Mom's Trashy Friend Takes Your Innocence - Slutty Spice

Mom’s Trashy Friend Takes Your Innocence – Slutty Spice

Your mom is having a girls night out with one of her friends from college, and she shows up before your mom is ready to go out. She sits with you at the table reminiscing about knowing your mom for so long, and talking about how big and handsome you are getting. She can’t believe when you tell her that you don’t have a girlfriend. She talks to you about how all of her friendships fail, because she just can’t help herself around her friends husbands, brothers, etc… She takes of her jacket and seems to be getting pretty comfortable. At one point she even spreads her legs and you can’t help but glance and notice she isn’t wearing any panties. One thing leads to another and she notices you have a huge boner, and she really wants to help you with that. She’s an experienced lady ya know? Who better to have your firsts with?

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Disappointed mom wants your cum - Luscious Rose

Disappointed mom wants your cum – Luscious Rose

Disappointed mom wants your cum and dirty/filthy talks for it Mommy has seen your search history on your computer she also found the magazines under your bed and she is so disappointed you’ve been giving all of your cum to other naughty mature mommy’s. Mommy always thought you would only give her your hot young cum. Mommy opens her mouth and starts to talk to you like a filthy naughty mommy whore it makes you rock hard then mommy pulls out her big tits and demands that you plaster her tits and face with a huge load from your hard young cock (no pussy Shown)

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Mommy's Love Part One - E3Kylee

Mommy’s Love Part One – E3Kylee

In Part One, Mommy sends you a video message and asks you to please close and lock your bedroom door. Mommy has something very important to talk to you about. There’s something on her mind, and you can see that it is troubling her. She mentions that you could get in a lot of trouble for talking like this, but Mommy can’t help herself. She wants you. She needs you. You have just turned thirteen and it’s your birthday so Mommy sings you a Happy Birthday message. Then she starts to break it to you, she is in love with you. She wants to fuck you. You cannot believe what you heard but it makes your cock so hard. Mommy begins to strip for you, showing the breasts that you drank from, the belly you lived inside, and the pussy you came out of. Mommy wants to put part of you back into the hole you came out of. Mommy masturbates with a dildo for you, showing spit and riding the dildo in reverse cowgirl. Mommy cums for you, begging you to shoot your sperm into her cervix to make her pregnant. Will you impregnate Mommy? Only time will tell!

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Daddy Please Get Me Pregnant - Cara Day

Daddy Please Get Me Pregnant – Cara Day

Daddy, Im so horny, I need you to play with me and stretch out my tight little pussy again! But this time… I want you to cum inside me, I want you to fill me up with your hot thick load, I want you to put a baby in me! I know you may think Im too young, but Im ready! I want you to fuck me as my body changes, as my belly and tits swell up, fucking me till milk squirts from my big preggo tits! Wont you please fuck me Daddy? Fuck me till I get pregnant??

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Girlfriend Wants to be Your Mommy - Smilesof Sally

Girlfriend Wants to be Your Mommy – Smilesof Sally

So I saw your recent history in your porn collection and it is allll mommy porn! I was surprised, but I’m not turned off. I’m intrigued and I want to try being your mommy. So I have you bury your face in my hairy cunt and make mommy and you cum like the good little boy you are. Want your own custom?

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Mommy Catches You Jerking Off - Peaches Cream

Mommy Catches You Jerking Off – Peaches Cream

Oh my naughty boy… I was so shocked to walk into your room and catch you doing those things to yourself! I’m just glad your father wasn’t home to see it… I must admit though, when I saw that you were jerking off to a vid of me, it did turn me on… I found myself wanting to take care of you. I wanted you to let Mommy take care of your needs. I just had to please you… I grabbed that beautiful cock of yours and stroked it until it was hard in my hands… Let Mommy take care of her boy. I want to jerk that dick until it releases its huge load over my lovely manicured fingers… I’m very glad your father didn’t see this – you’re lucky your Mommy caught you jerking off… xx

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That Time Your Mom Saw Your Bulge - Julie Snow

That Time Your Mom Saw Your Bulge – Julie Snow

You didn’t come downstairs for the party, so of course I am concerned about my Son. I come up to your room with a small covered dish of leftovers from the party and ask if you are feeling well, are you okay? You seem sad…. You reveal that you have been having some troubles with your girlfriend and was not feeling in the party mood. I reassure you that this time in your life is not terribly significant, that you will find the perfect relationship when the time comes. I am nurturing and caring, and I genuinely feel for you, but know you will be okay. I also feel that your incredible good looks are an asset, and that you will find a really beautiful girl. You come right back with how attractive I am…and we go back and forth a bit about how the apple did not fall far from the tree and we agree we are both quite easy on the eyes….much giggling and loving talk. But then I reach forward for my glass of wine and my robe parts ever so slightly….but just enough for you to catch a glimpse of my cleavage and the suggestion of a tight body. You physically respond and your boxers show a bulge, and a nice sized one at that. I comment and we heat up to the point of mutual masturbation, and we both cum, but as I am cooling down I notice you are getting hard again. I feel the motherly need to take care of you, as I step in with a glorious hand job, and then my pussy gets so excited that I must straddle you, and with my tight abs and tits in your face, you cum so hard inside of me that you leave me breathless.

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Taboo Mommy Talks Dirty to Son - Smilesof Sally

Taboo Mommy Talks Dirty to Son – Smilesof Sally

Mommy is putting on her red lace panties and then she notices someone is watching. Over in the corner is her son sheepishly peeking. But she tells him not to be ashamed, in fact Mommy encourages him to watch. She tells him to come over and take a look at her hairy cunt. Come closer she says and let Mommy be your little slut. She wants you to fill her tight holes and have his fat cock fill inside her bum. Next time maybe he won’t be so shy. Mommy is ready for more. Want your own custom?

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