask if she could lie in bed with you.
“Don’t worry, there’s room for us to snuggle together…” she’d tell you with a warm smile. “Good boy.” A few seconds later, she’d be fast asleep. What would she think when she woke up?Would she even remember what happened?

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Tipsy Mom Flirts with Son - Intoxicated Sex, Inebriated, POV - HD 1080p - Sydney Paige

Tipsy Mom Flirts with Son – Intoxicated Sex, Inebriated, POV – HD 1080p – Sydney Paige

“Oh hey, sweetheart,” Mom said after taking a sip of her wine, “what do you need?” Exhausted from a long day at work, she had slipped into some lingerie, and was drinking for a relaxing buzz. “I’m just unwinding,” she slurred.
She asked you to sit beside her, quickly forgetting why you had come into her bedroom in the first place. “You’re such a handsome young man,” she said sweetly, “I made such a handsome boy.” She giggled as the wine started to intoxicate her more, and she bluntly asked, “Do you think Mommy’s pretty?”
“I know Mommy usually doesn’t act like this,” she said sprawling onto the bed, her fingers running through her beautiful, blonde, wavy hair. “One day when you’re older, you’ll understand – I just needed a stress relief.” Her drunken eyes shifted downward and she let out a smile, “What’s that? I’m your mommy, that’s naughty!”
The way Mom had been flirting with you and moving her flawless figure on the bed made your cock hard. “You mind if I touch it?” she asked. “That’s not inappropriate, is it? Does my sweet, little boy like that? I bet you’d like to see a bit more of Mommy, wouldn’t you?” Her hand brushed up against your erection, and she began to undress, exposing herself to you for the first time.
She invited you to touch her perky, perfect tits. “What do you think, son? Do you like Mommy’s tits? They’re so soft, aren’t they?” she smiled. You weren’t sure if Mom knew what she was doing, or if she was too inebriated to realize the immorality of it. Soon she was asking for a sweet kiss on the lips, then offering to wrap her warm mouth around your cock.
It was obvious that the wine had made her tipsy and horny, and she laid back to allow your tongue to circle her pink pussy. She was ready to have you inside of her, to be filled with your cum. “You wanna make Mommy cum, baby? Do it harder…just like that,” she moaned. “Cum with me.”

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