Mommy Let Me Pee - Annabelle Rogers

Mommy Let Me Pee – Annabelle Rogers

My daughter comes home from practice having to pee. When I open the door to let her in I find great pleasure in the fact of how desperate she is to pee. So I tease her and make her wait for my command until she releases a heavy loud golden stream of pee.

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Milf Mom - Annabelle Rogers

Milf Mom – Annabelle Rogers

I am a typical straitlaced, suburban mom. While an attractive woman, I’ve never been one to flaunt my beauty and sexuality as I’m focused on the more mundane, practical aspects of life. In fact, most people would consider me as vanilla as they come. However, below this bland, plain surface resides a rather intense ego that definitely does not like to be underestimated. It’s getting close to bedtime and I’m on the way to bed wearing my usual dowdy, baggy pajamas with my hair up in a bun. My son is visiting home during a break from college. As I walk by, I can’t help but eavesdrop on a phone conversation he is having as he catches up with an old neighborhood friend. While not catching the full context of the conversation, I understand that they are discussing several women from the neighborhood, and I am particularly perplexed by the use of an unfamiliar piece of slang, “MILF”. Assuming that it is some form of insult, like bitch or asshole, I determine that son needs a little lecture about appropriate language. When I hear that son is off the phone, I casually makes my presence known. I start off with some chitchat about being happy about his visit but disappointed that it coincides with one of Dad’s business trips. However, soon I segue into my main objective. Admitting that I could not help but overhear his phone conversation, I launch into a mild lecture about respect towards elders and referring to them with inappropriate language like MILF. However, it’s clearly evident that I have no idea what the term MILF means as I apply it to men as well as women. Son can’t help but laugh at my misunderstanding. A bit insulted by the laughter, I ask Son to clarify the situation. As he clarifies the definition of the term MILF, Mommy’s demeanor shifts from insulted to inquisitive. I can’t help but ask whether any of Son’s friends refer to her as a MILF. Due to Mommy’s vanilla reputation, Son understandably assumes that Mommy must be kidding so he laughs again. Mommy understands why Son is laughing, but simultaneously, her ego is severely bruised. She plays along with the idea that she was kidding and decides that its time to head to bed, but as she leaves, she looks back with an expression unnoticed by Son that reflects a developing mischievous plan. It’s the next morning and my son is hanging out in the living room, catching up on social media and texts on his phone. Suddenly, Mommy walks into the room appearing to be ready to do housework but wearing an outfit which is very unlike her standard sweatpants and baggy sweatshirts. Mommy walks into the room pretending to be completely oblivious to the uncharacteristic nature of her clothing. Son can’t help but relay a bit of shock though his facial expression. Trying to maintain an air of nonchalance, Mommy only acknowledges that Son must think it’s a bit much to wear shoes like these for housework, but this is the only opportunity she will have to break them in. When Son appears to be getting up to leave, she insists that he won’t be in the way and should stay. Mommy then proceeds to start her housework in the living room: picking up objects, dusting, etc. The whole time i am bending over, stretching, crawling, etc. for maximum teasing and sex appeal. While I pretend to be completely oblivious and nonchalant, I know exactly what I am doing. After several minutes of cleaning, she asks son if he would mind if she did some stretching and yoga in the living room. With his implied approval, she commences with more blatant erotic posing with every motion done for maximum suggestiveness while maintaining a fake sense of obliviousness to the impact on Son. At this point, Son has a raging hard-on. After a few minutes of this activity, Mommy decides to take a break and have a seat near Son. She comments on how dry her skin feels and decides to apply some skin moisturizer slowly and seductively on various parts of her body. As she does so, she brings up the previous night’s discussion. She asks if Son is certain that none of his friends would consider Mommy a MILF. Dropping the charade of obliviousness, she seductively asks whether their minds might change if she put on a similar show for them as he just received. She suddenly removed her top to moisturize her breasts and asks something to the effect of “What would they think of Mommy’s tits? Are they MILF material?” She comments on how she thinks son would agree based on how hard his cock looks. I ask him to take his hard, young cock out. Son immediately complies and Mommy seems very pleased and aroused by its size and girth. I ask him to stroke it for Mommy while I slowly fondle my own breasts. I then tit fuck you until you jizz all over my tits.

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Asking Big Bro For A Favor - Sadbaffoon

Asking Big Bro For A Favor – Sadbaffoon

Hey big bro can I ask you for a favor? I’m going out with my friends tonight and they asked me to get beers for us. You’re my cool older brother I was hoping you’d help. Ugh you always want me to do things for you in return. You want me to strip for you?! Fine.. I don’t want to disappoint my friends. You’re such pervert though it’s so annoying. Now that I’m naked, will you get the beers please? You want me to suck your cock now?!?! You’re so greedy!! Now that I’ve had your cock in my mouth though, I’m so horny. I want your cock in me big bro 🙁 You turn me into such a slut. Includes POV BJ & sex in multiple positions, dirty talking, and a cumshot on my boobs!!!


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