Mommy Son Diaper Date - Chloe Bielke

Mommy Son Diaper Date – Chloe Bielke

I’ve decided that with our growing closeness, we should start going on dates. With that will come more intimacy. Mommy teaches you about your changing body, and how I’m going to help you cum for your first time. I also tell you that I’m going to be wearing a diaper on our date to be a good ally. Lots of talking about your diapers, some bullying you’ve received, the support you get from your new diaper friends, and how mommy will always take care of you.

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Samantha Starfish

Learn How To Make Mommy Cum – Samantha Starfish

You’re such a sweet little boy. You want to make your Mommy feel good don’t you? You want to make Mommy cum so good? Yes, you’re such a good boy. This is why Mommy had you! To make me cum! If you’re a good boy Mommy will play with your pee pee too! Now lick and suck on Mommy’s naughty holes. Yes, baby, lick Mommy’s pussy and stick your tongue deep in my ass. Oh, you’re such a good tongue fucker aren’t you?! Yes, you did a good job, now let Mommy play with your pee pee and make you feel good too! Enjoy!

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Bad Boys Grow Up - Harlyn P. Rose

Bad Boys Grow Up – Harlyn P. Rose

You’ve been so naughty lately. Not following my orders, directly disobeying me, pretending not to hear or understand me when I’m talking to you. And no punishment I come up with seems to work. Corner time, spanking, taking your toys away, it doesn’t matter—you’re always right back to being a naughty boy as soon as the punishment is done. So I’ve come up with the ultimate punishment for a little boy like you.

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Mommy's Big Kid In Diapers - Bielke

Mommy’s Big Kid In Diapers – Bielke

I’m tired of the kids in middle school bullying you for still wearing diapers. We need to talk about a new plan. I have found you a new and special school where there are lots of big kids in diapers. We are going to enroll you. This video has A LOT of diaper talk. There are also other age regression topics such as cuddling with your stuffies and blankie, mommy giving you a bath, changing your diapers and watching kids television together.

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Big Boob Regression - Harlyn P Rose

Big Boob Regression – Harlyn P Rose

My boobs are mesmerizing, especially in a low-cut shirt like this one. All this soft, creamy flesh on display…it’s hard to look away from them, isn’t it? Fortunately, today I don’t want you to look away. I want you to keep staring. Keep watching. Keep listening. Tits have power, you know. The power to make men do things they wouldn’t normally do. And I’m going to use mine to turn you into a little diapered boy.

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Mommies Baby Boy - Lindsey Leigh

Mommies Baby Boy – Lindsey Leigh

Mommy is back and pushing your limits even further. I want you to be my baby. Sucking a pacifier, using a diaper and letting me change you. Mommy always knows whats best for her son, come suck on mommies titties. “I am going to take care of you and take complete control baby” I say it over and over like a nursery rhyme. I want your potty privileges to be up to me. I want that ass to belong to me. Dont you want to be a good boy for mommy?

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Cum and Diaper - Harlyn P. Rose

Cum and Diaper – Harlyn P. Rose

Mommy’s finally home from work, which means it’s time for you to get diapered. You’re ready for her, already waiting on your changing pad with your pants off. But you’re a little too eager, and lying there, completely bare while you wait for Mommy, gets you a little…excited. We can’t have that. Mommy has a very strict rule about her little boy’s cock: she will only diaper him when it is soft. You’re going to have to fix this quickly, but fortunately Mommy’s here to help.

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What's That Awful Smell - Brandon Areana

What’s That Awful Smell – Brandon Areana

Step-Mummy sits and smokes and she impatiently waits for you to get ready, you want to go to the beach don’t you!? You are far to old for the StepMummy-Son Dances so a day at the beach will have to do and you couldn’t stop raving about my new, blue bikini. As my patients grow thin I notice an unpleasant smell, a very unpleasant smell indeed, it’s awful…I sniff and Sniff and sniff getting closer and closer to the source…when my nose finally leads me right to YOU. You vile little Freak! You have soiled yourself haven’t you? This smell, this awful smell is coming from your pants?! How long has it been there?! I gag, you are such a disappointment. You have clearly failed to advance properly into adulthood, you are stuck in a state of arrested development but this…this is extra pathetic. There is only ONE SOLUTION to your Toilet problem and that is to completely start all over, from the beginning. Go ahead and cry, you’re supposed too.
I prepare your diaper, I grab wipes and a binky and lay out a pink blanky just for you and your transformation, you will be regressed and live your life COMPLETELY as a babbling BB. You will feed from Mummy’s breast, these tits are no longer an object of pleasure but now only for survival after I’ve fed you, you remain fussy so I take your hot pink binky and dip it deep inside me as I bb talk you into submission, there, there no need to make such a big fuss…mummy’s here now.
Do you have a request for something special? Email me now to make your fantasy a reality! Everything is filmed in the highest HD quality and other formats are available upon request. You can order your very own Custom Videos, socks, panties, pantyhose, DVD’s and more contact me.

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Mommy Pleasure JOI - Miss Jade

Mommy Pleasure JOI – Miss Jade

Go right on ahead my sweet baby and stroke yourself. Show me what a big boy you are. Give into your little mommy fantasies, look up at me and allow that pleasure to take over. Mmmm oh yesss, baby feeels so good and warm with mommy.

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