MILF Craves Your Attention - Dirty Princess

MILF Craves Your Attention – Dirty Princess

This is our chance to be with each-other and All you can do is play your video games. So i decide to get dressed up to get your attention off the games and onto me. Dressed as a slutty school girl I am craving your cock I want to please you so I play with my self to get you hard and horny for me. Till I get you horny and hard so I can ride your dick. I cum on your cock and suck you so I can taste my sweet cum off your dick . Sucking you and gaging on your cock till you blow your load in my mouth.

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Dirty Secret With Step Mom - Dirty Princess

Dirty Secret With Step Mom – Dirty Princess

I walked in on you in our bed while your father is away jerking off to my panties. I was so shocked not even sure how to deal wit this situation. As I a yelling at you your cock is still out and you are still hard. So to deal with this situation i decided to make you smell my pussy since that i what you were really after. Making you lick it and smell it gets me really turned on so i get on top of your dick and fuck it till I CUM. I then tell you if you dont tell your father ill let you cum on my face.

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Tipsy Step Mom Is Horny - Dirty Princess

Tipsy Step Mom Is Horny – Dirty Princess

Coming in from a night out with my girlfriends im a little tipsy and very horny, so i wake you up to come keep me company as i finish my wine. We were talking about men and their cocks all night long so I really wanna see one, I get you to show me yours. Im super horny so I persuade you to touching my tits and then one thing lead to another and im riding your big hard dick. You fill up my pussy with your big hard throbbing cock inside of my milf pussy.

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MILF Mom Teaches You To Please A Women - Dirty Princess

MILF Mom Teaches You To Please A Women – Dirty Princess

I have the best Idea to prepose to you. Since you are a virgin and I am very lonely and horny, I decide to tell you I think I should be the one to take your virginity. I can teach you how to please a women I can show you how to rub and play with my pussy. Let mommy teach you how to make my pussy cum, your so horny for me you agree to it. So I start to instruct you on how to rub my clit and my pussy lips. then slowly i teach you how to finger me and find my g sot. You do such a good job at it and your really getting into you make me cum. We are both super horny so I want to return the favor and have you feel the inside of mommys pussy for the first time. I ride you and stroke your cock with my tight pussy. It feels out of this world good for both of us, we get caught up in the moment and we dont care about anything so I beg you to cum inside of me not caring if I get pregnant from it.

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Stepmom Caught Watching Porn - Dirty Princess

Stepmom Caught Watching Porn – Dirty Princess

Your dad is out of town and I am having a little alone time while you are away. Watching some porn in my room dresses in sexy lingerie touching myself starting to get into the video im watching BAM it happens you walk in the room without knocking. We are both shy and embarrassed but i decide to have a talk with you and tell you its ok its no big deal. Girls watch porn all the time, can tell you shy but liking seeing my sexy body dressed in strappy lingerie. Still horny because I didnt have my orgasm yet I see your cock in your pants. I want to show you its no big deal so i invite you to watch me watch porn and touch myself. I encourage you to take your cock out and stoke your dick to me pleasuring myself. I have you so hot and worked up I get you to blow a huge load right on my face… heheheeh now you love your HOT MILF

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Stepmom Gives Birthday BJ - Dirty Princess

Stepmom Gives Birthday BJ – Dirty Princess

Im such a terrible stepmom… I completely forget to got you a birthday present and I FEEL SO BAD ABOUT IT. I offer to make it up to you and you can name anything you want and I will get it for you.. You say you want a Blowjob.. Im quite shocked and confused and there is no way I can do that its not appropriate.. But i feel so guilty I do it .. I start to really get into and I get turned on.. loving the taste of your pre cum I want more from you. I havent had sex in a week so I am really horny and I offer to fuck you and give you an even better birthday gift. It felt so fucking good to have your cock inside of me… When you are ready to cum I take you in my mouth as you fill up my mouth with your warm dripping cum. WOW what a birthday to remember!


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