Your Girlfriend Jerks You Off to Her Daughter - Bettie Bondage

Your Girlfriend Jerks You Off to Her Daughter – Bettie Bondage

You girlfriend’s daughter has been such a tease lately: bending over in front of you, always smiling and teasing, sitting on your lap even though she’s way too old for that…but you’d never do anything. You just look. Harmless, right? You didn’t think you were being too obvious, but your girlfriend’s asked you to sit down and talk. She tells you that she knows you want her daughter. You figure you’re totally busted, but she tells you its ok. She understands, and she’s here to help! She tells you she took the liberty of buying a fleshlight and getting a pair of her daughter’s panties…and she’s going to drain you into “her daughter!”
You can’t believe what a naughty mom your girlfriend is being as your cock rises in your pants. She smirks, telling you to take it out and stroke while she gets her daughter’s tight little pussy ready, licking, sucking, and fingering the fleshlight until you’re oozing precum. She slides the fleshlight down onto your cock, telling you what a slut her daughter is. How she’s your cumdump now. A total whore for you to use. You watch her mother slide the smooth pussy down your cock, urging you to fill her daughter with cum, stroking you while she licks at your cock, running her tongue over “her daughter” and begging you to use that little whore-hole. You fill the toy with cum and watch as your dirty girlfriend pulls the toy off, shoving her tongue deep inside to extract your load

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Mom Gets Her Groove Back - Bettie Bondage

Mom Gets Her Groove Back – Bettie Bondage

Your mother hasn’t dated in a long, long time. Of course, its not for a lack of interest: you’ve always noticed the way men check her out. She’s hot. Even you know that. You probably know it better than anyone, the two of you being so close and all. She’s sexy. Demure in dress but only to a point. You’ve thought about it more than once. All that taboo porn out there – how could you not?
Tonight marks her first date in a long time. She’s so nervous. It’s cute, really. The outfit she picks out is right on the mark for a MILF like her: tight pants, high heels, a low cut blouse that’s mostly transparent…although you suspect she doesn’t realize that part. She asks how she looks and you have to be honest. “Great,” you say, “but that blouse is see-through.” Shocked, she starts talking about changing but you tell her not to. She’s got it, why not flaunt it? Of course, she doesn’t see it that way. She’s out of practice in terms of dating and flirting. “If only there was some way to practice,” she muses.
It hits you. You can help her practice. The idea of watching your mother smile, toss her hair, touch your hand has you stiffening before the words come out of your mouth. She’s hesitant, but after some reassurance, she relents, and the flirting begins. It’s hard to hide your growing boner as your mother flirts right at you! She’s touching her neck, down the hem of her blouse to her displayed breasts. You’d love to reach out and trace that line, too – watch her face flush as you touch the skin you’ve lusted over for years. It doesn’t take long for things to escalate, and even though its exactly what you want, it still shocks you when your mother leans forward, planting a kiss on your lips! She keeps asking if this is ok, if its still pretend, which you assure her it is, but you’re starting to think this was her plan all along!
She leads you to the couch, still role playing like she’s on a date…as she gets on her knees. In front of her own son! There’s no pretending you aren’t rock hard for her, and you nearly smack her in the face with your throbbing dick when she reaches out and pulls your pants down! You can’t believe this is happening. Best night ever, hands down…and it only gets better, as your mother envelopes your cock in her talented mouth, sucking you to the edge before leaning back, admitting that she knows all about the taboo porn, the mommy fantasies, pulling her pants off and revealing her soaking wet pussy to you.
Thrusting into her for the first time is a nearly religious experience, watching your own sweet mother’s face as you slide your thick member deeply into her pussy, making her cum with your cock, just like you always imagined. As you slide in and out, your mother dirty talks and confesses how she used to sit outside your bedroom and listen for the sounds of you stroking your dick! Your mother is a slut for your cock, and your combined desire fuels the both of you as you rut and fuck on the couch, bringing each other to powerful orgasm!

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Fucking Your Blindfolded Mom - Bettie Bondage

Fucking Your Blindfolded Mom – Bettie Bondage

You were in your parent’s closet, trying to find the extra towels, when you heard a noise in the bedroom. A noise…no. Oh god, your parents! It’s 2 o clock in the afternoon, what are they doing?? You can’t come out and announce yourself, your mother’s already naked on the bed and…oh my god, she’s…woah, your mother is sucking cock like a porn star! You try not to watch but the noises…they’ve got your dick hard as a rock. You try to think about baseball, you clench all your leg muscles but its no use. Your mother is a wanton slut and there’s no denying it turns you on.
You watch through the door with your dick in hand as your mother dons a blindfold and reclines across the bed. Your father tells her to be patient and leaves her there, on display. You shouldn’t. Right? No, that would be so wrong…but when are you going to get another chance like this?! You can’t waste it, right?
You quietly slip out of the closet, cock out, and position yourself between your mother’s legs. Her blindfold still firmly in place, she yelps in surprise when the head of your throbbing cock touches her pussy. You try to be patient, but your mother ruins that, reaching down and pulling you towards her immediately. What a slut! She remarks on how thick you are, thinking of course that you’re someone else. You relish the comments she makes, knowing what it means: your going to fill up your mother more than your own father can.
She pulls you into her, groaning and moaning as she swivels her hips on your cock. She’s a total cock slut! And a size queen for your thick dick. It doesn’t take long for her to start going really crazy, riding you to an orgasm. In her haste and desperation to cum on your cock, the blindfold slips! You think you’re fucked but she keeps riding you, too lost in her orgasm to stop! She acts angry while you cum deep inside her, watching your seed fill your mother’s pussy as she bounced on your dick, but you know you just gave her the best fuck of her life…

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COCK MILK FOR MOMMY'S MILK - Princess Ellie Idol

COCK MILK FOR MOMMY’S MILK – Princess Ellie Idol

So, I’m not actually lactating in this video, but I find the fantasy lactation dirty talk to be extremely arousing and I hope you do too! In this video, I play your mommy domme encouraging you to make your own cock milk as you roleplay-suck on my tits. The very thought of mixing all that milk together will get you as hard as I get wet. That’s the idea anyway… come suck mommy’s big breasts! Fill up your mouth with my sweet, delicious milk and let out on satisfying orgasm my BB-boy!

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Fourth of July with Tipsy Mom - Bettie Bondage

Fourth of July with Tipsy Mom – Bettie Bondage

Your mother LOVES the Fourth of July. It’s always been your thing to hang out and watch the fireworks, so you’re not surprised when she gets pouty after you tell her that you won’t be there this year. You and your girlfriend are driving into the city for the big celebration. But when the two of you get in a big fight, you think that you should use the change in plans to surprise your mother.
When you show up, it’s clear that she’s been hitting the bottle. You can’t help but laugh as you watch her sling back shots in her tiny bikini and tight jeans. She looks really, really slutty! When she realizes that you’re there, she goes crazy thanking you, making you sit down and urging you to take a shot, too.
She seems really excited to see you…maybe too excited. And she’s practically falling out of her top. She notices you staring at her big tits about to topple out of her top and calls you out for it! You can’t believe how forward she’s being. She’s so far gone! She starts to tease you with her tits, taunting you for staring. And it’s turning you on, there’s no denying that. And she notices. And it makes her excited, too. Your heart starts to race as your mother leans in, grinning. And kisses you!
The floodgates are opened. Your mother’s mouth is on yours, her hands and running across your body. She pulls you from your pants and you watch in shock and total arousal as your mother bends over, taking your cock into her mouth! It feels amazing, your mother uninhibited as she sucks and fucks you! You watch her face as she rides you, her tongue lolling out, her eyes crossing, before she cums hard on your cock, milking out a ton of cum into her pussy! She gapes it wide so you can see her cum-filled cunt, stretching and playing with herself, with your cum for your enjoyment!

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Mom Made A Mistake - Bettie Bondage

Mom Made A Mistake – Bettie Bondage

You were both so gone. It was your 21st birthday. It’s not like you knew what you were doing. So you kissed! It’s not like you’ve never kissed your mother before. Ok, so this time was on the mouth. With tongue. In the back of a cab, at 2am. But it’s your mother! It can’t mean anything, right?
It’s a week later and you two have been avoiding each other, so it surprises you when you hear a knock at your bedroom door, and in steps your mother, wearing a silky purple nightie which leaves very little to the imagination. Lately, even the slightest hint of her nipples through her shirt is enough to get you rock solid, and this is no exception. She looks hot.
She sits on the edge of the bed and looks at you, serious and concerned. She wants to talk about that night. You try to hide your growing erection as she shifts and sighs, telling you how it was nothing, Nothing to be concerned about, just a mistake. She’s edging closer, though, and the talk clearly has the both of you a little bothered. When she leans in to kiss you again, just to prove that it was really nothing, you feel her brush against your engorged member, and all bets are off.
Within minutes, she’s stretched across the bed, her full, gorgeous breasts bouncing as you pound in and out of her, both of you trying to be quiet so everyone home doesn’t hear you. Your mother squirms and bites her lip trying not to scream and moan as you deeply fuck her hungry cunt. She grinds against you as she cums, milking a hot load from your balls with apparent delight. Scooting off the bed with a hand tight against her well-fucked pussy, she arranges her nightie, kisses you goodnight, and quietly shuts the door behind her. Man.

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Make Moms Mouth Your Cum Dump - Emmas Secret

Make Moms Mouth Your Cum Dump – Emmas Secret

I have noticed lately that my son has been cumming a lot more than normal. What kind of a mother would I be if I didn’t help my son with his swollen balls? So I surprise him by wearing lingerie and explaining to him that my mouth will now be his personal cumdump. I tell him how much I would love to be his jizz target and that I will be going on a sperm diet and I will eat his cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if I’m lucky have a late night snack! I beg him for his cum and he shoots a massive load in my mouth. He says his balls feel much better, I’m such a good mother!

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Being With Mommy Gives You That Warm Tingly Feeling - Natalie Wonder

Being With Mommy Gives You That Warm Tingly Feeling – Natalie Wonder

Please film this in the same way as the Fucking Mommy In Missionary Quickie videos. It starts with you coming into son’s bed to wake him up in the morning. You end up acting very playful and ticking/wrestling with each other. Son eventually ends up on top of you (missionary position) and you give in and tell him, “Okay, okay, you win!” You are both only wearing underwear and a t-shirt so you feel something poking you between your legs. You look down and notice his penis has popped out of his shorts. You go to tuck it back into his shorts but as you’re doing that you feel how hard it is. You get a very naughty idea.
Being quiet because “daddy is home”, you ask him if he wants to play another fun little game. Kind of like the “tickling/wrestling” game you just played. You tell him how to play. He just has to stick his peepee inside mommy’s pussy and push it in and out. You start slow then eventually it gets more and more intense. In the middle of it you tell son he is having sex with mommy. You ask him if he likes it and if he’s starting to feel a warm tingly feeling. You tell him it’s called cummies and you want him to “make a big, warm cummies inside mommy’s pussy.” Use ageplay words like peepee and cummies.

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Mommy Makes you Cum POV HJ - Nikki Sequoia

Mommy Makes you Cum POV HJ – Nikki Sequoia

Nikki comes home right after her step-son pulls his cock out to start playing with it. He’s supposed to be in bed, but of course he’s pulling something like this. Nikki makes him promise that if she helps, he has to go straight to bed! She strokes his cock, giving him a sexy hand job while talking dirty, and even letting him touch her tits while she strokes until he blows his built up load all over her saggy tits!

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Our New Life Together - Ivy Starshyne

Our New Life Together – Ivy Starshyne

We have moved into a new place to start a new life… as a new couple. Nobody knows us in this place, so we can live together without any worries. My son, I want us to live a normal life as a couple. Don’t you remember, darling? I promised to take care of you. And always be naked at home, ready for you. Won’t that be lovely? Mom is ready to make love now. Mmmm.

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