Asking Step-Mom For Dick Size Advice - Daras Daily Taboo

Asking Step-Mom For Dick Size Advice – Daras Daily Taboo

You’re coming to stay with me for one week! That’s such great news! Oh dear, it seems you always catch me when I’m still in my dressing gown. So, how are you? Yes, your Dad is at work today. It’s just the two of us.
Oh dear, is it ever hot out these days! So, you said there was something you wanted to talk to me about? What is it sweetie? You have another date? That’s wonderful! So, tell me then!
Honey, you don’t have a small dick, silly! Is this really what you wanted to tell me? Oh sweetheart, don’t worry!
Ok, I’ll tell you this, just to help you feel better… You’re dick is the nicest and biggest I’ve ever had. Yes, bigger than your dads! Remember when I helped you with your erection? I told you then too!
This is silly, oh dear, you’re showing it to me right now! Oh boy, this is getting out of hand. Oh yes, I’m looking at it. Yes, I do think about it all the time. You’re making me horny now, stop it! Is this all you wanted to know? Is your dick big enough? Yes, it is! And this girl you’re going on your date with is very lucky! And I’m a bit jealous, I hope she deserves you! Your dick is so nice, and it is bigger than your Dads. You like when I tell you that don’t you!
You’re making me really turned on… You know I have a hard time controlling my urges! You like mummy’s big tits? You don’t mind if I touch myself a little bit here, imagining that big dick? Can you imagine it? Putting it right between my bum cheeks? Oh hunny, look at what you’re making me do. Is this the kind of advice you wanted from me? Acting all crazy and horny in front of you! Oh yea? You want me to touch myself before you fuck me? Ok, look at this then.
Why don’t you put your dick right in front of me here. Let me show you how big it looks in my hands and between my boobs. That’s it, unzip your pants. mmm. I see you’re nice and hard already. Oh dear, I’m getting really flustered! I should cover up! I can’t help myself though! Your Dad’s not home for another hour or so, so lets make it quick!
See, look how big and hard you are? Do you believe me now? I bet this feels good baby, you like that? It’s so big hunny! Just a quick hand job ok? It feels so good in my hands! Lets put it between my boobs. Mmmm, good boy! You can always come to me for advice. I bet you’d love to cum all over mummy’s tits wouldn’t you? Oh good boy.
We should count you down because your dad will be home soon with his small little cock. You better cum soon! No honey, I told you, just a hand job today. But you can cum on mummy’s tits, ok? In a few seconds, not yet, just a little bit longer.
Ok baby, ready… 5, your dick is so big! …. 4, mmmm ….. 3 …….. Oh I’m gonna cum too baby!…. 2 ……..oh, oh , yesss … 1 … cum all over me! Cum on mummy’s tits! Mmmmm! Good boy! Keep cumming, lots and lots and lots of cum for me! Mmmm

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Dara and Carol Cox Fuck The Curious Step-Son - Daras Daily Taboo

Dara and Carol Cox Fuck The Curious Step-Son – Daras Daily Taboo

Dara’s friend Carol is over for the evening. Together, they get up to all kinds of mischief. They are lounging around, almost naked on the bed. Dara is wearing red lace lingerie, and Carol is wearing her converse shoes and nothing but a white tank top. Dara tells Carol that she has a curious step-son, and asks her if she would like to invite him to join them. Dara has already fooled around with him in the past, and knows he would just love to see two hot blonde milfs suck his dick at the same time.
Carol, being the gorgeous cougar that she is, eagerly agrees. They invite him in, and giggle because he is walking around in his underwear. Before he can say anything, Carol grabs for his dick. She is smiling so wide, and so is Dara. The curious step-son will have the time of his life. They each take one side of his underwear and pull it down. Carol immediately puts his dick in her mouth, and it goes from half-hard to rock solid in a matter of seconds.
From here, the fun goes on. Carol starts giving him an extraordinary, experienced Milf blowjob while Dara licks and kisses Carol’s ass and pussy. Not many words are exchanged as everyone’s mouth is full. They both take their time, they have all night together and he isn’t going anywhere now. They both give him a toe-curling double blowjob, kissing each other and his dick at once. Two gorgeous blonde Milfs on his dick, looking him in the eyes. These experienced cougars make sure there is almost always a mouth around his dick.
After an intimate introduction, they lie him down, and Dara proceeds to sit on his face. Carol of course keeps sucking, up until the point where she sits on it. She slides his throbbing dick into her pussy and sits down firmly on it. She is gentle and sensual, this is after all, extremely hot – and he’s just young and needs to be able to last through it all. Dara rides his face, while Carol rides his dick. They kiss, and touch each other, both moaning and squirming. Carol pushes her pussy hard against his cock while Dara pushes her pussy hard against his face. They do this for some time before switching roles. Dara keeps his dick in her mouth while Carol moves onto his face. She sucks and jerks him for a bit before sitting on it herself.
Carol pleasures herself on his face and tongue, and Dara moans and bounces on his hard young cock. They kiss and touch each other all the while. Soon, Dara goes on her hands and knees, and Carol lies on her back with her legs spread. Dara eats Carol’s pussy while her step-son fucks her from behind. He is fucking her nice and hard, pushing and pushing deep while her face is pressed against Carol’s pussy. She is moaning and so is Carol. He can’t believe his eyes, looking down at his gorgeous step-mom’s ass and pussy and another hot mature babe spread eagle, all for him!
Dara turns onto her back, and carol then sits on her face. Carol sucks on his curious hard dick while she rubs Dara’s pussy, preparing it for more. He continues to fuck her like this while Carol has her pussy licked. Carol leans forward and they embrace in a sexy kiss while he continues to pump into Dara. Everyone is having such a lovely time together.
Carol and Dara stand him up and get on their knees in front of him. They once again, give him a double blowjob. What an extraordinary sight! Two beautiful milfs looking up at him, kissing his dick together, giggling, having fun like a pair of school girls. They suck, and jerk him, they encourage him to cum. They take turns sucking and passing his dick back and forth. Then, Dara, being the loving step-mother that she is, jerks him just right while they both sit back with their mouths eagerly open. As she pumps his dick, cum shoots towards her face, and then again, and then again. She keeps pumping cum out and then aims it at Carol so she can have some too. Cum shoots again towards carol, and then on her cheeks and in her mouth. He has just been spoiled to bits by the two sexiest blonde Milfs he has ever seen! They kiss his dick, both with faces covered in cum. They seem to like having it on them. They lick and sooth his throbbing dick, and then kiss each other too.

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Mommy’s Cure For Morning Wood - Daras Daily Taboo

Mommy’s Cure For Morning Wood – Daras Daily Taboo

It’s Sunday morning, and we’ve all got to get going for church. My lazy son is still in bed, and it’ starting to get late! I bring his laundry into his room to put it away. I can’t believe I’m still doing his laundry… I’m trying to get him out of bed, but he won’t budge. He seems a bit weird, why won’t he just get out of bed? He’s not even moving! I pull the blanket down and then I understand. That’s quite funny, he has morning wood, and is shy to get out of bed! I tell him it’s natural and it’s ok to walk around with an erection on Sunday morning. He is shy, so I console him. It just so happens, I have the perfect cure for morning wood. I explain to him the best way to get rid of morning wood, and start touching him. He can’t be walking around church with a boner! I get comfortable and begin to help him with his erection. It won’t take too long, we do have to go soon. At least this way he won’t get a boner for a couple of hours. We just need to release his load and he can get on with the day. My best cure for morning wood is quite simple, and takes about 10 minutes. I start with a slow but firm hand job, and slowly build up to a medium pace. Then, I get some oil on my hands, and continue to stroking and jerking the cock, now the oil lets me hold it very firm while it slides nicely up and down in my tight fist. The trick is, to have my nipples showing out from underneath my blouse. I also like to make it so he can see my pussy through my sheer panties. This helps the morning wood stay very hard during the treatment. After about five minutes of this firm stroking, it really helps build up the release if I put it in my mouth and suck his dick, nice and slow. This way, he builds up and releases all his hot cum, curing his morning wood. I am the best mum ever, he can always count on me to help him. That’s a good boy, going to cum for mummy. I ask him if he would rather cum on mommy’s tits, or in her mouth? I think he is having trouble deciding! I decide to use my secret technique. Now that I’ve got his very hard dick warmed up, I rub it against my nipple nice firmly, and I can see it makes him want to cum all over mummy tits. He really likes that, I keep doing it firmly but slowly, and he erupts! He lets out a giants morning wood load all over my tits! The feeling of my nipple against his cock gave him just the push he needed to release that cum and cure his morning wood! Now we’d better get going, or we’ll be late!

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Aunt Dara Is A Nudist - Daras Daily Taboo

Aunt Dara Is A Nudist – Daras Daily Taboo

Aunt Dara is so happy her Nephew has finally come to visit her again. She gets to have him over for the whole weekend! It’s been so long, and she’s so excited to spend some quality time together. While they are hanging out, she tells him about how she can’t wait for the summer. She tells him that last summer, she became a nudist, and went to all the different beaches and campsites she could find.
Why wait till summer? He is a bit uncomfortable at first, but she pulls her dress down and exposes her breasts. It feels so good to be free! there’s no need to feel bad about a bit of nudity, it’s perfectly natural! They spend some time together while Aunt Dara is naked on the arm chair. They even take a selfie together while she is nude.
After some time, she starts trying to convince her Nephew to take some of his clothes off too. She wants him to experience being naked with her! It’s so nice to be free! It’s natural for humans! She tells him he is brave for letting himself be free and helps him undress.
Now that they are both naked, they can lounge around and enjoy their weekend together. They lay down on the big comfy couch together, and hang out for a bit before lunch. Aunt Dara laughs a bit, she notices her Nephew has an erection. She explains to him about the etiquette at nudist camps, and how it’s impolite to get an erection. But, she is also very supportive, it is his first time, and it’s a completely natural reaction. She playfully gives his hard dick some light taps with her feet while they talk together.
She continues to gently kick his dick around playfully while they talk and chat about how he should join her next summer at the nudist camp. She laughs and says he’ll get over it soon and his boner will go away. However, Aunt Dara starts to have a bit too much fun toying with his dick with her feet while they chat. She tells him she’s getting a bit horny, and her gently taps with her feet slowly turn into nice rubs.
She sits up and very casually continues to rub his hard dick with her feet. She gives him a nice gently foot job and even starts rubbing her pussy a bit. He can see right between her legs while she squeezes his dick between her feet. She even bends over in front of him and pulls his dick up and down with her feet while he stares right into her ass and pussy.
She lays down next to him and tells him not to worry. This must be so intense for him! His first time being naked like this and his aunt is giving him a foot tease and getting horny in front of him! She makes sure he is ok, tells him it’s their secret. Thats when she starts to suck his dick. She gives him to best auntie blowjob he could ever imagine. She is so cool, and it feels so good! Auntie’s pussy is so nice and wet. She sucks, and slobbers all over his dick, while looking deep into his eyes. She likes how hard he is over her. Life can be like this all the time if we just stay naked!
She is having a great time. She wants to help him out. She wants to suck and jerk him off until he cums. This will help him from getting a boner all the time if they are naked together. At least this way they can continue with their day and have lunch without him having a throbbing erection. She thinks he would like an orgasm anyhow, so she goes for it. She sucks his dick so nicely, her tongue sticking out and her beautiful eyes wide open. All it takes is for her to start talking about wanting him to cum all over her body and face before he shoots multiple warm ropes of cum all over her face and mouth. She is very pleased. This is the best way to start her weekend with her Nephew!

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Finally Fucking Best Friends Mom - Daras Daily Taboo

Finally Fucking Best Friends Mom – Daras Daily Taboo

I know you’ve been wanting this for a long time. I’ve always seen you looking at me, staring at me. Now we are finally alone, isn’t this nice? It’s ok that I’m an older woman, let it happen sweetie. I’ve been dreaming of my sons friends for a long time, this is exactly what we both want. Lets get to it, we probably don’t have much time alone!
Touch me, kiss my pussy, finger my pussy. That’s it sweetie. Lets take these panties off! You’ve got your friends Mom naked in front of you, spread pussy and aching for your fingers inside. Oh sweetie, you touch my bum like that, I love it! Yes honey, you can put your dick inside me, but just touch me a little bit longer!
Bring your dick closer baby. Are you going to fuck my little pussy with your nice dick? You’ve been wanting this for a long while, so push it all the way in. Oh yes, that’s a good boy! Fuck your friends mommy! Fuck me really hard!! I love being fucked by young guys! Shall I bend over for you? Fuck me from behind? I Would love that!
Oh yes, you know I love this! Put your dick as deep as you can! Oh my god! It’s going to make you cum like this isn’t it? You love while I bounce on your dick screaming and moaning, don’t you? Oh yes, you love it when I bounce up and down on your dick! You have been wanting to fuck your friends mom for so long! You gonna cum all inside me? Yea? Oh, good, I’m going to cum too! Oh my god yes!!! Fill me up with cum!

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Stay Home With Step-Mommy - Daras Daily Taboo

Stay Home With Step-Mommy – Daras Daily Taboo

I’m a bit sad today. I’m here all alone this week because you’re dad is away. Would you consider staying here with me this week? I know you stayed here last week too, but think of it as a special request from me. It’ll just be you and me, we can get up to our little secret things together. How can I convince you to stay?
Do you like my pink lingerie? What do I have to do to convince you to stay? You always have more fun with me instead of your real mom! I’ll touch my boobs a bit for you? Does that convince you? What if I touch your dick a little bit? Ok, why not.
Ok, I’ll do what you ask me, as long as you stay here with me for the week. I’ll slowly jerk you off while I talk to you. Tell me, “mummy you’re the best”! I love touching your dick, so this works for me sweetheart. That’s it, stay nice and hard for mummy!
Ok sweetie, I’ll go harder for you. Sure. Oh, you want me to put my mouth around it? Ok sweetie, how about this? Does that feel good? Oh yes sweetie, that’s so hot! Good boy! Don’t cum yet, you will cum in my mouth when I tell you, ok? You are making mummy so wet!
Sweetie, are you ready to cum in my mouth? That’s it, good boy… mmmmm!


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Mom and Son Bath Time Tit Job - Daras Daily Taboo

Mom and Son Bath Time Tit Job – Daras Daily Taboo

**Son stays home and surprises Mommy who is relaxing in the bath. They sit together and spend time together. She sees him getting hard and eventually invites him to rub soap on his dick. Mommy gives a long slow hand job while chatting, and then gives son a nice tit-job.**
I’ve got a lovely day, with nothing planned. I’m home alone and soaking in the bath – I just love it! Oh what’s that noise? Is someone there?
“Aw, sweetheart, I thought you were playing video games with your friends today? You missed me that much? You know I’m having a self care day, but of course I don’t mind you staying home. You can keep me company while I bathe then. “
“Take a seat and lets chat. Tell me about the girls you’re meeting. Oh dear you’re so sweet. I know you think I’m the most beautiful, but I’m your stepmom sweetie!”
We chat and enjoy each others company.
“What is going on over there? Are you getting a hard-on? I’m touching my boobs so you think it’s ok to touch your dick? Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”
My step son loves to watch me scrub. I can see that he has a hard on, he’s not even trying to hide it! I think he wants me to put some soap on it.
“Ok, come here then, why not? Only if you’ll scrub my back after!”
Wow, he’s really grown to have such a nice big cock! I soap it up, and get it nice a slippery and clean. I think he likes it a lot. I’m quite impressed really.
“You are a good boy, you know that Mommy likes a nice big cock don’t you! Just remember what I told you, there will be no cumming too quickly!”
We continue to chat and make small talk while I rub his nice soapy dick. I eventually give him a nice soapy mommy tit-job. I love his hard dick between my tits! Yummy! I know he wants to cum all over my tits. Why not baby!
“Mmmm, yes sweetie, you can cum, ok! That’s it! Oh yes, cum between mummy’s tits! Good boy!”


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Helpful Mommy Drains Sons Blue Balls - Dara's Daily Taboo

Helpful Mommy Drains Sons Blue Balls – Dara’s Daily Taboo

My son can’t sleep! Poor thing, his balls are aching and sore… He swears he hasn’t been masturbating, and by the look of his sore balls, I believe him! That makes Mommy so proud! He knows it a sin, and I’ve raised him so well…
Aw, I just can’t help but feel bad for him. He has to wait until marriage before he can have sex, and he can’t masturbate otherwise he will be impure. But, Mommy can help. I can help him feel better, and encourage him to feel proud of himself for abstaining from masturbation.
Mommy can make sure to relieve the pain, and drain his poor aching blue balls so he can relax and fall asleep nice and peacefully…


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Visiting Aunt Dara - JOI - Dara's Daily Taboo

Visiting Aunt Dara – JOI – Dara’s Daily Taboo

I’m such a lucky auntie when my angel of a nephew comes to visit! It’s always so wonderful to spend time with him! I’m having a lovely day in my nice house robe and lingerie and start to feel a bit horny. Is it weird if I show him my lingerie? Is it weird if I masturbate in front of him? What if we can both masturbate together? I think it would be so fun to show him my shaved pussy and instruct him while we masturbate together! I don’t think we need to worry about it, it’s not like we even touched each other!


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