Mommy Has Intense Orgasms with Her Son - Ms Paris Rose

Mommy Has Intense Orgasms with Her Son – Ms Paris Rose

Mommy can’t wait each night to call her son at school so they can have some masturbation and dirty talk time together. She’s wearing her new pink dress she bought for him and records the session to send to him later. She uses her vibrator to masturbate as she gives him jerk off instruction and has a loud screaming orgasm then shows off her body to the camera to keep him thinking of her.

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Mom wants to show you something - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom wants to show you something – Hot Wife Jolee

You come into mom’s bedroom, you see her on the bed in her new sexy lingerie. you instantly get a hardon and feel awkward,but mom is so sexy and helpful she takes care of her horny naughty boy 🙂 She sees the big budge in your pants and insisted you take them down for her. Telling you how big your penis is now.

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Mommy is horny cum sniff smell and lick - Hot Wife Jolee

Mommy is horny cum sniff smell and lick – Hot Wife Jolee

Mommy is horny cum sniff smell and lick
Mommy sees you have a nice hard cock in your pants and mommy is feeling horny so we must play our secret game Don’t tell your father but mommy loves your hard big young cock better.
Mommy wants you to cum close and sniff her panties and pussy. lick my bare freshly shaved pussy son. Make mommy cum in your mouth. Then mommy will let you give her a nice big squirt of cum.

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Mommy Tries Out for the Porn BusinessParis Rose - Ms Paris Rose

Mommy Tries Out for the Porn BusinessParis Rose – Ms Paris Rose

Mommy is thinking about getting onto the Porn business by doing things like cam shows. When her son walks by, she asks him to watch her masturbate with her toys and tell her if he thinks she will be any good at it. She masturbates with her toys and has orgasms and notices he is getting hard so she givess him some dirty talk jerk off instructions to cum by. For exclusive content of Mommy and all her friends, visit her websites at:

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Smoking with Mom - Bettie Bondage

Smoking with Mom – Bettie Bondage

This is it. Summer is winding down, and it’s time to pack up and move out to college. Of course, your mother is feeling nostalgic, sad about you going away. Her baby! Off to college! Wow. So when she comes into your nearly empty room, you’re expecting more of the same maudlin mom talk, but she surprises you by pulling a spliff from one of your packed up boxes! Your mother doesn’t know you smoke…you don’t think…but she seems surprisingly unbothered by this reveal.
She smirks, tells you not to freak out. That she knows. Not just that you like to smoke that dank green, but also that you, uh…like it when others do, too. Specifically, you like it when pretty women do. More specifically, you really like when she does. See, she knows you’ve been spying on her, when she thinks you’re not watching, when she takes a little puff herself, hanging poolside. You can’t believe how busted you are! But more than that, you can’t believe what your mother is starting to do.
You watch as she starts to trace the spliff across her neck, down the perfect, round mound of her breast, across her chest, smirking as you become transfixed, enchanted. She knows just what to do to drive you crazy! You start intently as she hangs the spliff from her pouty lips, watching it dangle as she suggests the two of you play a “game,” a game involving the quickly stiffening cock in your pants.
This can’t be real, can it? But, yes, it is, you realize, as your mother unbuttons her top, goading you further into taking out your now straining dick. “When I inhale,” she says, lighting up the spliff and taking a big toke, “you stroke slow…” she takes the spliff between her fingers, holding it like a cigarette, placing it between her lips and again letting it dangle, “but when I dangle it just like this, you go fast.”
Of course, you agree, obeying the rules and stroking just as she says, watching her inhale, exhale, dangle, repeat. You’re entranced, your cock is dripping precum, and she is getting turned on. You can tell the spliff has her high, tingling, and she’s touching her pussy through her panties. It doesn’t take long before she’s slipping them off, spreading her legs, presenting her unshaven, pink quim for you to fuck! You can’t believe it’s happening, but you waste no time pressing your cock into her, stroking yourself to the very edge inside your mother’s loving, warm pussy!

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Mommy Is Your Personal Porn Star - Kitty LeRoux

Mommy Is Your Personal Porn Star – Kitty LeRoux

Your mom doesn’t think you’re home when she gets back from her self-proclaimed “side gig”. You know she’s been working hard, but you know her secret too- and there’s no hiding it anymore when she walks in wearing slutty lingerie and there’s cum in her hair.
She brushes it off, until you bring them out- all of the dvd’s you’ve collected of her work. HELL YES you have porn of your own mother- it’s fucking HOT. You’ve never seen this side of her before. You want to hear about every dirty detail of what your mother has done in her new job because holy fuck, it makes your cock hard. She thought you’d be mad that she’s an up and coming porn star, but you OBVIOUSLY aren’t.
When she sees your hard dick in your pants, she’s relieved and…her new personality starts showing through. She didn’t get to cum on set and she wants to see your cock…and maybe stroke it a little….Her eyes roll back in her head in ecstasy. “You’re really not mad sweetie?” You’re not at all, and in fact, after hearing about the money she needs and seeing how great she is at porn- you ask her if she’s ever thought of opening up her own clip store.
“I don’t really know anything about doing that sweetie, that’s why I just show up, get fucked and get paid.” You suggest you could both work together. “Oh my god, everyone who watches wouldn’t know it’s REALLY my real son…god that makes mommy feel like such a horny slut.” She loves the idea of you being in charge of her. “When do we start..Mr..Director.” The 2nd feature in this clip is actually your first clip together! She oils up her big tits and wraps them around your cock, talking to the camera as though it’s you. You know every single word that she says is for you. Please baby, please cum for mommy! you explode because mommy is your personal porn star!

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Pushing Mommy Into It - Ivy Starshyne

Pushing Mommy Into It – Ivy Starshyne

You walk in as Mommy is just starting to relax and you want to cuddle up close with her, to which she gladly accepts. To be honest, you’ve been having “urges” and need to get near to her. You ask if going topless is alright, and she agrees to it, just like you both used to do so long ago. So now she’s just in her bra… and you have to tell her about the urges and… the rock hard crotch he has right now.
She’s confused, and you put her hand right on your throbbing cock in your pants. This causes her to flinch and gasp and says that none of this is right, this is very bad and not okay! You recoil and she apologizes, saying you can suckle on her breasts… just like you used to, since it seems you need some extra love.
And she even lets you get on top… but that doesn’t help with the urge as you find yourself suckling and then pulling her panties off. You thrust inside her while she’s gasping and… and… now she has accepted it, because you’re inside her good and deep, and her pussy is really clenched down on you, loving it all… She can’t fight it now, she really likes it.
So you keep going and going, but don’t last long. And she tells you to cum inside Mommy, yes! Yes! Yes! And you do… and then you comfort her, because… what has she done?

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Mom is a dirty whore - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom is a dirty whore – Hot Wife Jolee

Mom is a dirty whore Mom is a dirty whore. Mom needs her horny naughty son to take care of moms sexual needs. Drop your pants for mom show me your young hard throbbing cock. Makes mom’s pussy wet. My horny boy needs to lick mom’s pussy and asshole. Mom tells you when she is done with you and you may cum for mom. Hot dirty talking taboo role-play fun.

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Mom Will Be Your Doctor - Ivy Starshyne

Mom Will Be Your Doctor – Ivy Starshyne

You’ve been so scared of doctors, what am I to do? I can’t just let you go around with potential problems, just getting worse and worse. Sure, you seem healthy, but… How would we really know? Listen, I bought something for this very thing. An outfit that could get you more comfortable with the whole idea of doctors. What do you say? Well, I’m doing it since you have no choice at this point…
You do seem pretty healthy, but I haven’t seen every single part of you. So take off your pants and give Mom a good look at what’s going on. Let’s stroke you to a a nice… throbbing… thick… Oh! And can’t forget to check the prostate. Close your eyes…
Looking up close, I can see it looks just fine. And with my finger inside your ass hole, I’d say things feel fine inside there, too. But let’s go for the finale, really make sure everything comes out looking perfect. Hmmm?

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