Mommy Changes you 2 | Audio Only! - Miss Regina Rae

Mommy Changes you 2 | Audio Only! – Miss Regina Rae

Audio only | Mommy has given you such a better, new life! And someone’s made a big mess for me to clean up, haven’t they? Time to bring you to your special table, strap you down, get you clean, and oh! Someone’s getting stiff for me aren’t they? I’ll just have to rub you until you make one last big mess for me.

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Naming Cindy Sue (Custom) | Audio Only! - Miss Regina Rae

Naming Cindy Sue (Custom) | Audio Only! – Miss Regina Rae

Audio only | CUSTOM (the name Daryl is used periodically until end): You never were very good at being a real man, you’ve adjusted so well to your new one! You’re a natural, it’s like you were always meant to do this, with your tiny widdle willy, and your brand new wardrobe. But there’s one problem, your name! Mommy will have to find a new one for you.

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You're Just A Baby Now - Natasha's Bedroom

You’re Just A Baby Now – Natasha’s Bedroom

The clock turns back, time reverses, and you regress out of manhood.
You’re just a baby now. Diapered, helpless, and cute, without a worry in the world. A wee baby sucking on his thumb and giggling happily. You’re in mommy’s loving arms, a sweet little baby boy for your adoring mommy. You’re just a baby now. Cute, huggable, and cared for.
No more pants, only diapers. No more big boy. Because you’re just my baby, now and forever.

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Mommy Changes you | Audio Only - Miss Regina Rae

Mommy Changes you | Audio Only – Miss Regina Rae

Audio only | I told you you’d like your new life so much better! A whole brand new wardrobe, and lifestyle that matches your maturity level much better. Oh! Look at this, you’ve adjusted so well, you even made a big, stinky mess didn’t you! Look like it’s time to strap you down and change you, mmmmm.

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New Mommy New Toy- lush trial - Kiki Cali

New Mommy New Toy- lush trial – Kiki Cali

Mommy has caught me playing with my new Lush toy before our bedtime routine, without her! Like a good Mommy though, she just takes over control of my new toy and shows me how to really use…before she diapers me for bed of course! And Mommy is soo good at diapering me, she has the most delicate touch while she rubs diaper creams around my tight little bootyhole and sweetest hands when rubbing in my baby powder! And she even keeps my Lush in while diapering me for extra spoils hehe while warning me not to lift any of my tabs even if I squirt! What a good Mommy to put me to bed with a Lush, a diaper and a kiss!

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Mommy Diapers Better - Kiki Cali

Mommy Diapers Better – Kiki Cali

Daddy is away and left Mommy Sophie Ladder to diaper me. Mommy doesn’t diaper me too often so I’m a little bit skeptical but she assures me that not only can she diaper me, but she diapers better than Daddy. I ask how and Mommy pulls her cock out and slips it in my tight wet little pussy. Mommy fucks my little pussy right on top of my diaper hehe and before closing it up, she gives me her cummies! Mommy was right, she does do a better job at diapering! *This is my first sex scene ever* TAGS: mdlg, mommydom, first fuck, little space, abdl, ab, dl, diaper fucking, transgender

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Special Fun with Mommy - Harlyn P Rose

Special Fun with Mommy – Harlyn P Rose

Do you know what time it is? It’s special fun time with Mommy! Your favorite. Mommy lays you on your back, undoes your little diaper, and makes you feel so, so good. Only Mommy can make you feel like this. She’s the only one who even wants to. So you’ll never leave her, will you? You’ll stay with her forever, as her precious baby boy.

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AB Mommy Loosey Bedtime Breastfeeding - Diaper Perv

AB Mommy Loosey Bedtime Breastfeeding – Diaper Perv

Adult baby mommy Loosey Lu is interacting with you with your singing elephant & playing peek-a-boo. She diaper checks you throughout the whole videos, from time to time. It’s snacktime before bed & she gets your bib on & into the high chair….it’s yummy carrots. Mommy plays airplane with you!! After eating in the high chair, it’s time for you to get into your huge crib and mommy changes your diaper before bed… taking off your swelled pissy soaked diaper & sliding a nice dry rearz safari on your butt! She closes it up and slides into the crib beside you to feed you your bottle in your matching safari bottle… but you don’t want it!! You spit it out & mommy figure out you want mommy’s boobies! Yay, she takes out her boobie so you can suckle on it (for a nice long time…. minutes!!!!) while she humms to you & gives you diaper pats as you slowly drift off to nini with Mommy Loosey in your ABDL crib

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Mommy Catches You In Diapers - Haley Blake

Mommy Catches You In Diapers – Haley Blake

What happens when a young mother catches her son wearing inappropriate clothing? Mommy Haley walks into her son’s room unexpectedly and catches the young man… That’s clearly NOT underwear! He’s wearing a DIAPER, and he is obviously using them for their intended purpose. Haley confronts him about wearing a diaper, and he is embarrassed to admit he enjoys wearing them. Mommy isn’t angry; she tells him she understands. And it’s not just because she’s sympathetic and accepting- maybe there’s more to it. Obviously, she remembers when he was a baby and he wore diapers all the time. But there’s something else… Maybe it’s because his desires to wear diapers are something he inherited? Mommy Haley admits that SHE likes wearing diapers too. In fact, she shows him she’s wearing them right now! She also knows how GOOD wearing a diaper makes you feel. How good do they make you feel? Well, she shows him…

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Future Wife, Future Mommy - Harlyn P Rose

Future Wife, Future Mommy – Harlyn P Rose

You think you know what you’re in for. In exactly one month you’ll be marrying your gorgeous fiancée, and you believe yours will just be a normal, loving marriage. You’ll have a long, exciting wedding night and honeymoon, you’ll move into her house and sleep with her in her bed, and you’ll be the devoted husband and she the faithful wife. Right?
Wrong. Your fiancée calls you over to her house, saying you and she need to get a few things straight about what your marriage will look like one month from now. She gives you the truth. In the eyes of everyone else, she’ll be your wife, yes, but when it’s just the two of you, she’ll be Mommy.

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